A man staggered out the back of a bakery. A tall man, dressed in white garments clutching his head in pain. Screams escaped his mouth as he fell to his knees, scaring the mice searching for scraps. When his screams cease his head arose revealing ice blue skin and glowing eyes. The figure slowly started to lift himself of the ground, only to plummet back to the ground. From his mouth emerge a small insect crawling to escape its fate, not before being trapped in a mist of poison. Suzume stared at the colorful bug weakly flapping its wings, buts its attempt failed. Putting away the bug spray in her school bag, Suzume then pulled out a purple case and flipped it open.

"Botan, are you there" She called out into the communicator. The screen fizzed a bit, but eventually the face of the ferry girl appeared.

"Hello Suzume, how are things over there" Botan asked.

"Not well, I've only eliminated six and their population continues to increase. I also believe they have begun to work together. Botan this situation is becoming hopeless, there's no end to them" Suzume reported.

"I know" She replied now standing behind Suzume. She approached the girl and reached her hand out to gently grab her shoulder.

"Suzume, this situation is hopeless, but only at our end. We still have Yusuke and the others and there doing their best right now. We need to put our faith in them" Botan ordered, the girl nodded her head in reply while something caught her eye. At the entrance of the alley a small group of men with glowing red eyes, marching toward them. Suzume grabbed Botans arm and together they ran in the opposite direction of their pursuers.

"Suzume what's wrong" She asked.

"The infected are after us now" Suzume explained causing Botan to turn and gasp at the frightening site. Suzume was just about to turn into another alley, but was knocked down.

"Suzume" Botan cried kneeling down to the girl, holding her close to her chest. Both Suzume and Botan stared at the fearsome monsters in front of them. One by one each unleashed a powerful battle cry and plunged toward the girls. Just as one of them grazed Suzume's cheek, they stopped and retreated.

"Botan" Suzume said pulling away from the girl, watching their enemies head in a particular direction. Suzume stood to see their destination, her school.

"Botan, their heading to my school"

"What" Botan said in shock, standing to investigate. After a few minutes the girls looked to one another before going into a run toward the school.

"Damn there's no way we'll get in there" Botan said watching the ghouls slowly walk through the front gate and wander through the area.

"We could try using the back entrance" Suzume suggested.

"OK" Botan agreed as both girls covertly walked through bushes to hide themselves. When they reached the entrance, Botan gave a quick glance to check if any were around. Quickly the two girls ran on to school grounds and ducked behind a couple bushed next to the school.

"OK so now we'll-"Botan started but could not finish.

"AHHHHHH" A loud scream echoed throughout the school.

"What was that" Botan asked looking to Suzume.

"Keiko" She answered just as the brunette came from around the corner and just as she nearly passed them, Botan jumped out from their hiding place and pulled the girl out of danger. Keiko fought against Botan a bit, not knowing she was an ally, she only stopped when Suzume wrapped her hand around her shoulder.

"Suzume" Keiko gasped.

"And Botan" She said noticing her captor.

"Keiko, have you been hurt" Botan asked.

"No, I'm fine" Keiko replied with a shaky voice. Botan then reached into the pocket of her red jacket and pulled out her communicator. Meanwhile Suzume peaked out from the push to observe the infected; they stumbled around searching for their target.

"Botan, and Keiko" Suzume heard her brothers voice through the communicator.

"I'm here too" She announced popping in between the two girls to reveal her presence.

"Well why are all there" He asked

"The infected have begun to focus their attack on Keiko, their intention is to kill her" Botan informed

"WHAT" Yusuke shouted into the communicator.

"Quiet" Suzume shushed.

"Yusuke you have to hurry and destroy the Makai whistle, I don't know how much longer we can last" Botan urged, just as the bushes parted showing an infected Mr. Iwamoto.

"NAUGHTY GIRLS" He screamed trying to grab onto Keiko, but Botan used her entire body to push all three girls out from the bushes. Once the girls were able to sit up, they noticed themselves surrounded by the infected.

"Come on" Botan commanded pulling the girls up by their wrists and practically sprinted away; they went so fast they nearly passed an entrance into the school.

"Botan in the school" Suzume suggested

"That's right we could use a phone or ask a teacher for help" Keiko added

"Good" Botan said stepping back to the door and swiftly entering the empty building. They ran to the closest payphone and Keiko dialed for the police, but there was nothing.

"I can't reach anything, they must have cut the line" She explained.

"Their getting smarter by the second" Botan said.

"Perhaps we should find a teacher" Suzume thought out loud.

"Yeah, but wont most be gone by now" Keiko pointed out.

"Mr. Takenaka always stays after school later than anyone else" Suzume countered, bringing hope to Keiko and Botan.

"That's wonderful, Suzume" Botan praised, the girls ran toward the teacher's lounge in search of their kind dependable teacher. Once they arrived Keiko slammed the door open.

"Mr. Takenaka" She called.

"There" Suzume said pointing to a large figure bent over a desk, the girls approached the figure without question.

"Mr. Takenaka we need your help, people are all over the school chasing us" Keiko pleaded placing her hand on the man's shoulder. As lightly as she touched him the man fell on top of his desk, his face was beaten and swollen. Keiko gasped and backed away while Suzume approached the man and placed two fingers on his neck, checking his pulse.

"Is…Is he dead" Keiko stuttered.

"No, just unconscious" Suzume diagnosed allowing Keiko and Botan to breathe a sigh of relief; just as Suzume turned she noticed a dark shadowy figure lingering behind Keiko. Immediately she pushed passed the girls and kneed Mr. Iwamoto in the groin causing him to fall to the ground.

"That has been a long time dream, Mr. Iwamoto" She announced before turning back to the girls.

"We need to get out of here" Keiko and Botan nodded in response and they bolted out of the teacher's lounge and down the hall, within minutes a gang of ghouls were already on their tail with Iwamoto in the lead. They turned a corner only to be corned by the possessed mob.

"What do we do, we can't run anymore" Keiko said.

"We fight" Suzume answered

"That's the spirit, hey girls check that out" Botan said gesturing to a bright red fire extinguisher, the girls exchanged glances before nodding.

"Good, I'll go for it" Botan declared running toward it.

"Go, Botan" Keiko cheered running toward the ghouls with Suzume following. Almost as the two were engulfed by the crowd, Botan managed to reach the extinguisher and direct it toward their enemies. Suzume grabbed on to Keiko to pull her out of the crowd so as to not be caught by white cloud pouring from the fire extinguisher. Just as Botan threw down the extinguisher, she was lifted up into the air by Iwamoto. Keiko sprung to the aid of the ferry girl, and unleashed a powerful slap against her teacher's cheek that knocked him down to the ground.

"KEIKO, MY HERO" Botan cried embracing the girl in a hug.

"Wow makes me wonder how my brother deals with that daily" Suzume said in wonder.

"Yeah, who knew my slaps were that good" Keiko said staring at her hand.

"Well as amazing as that hit was, we really should get moving girls" Botan said pointing to the group of infected stumbling to get back up, but slipping back down into foam.

"Right" Both Suzume and Keiko said following after Botan into the hall.