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Chapter 1: Got'cha

I walked down the busy streets of New York, bumping past the hurried people roughly, and trying not to snap, angrily, at their rudeness. New Yorkers had no manners. I was so used to reserved politeness or Oregon, my home on the opposite coast. Or at least, the closest thing I had ever had to a home.

"Sparks? Sparks?! You there?!" the radio on my hip buzzed. I rolled my eyes and held the device to my thin pink lips.

"No. I'm afraid I've died in the last five minutes since you last asked. What do you want, Montana?"

" I just...I mean...just making sure you're...you know...ok." My co-worker's worried voice made my stomach turn.

"I. Am .Fine." I replied, snappily. What was it with these young male cops and worrying about me being able to handle myself? I got a higher score on my shooting test then any single one of them and I had been taking ninjutsu for a good 6 years now.

Stupid testosterone... I thought to myself.

"You sure? If not I could always stop by an-"

"If you stop by I will taz you." I put as much venom as I could into my voice.

"Yea, ok..."

"Josephine? Struggle on 9th street. Some sort of gun robbery...check it out." The grouchily old voice of my boss rattled. " And stop flirting, Montana. She's not into you. Give the girl a break."

I grinned and, with that, clicked the radio off and started running towards my new destination. I'd found in my few weeks here that everything was faster by foot.

I close my eyes for a few brief seconds, enjoying the feeling of the cool night air nipping at my heels, and the gentle city breeze blowing back my mid-length dark brown, almost black hair.

Boy did I love my job.

"There ya're, crafty bastard." Raphael snarled from his place on the rooftop. The thief below pushed his way through the people standing in front of him and pointing his gun at anyone who wouldn't move. Raphael watched him until he was almost out of sight, then followed him, jumping from one building to the next with the ease of a well trained gymnast. His leaps were graceful, like a feline hunting it's prey, with all the power of the oceans crashing waves. He loved the feeling of falling from one rooftop to land on another; he loved how his legs strained when he jumped from one railing to another and the thrill of being up so high. He pounced on top of the building above the thief, a slow grin easing across his face as the middle aged man ran into the alleyway.

"That's right. Run 'nto the alleyway. You'll be safe there." He smirked. He was just about the jump from his perch when he saw a young woman, possibly in her early 20's and wearing a police uniform, run into the alley after the thief with a taser in her hand. He followed after them, curious to see how this would go. Carefully he made his way to the railing on the the roof above the scene. With one look at the girl he could tell she was confident, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing. She was small, that was sure, standing no taller the 5'2 and slimly built. Her face was small and heart shaped, with a square, determined looking jaw. Her hard amber eyes glared at the thief that she followed with amazing stealth. Raphael had no doubt that, with her two Automatic Glock police model guns by her side, she would be fine. But if the thief knew what he was doing, he could easily over power her with strength. She really didn't look that strong, her arms thin and her shoulders narrow, framing her shapely figure and nicely sized breasts...Raph shook his head. No. He couldn't think like that. If she spotted him she probably would use those guns to shoot a hole through his shell. He jumped down, quietly, from the roof and hide behind a nearby dumpster, watching as the scene before him unfolded.

I slipped into the alleyway right behind the thief, choosing my footing carefully so that he couldn't hear me. When he finally reached a huge wire fence at the end of the alley, I lifted my taser and announced, loud and clear, "Turn around and put your hands behind your head."

The man stopped in his tracks. Slowly, he turned to face me, his face now white as snow. But as soon as his eyes raked themselves up my body, a huge grin replaced his once, terrified features. "Hey girly. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was really going to follow me or not. Didn't know I'd get so lucky as to get a girl as...nicely shaped...as you."

I blinked, instantly realizing I had walked right into a trap. Without hesitation, I fired my taser into the man's midsection and pulled out my two guns, not waiting watch the thief squirm from pain as electricity coursed through his body, and turned around. Now in front of me, a whole group of men stood, ages ranging from young teenagers to middle aged men, all having the design of a purple dragon on some section of their body. I raised my guns. "One step and I mow you down and chop you up into meatloaf." I warned. Suddenly my feet were no longer touching the ground and my guns where ripped from my grip. I squirmed around to be face to face with a very large, very intimidating blond haired man. He held my arms close to my body and grinned, a slow, evil grin. "Well, what do we have here? Nice to meet ou again, sweetie."

I struggled in the man's grasp. "What the hell are you talking about?! Who the hell are you?! Let me go!"

The man laughed. "Can't do darling. Sorry."

A sai suddenly appeared out of nowhere, landing itself quite solidly in the big man's fist. He yelled and dropped me, which might have hurt had I not taken the fall with a roll and stood to my feet. I instantly took my Kamae, the natural fighting posture I had been taught to take.

"She asked ya to put 'er down, Hun. I'd list'n ta the lady."

I turned around to see a figure with a backpack on standing in the shadows. I turned to face the trouble at hand. If the guy behind me decided to help me only to steal from me afterwards, I'd take care of that as it came. But to my surprise, the tall blond backed off and made a hand gesture to the people around him that made them instantly disband. "I got what I wanted. But I will be back, you can bet your scrawny turtle shell on that, Raphael." He said with a smirk, before running down the alleyway and jumping the fence. His huge form diapered into the night.

"Even cops need ta watch their back's." The form in the dark growled. I did a roll to the side, picking up my gun, and rolled forward again, standing only a few feet from the figure, gun at his forehead.

"Who are you, why did you help me, and where did you get your sai? I'm not sure those are legal to carrying on you."

The figure spat a few curses, then lifted another one of his sais to my throat. "Listen, lady. I jus' saved yer sorry ass, 'nd this is the thanks I get? What ever happen' to thank ya fer not letting me get rapped er worse?!" He snapped, his voice rising to almost a yell. I took a step back, but kept my gun up.

"Get out here in the light where I can see you." I ordered, ignoring him completely.

The figure laughed. "Ya don't want me ta do that, trust me..."

"Out. Now."

The figure sighed. "I didn't want ta have ta do this, girly..." he said. Before i could react, a smoke pellet was took my vision and I shot a few blind shots into the night. By the time the smoke disappeared the man had already left.

"Shit." I mumbled. I walked over to my other gun, sheathing both of the weapons when I saw a small trail of dark, fresh blood leading to a slightly open sewer cover. I grinned. "Got'cha."