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Chapter 15

"Just leave the papers there, I'll get to them later. I need you to reopen this case - give this file to Johnson, it has all the proof and necessary elements to open this back up for deeper investigaton. I want all the information you have on it after reopening it on my desk in an hour. Understood?"

The cop in training nodded her head fiercly and took off to finish the list of work I gave her. I sighed and sat back in my seat, running a thin hand over my tired face. I looked out the glass window at the busy street below my apartment and watched as the people walked by. I missed being able to look up at the night sky back in Oregon. Here the streetlights shown brighter then anything else you could see in the night. Everything seemed so dull and dreary, so fake, so boring...

The loud beep from my computer brought me back to reality. I opened the Apple to see a face time request and felt a grin sneak onto my face. Donny's name flashed on the screen before me. I got up and closed the door and the blinds and clicked the accept button. Three green faces and one small human one appeared in front of me.

"Josephine! Ohmygoshitsbeenforeverhowhav eyoubeenthankgoodnessyou'resafewewereallworriedsick!"

I laughed. "Sammy slow down. I'm fine. Really."

Sammy's cheeks turning s light pink as her grin grew. Behind her Leo laughed a bit, finding a spot of room to speak. "How's Manhattan treating you?"

"Great." I lied. "I really love it here. There's plenty of work and new things to do everyday. The people are a bit sketchy but thats kind of expected in my line of work."

"Just stay safe duddette. You're expected back here for the holidays." Mickey pipped in.

I laughed. "I'll work on it. How have things been back there?"

"Boring." Donny smacked Mickey's shoulder and shook his head.

"We've been fine. Rue left the other day to try and get a job. Mickey's been really bored without someone to play video games with..."

"But she'll be back by tomorrow!" Mickey added in.

"Good. Can't have a bored Michelangelo...that sounds dangerous..." I laughed as Mickey threw his arms in the air and shrugged, a huge smile spread arcoss his round features. My grin ran off my face. "How's Krystal been?" I hoped they wouldn't guess the real meaning of the question, but Leo crushed that with his next comment.

"Krystal's been gone a lot and Raph's been doing...well how Raph does..." All the faces on the screen swiveled to glare at Leo, who shrugged. "What? I was just anwsering the real question I knew she was thinking anyway..."

"It's ok guys, I was kind of hinting at it." I said calling them off of Leo's case. Donny rubbed the back of his neck.

"Raph's been...almost nonexistent. Him and Krystal kind of broke up after you left."

"Wait , why?" I asked after picking my jaw up off the foor. The brothers all turned to Sammy, who seemed to shrink in her seat.

"Why are you looking at me?! I know just about as much of it as you guys do!"

"Um, what?" I repeated. Leo sighed.

"We're not sure. All any of us know is we woke up late at night to hear them screaming bloody murder at each other. Next thing we knew Krystal was out the door and Raph had locked himself in his room. We haven't seen or heard of Krystal since then and Raph has been more moody and distant then ever."

"Things kind of fell apart without you here..."Mickey added, earning him a slap from both of his older brother's on his shoulders.

My cell phone in my pocket started to vibrate. I took it out and looked at the caller ID. Johnson. I sighed. "I'm sorry guys, I've got to take this. Work stuff." The guys' faces fell, though I knew they all understood.

"Talk to you later?" Donny offered hopefully. I nodded my head.

"Yea, talk later."

I closed the laptop and answered the phone, my bosses proud voice ringing in my ears.

"Josephine. You are one brilliantly exceptional detective. How did you make these connections? Where did you get this evidence? You know what? Never mind. Just get your ass to my office pronto. We have a case to reopen."

"Yes sir." I flipped my phone closed and opened the door of my apartment, pausing to take in everything. I heard another beep come from my computer, so I flipped it on and started throwing my needed supplies into my bag.

"Hey Josephine."

I froze in place at the sound of the jersey accented voice. I slowly turned around to see a red bandana fill the screen on my computer. "Raph?"

"Yea. Have time ta talk?"

I scrunched my lips and continued packing. "You have 5 minutes."

I heard Raph sigh on the computer. "Jus' wanted ta apologize 'bout how everything ended up. I really didn't mean fer my temper ta hurt ya, but I don't blame ya if ya hate me 'cause of it now..."

I gave a small smile and sat down at the computer, staring strait into the camera. "I'm sorry too. It wasn't all your fault. Tell you what, I'll let your mistakes pass if you'll let mine. Deal?"

Raph gave a slow smirk. "Deal. Ya gonna move back now?"

I shook my head. "No. I'm sorry but I have work here to do. They need me here." I saw Raph's face start to fall, so I spoke up again. "But I'll be back for any breaks I get. You can't scare me away permanently."

Raph grinned. "Good."

I looked down at the clock and sighed. "I've really got to get going. My boss wants me in his office like now. I'll talk to you later k? Friends?"

Raph nodded and sat back in his seat. "Ya. Friends. Talk ta ya later."

I switched off the computer with a sigh and exited the room, pausing to look everything over in the doorway. Things from here could only get better.

The End

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