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Jade wasn't two feet from Tori's room when a hand was grabbing at her shoulder and spinning her around. As soon as she was turned all of the way around, with her long black strands of hair just barely scraping at the tip of Tori's nose, her back was pressed into the wall behind her and a quick, inhaled breath was had.

Tori pressed her body to Jade's and let her hands rest at the girl's hips, locking her brown eyes to Jade's blue ones. There was a smirk on Jade's face and her head tilted downward a bit, looking up with an unmistakably lust filled expression. But, Tori couldn't smile. Instead, she was lost in that look of Jade's and she bit her bottom lip, savoring the feeling of her body pressed against the softness of Jade's and returning the look of lust in kind. Her eyes trailed all over the pale face in front of her, stopping for a longer moment on a pair of lush, pink lips before dipping down and taking in the sight of Jade's cleavage squished beautifully against her own.

Tori exhaled a breath and it's heat washed over Jade's upper chest, flushing red into pale cheeks. Her eyes snapped back up to meet Jade's and there was a brief pause before their heads darted in to collide their lips together.

Jade's pants came unbuttoned first, dropping to the ground and separating from her feet along with her shoes just before she spun the two of them around so that Tori was against the wall and they were one foot closer to the bedroom. Then came Tori's shirt. She lifted it over her head herself, but Jade's hands rose up to stop her just as the shirt was held above Tori's head. It kept her hands together like handcuffs, wrapped nicely within the cloth and with Jade's hands lifted high above with them. It caused her body to worm along Tori's, fitting them snuggly together.

After a small, pleasurable moan of excitement, a smile finally played at Tori's lips. She watched Jade's pretty eyes as they trailed along her face, just as she had done to her, and then dove in for another kiss once they landed on her lips. Jade's hands released Tori's captured ones and the shirt was thrown to the ground. Tori's arms immediately came to wrap around Jade's neck and she soon felt fingers fumbling around with the button on her jeans.

And then Tori was the one doing the spinning again. She twisted around in the direction of her room, finally pushing them through the doorway with Jade first and swinging an arm back towards the door until it was closed. The kissing continued as they stumbled in the direction of Tori's bed. The act was further complicated when Tori's pants slid awkwardly down her legs and got caught in a mess of folds around her ankles, proving that Jade had succeeded with undoing the button and still managed to make things worse for Tori. Even during sex.

Tori finally found the right footing to step out of the hindering clothing just before they reached the bed. Jade's mouth unlatched from Tori's and instead came to peck a trail down the side of the girl's face, eventually landing at her neck. Tori hummed a noise of pleasure and let her hands drop down to Jade's waist. She let Jade's kisses send shivers throughout her body for many moments before finally slipping into her thought filled mode again.

"Wait," she stated, getting a good grip at Jade's hips and pushing the girl off of her a few inches. Once Jade's face was back in front of her own, Tori took note of the agitated expression and hurriedly continued with her thought. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, with me?"

With a groan, Jade replied, "You're thinking too much again. Just shut up and shove me onto your bed, Vega."

Tori immediately obliged. Jade's back hit the bed and her body bounced a single time on the cushions before Tori was atop her, kissing a trail up from Jade's waist all the way back up to her lips. Her tongue rimmed the edges of those pink lips before diving forcefully between them to finally join with Jade's own tongue.

They had found an odd point of bliss, with Tori taking a dominance roll of sorts and Jade submitting, finding it strangely arousing as Tori straddled her. They remained attached to that kiss as Tori's knees found a home between Jade's spread legs, her ass swaying enticingly back and forth and her tanned body relaxing atop a pale one. Jade's hands rested on each side of Tori's face, finding comfort in the warmth there, before slowly sliding around Tori's neck and locking her into the tongue probing kiss.

But, Tori decided to embrace her rare position of dominance. Her hands lifted up to pull Jade's arms apart and dropped them next to the malicious Goth's sides above her head. Fingers intertwined and Tori held the girl's hands locked in place, breaking the kiss and lifting her head back with a smirk. Jade's lips played with a smirk as well, although significantly more devilish as she found their situation more and more arousing with each move Tori made. Tori's head dropped back in the directions of Jade's again, but headed for the side, instead. Her lips found an ear and she bit innocently at the lobe, smiling and breathing heavily against it.

Jade breathed a pleasurable moan filled breath once a harder bite was made, squirming her body and pressing it tighter to Tori's in her sexual build up of tension. The ear nibbling finished and Jade felt lips press against the back of her jaw just under her ear that were quickly moving on to her neck.

With a random scrape of teeth here and there, Tori made her way down Jade's neck and down to the top of her pale, left breast. Her face hovered above it, glancing the bra covered thing before snapping her eyes up to Jade. She smiled evilly and avoided the breast all together, moving down to the top of Jade's rib cage and leaving her another trail of small, bite filled kisses. Her trail continued down Jade's torso, down to her hips and finally landing at Jade's black panties. Her teeth went to work again. They grabbed at the thinnest part of material on the side, lifting it up high and with another quick glance of evil eyes, Tori let it go, hissing pleasurably at the nearly inaudible slap that it made against Jade's flesh.

Jade's body tensed up again, arcing upward as her toes dug into the sheets below. She bit hard on her own bottom lip and returned Tori's look with a lust filled version of her own.

"Someone likes pain with her pleasure," Tori stated, leaning down and kissing at the flesh of Jade's inner thigh. "So shocking," she sarcastically added.

"Stop talking about it and keep biting."

Tori's ass lifted high in the air as her upper body touched down against the mattress and her feet kicked up behind her; her head between Jade's legs and lips kissing at sensitive flesh. "Say please."

"Please," Jade yelled out all too quickly, completely enticed with the sight of Tori's wiggling backside. With a another smirk, Jade composed herself. "Or I'll cut you."

So Tori bit, making sure to give the girl the pain she wanted, but without drawing any blood.

Jade's head leaned back to firmly pace itself into whatever might be behind it and her eyes closed tight as her smile faded and moans took over. But, the biting stopped and she instead felt small fingers looping around her underwear. The clothing came sliding off and Jade smiled again, biting her lip and releasing a small laugh.

Tori gave a quick and teasing lick up Jade's recently revealed pink lower lips before crawling quickly back up Jade's nearly naked form. She showed Jade how wet she had become by, yet again, inserting her tongue into Jade's mouth and sharing what remained of her pre fluids on Tori's tongue. Her tongue then retracted and her body landed with a bounce at Jade's side suddenly and her left leg wrapped around Jade's right, her foot slowly caressing up and down the leg.

Lips returned to Jade's ear and she couldn't find a comfortable spot for her hands as delicate, yet seemingly masterful fingers began to dance teasingly close to her vagina. She felt hot breath, teeth scraping and soft lips in a multitude of sensations near her ear while Tori's fingers finally slid over Jade's wet, sensitive area. With a short, quickly inhaled gasp, her hands gripped and pulled at the sheets of the bed, feeling the first twirl of finger tips around her nub. There was another hard bite on her ear and the loudest moan she had ever let loose escaped Jade's lips at the combination of pleasures.

The teeth let go and a whisper breathed out, "You like that, don't you?"

Tori's fingers sped up and her breath continued to wash over Jade's skin. She smiled while watching Jade's face light up in it's many pleasured forms as the girl's head nodded and made multiple small, desperate noises. Finally, she inserted a finger and rewarded Jade with a kiss on the cheek after witnessing her mouth open wide with ecstasy. It wasn't long before her finger was joined by a second and she pumped faster, harder and with increasing skill upon witnessing which twitch of digits pleased Jade the most.

Jade's eyes finally snapped open when her body arced more forcefully than it had yet, and she twisted her neck to face Tori, bringing a hand up to move any and all strands of brown hair in the girl's face away. Her hand slid through those brown locks and onto the back of Tori's head, pulling her in and cutting off her huge grin with a passionate kiss. Tongues began to battle and yet, lips barely touched; instead, they gave brief pecks between the many flicks of tongue against tongue.

And Jade was squirming uncontrollably. Her muscles tensed and body tried its hardest to pull in on itself as immense pleasure took over. The girls foreheads came together as the kissing stopped with an uncontrollably exhaled, "Oh god!" from one and a victorious smile from the other. A long, loud and bliss filled scream came from Jade's lips as Tori rode her through the best orgasm of her life, pumping and stroking faster and harder with each increased octave of Jade's pleasure song.

Jade was finally through it and she breathed heavily. Her arm snaked further around Tori's head and pulled the girl close, adding another kiss. She slid atop Tori and their legs pressed tightly together, just as their bodies did the same and Tori's hands found their own home at Jade's hips.

Their hair melded as one dark color while Jade's head dangled above Tori's and soon enough, Jade began to return the favor, grabbing at Tori's hands to pin them above her with intertwined fingers.

The morning light struck a tan face first, waking Tori up just moments later. The partially parted curtains let the sun's light illuminate the two girls on Tori's bed in a perfect portrait of naked flesh. She yawned hugely and her smile began forming before she was finished, having taken notice of the sleeping beauty next to her.

If she had lived in a perfect Tori world, then she would have woken up attached to her lover, cuddling and finding shelter from the rest of the world in each others arms. But, instead, Jade was faced in the opposite direction, splayed out with covers covering her legs from only the knees down. Tori's eyes followed Jade's curves as she admired them and found herself sad that she hadn't taken proper notice of them in the past. So she decided to cherish them now, bringing lazy fingers to Jade's lower thigh and slowly sliding them up and along the curvature of her hips until reaching just under the girl's arm.

Jade stirred and Tori's smile spread farther along her face. Her hand slid down and wrapped around Jade's stomach as her mouth kissed a pale shoulder. Soon enough, Jade made a grumble and Tori's kiss found its way to Jade's cheek, eventually pressing into Jade's lips once her eyes fluttered open and head turned.

"Well, good morning to you, too." Jade said after the kiss broke.

Their lips reconnected and they found themselves comfortable making out again. Once their pecks slowed, Jade drew in a large breath through her nose and lifted her arms up in a stretch. Tori slid back and watched Jade as she woke up, admiring the beauty that she previously ignored as the girl sat up with a smile of her own.

Jade's head turned to Tori and her head tilted down with a devious look. "Well," she began. "That was fun."

And then the Goth was off of the bed and grabbing at her discarded underwear, quickly putting them on as Tori watched in confusion.

"In a hurry for something?" Tori finally asked.

"No," Jade made her way to the bedroom door and cracked it open to peek out before turning briefly back to Tori. "Why?" She ducked out and grabbed her pants from the hallway, sighing in relief that they hadn't been moved, and came back into the room.

Tori sat up too, grabbing at the covers around her to cover her exposed body. "Well, you're getting dressed like you're about to leave when we just woke up after… you know."

"So?" was Jade's simple answer as she slid her pants on and began to button them up.

"So? Why are you doing that?"

"Uh, mostly because I don't want to be stuck here with you when I could be spending my Saturday out enjoying it."

"Wait," Anger found Tori rather quickly and she decided that the covers weren't worth it, dropping them as she stood quickly off of her bed. "What's happening here? We just had the best sex that I'm fairly certain anyone has ever had with anyone, and that didn't mean much to you? Was it really just a night of fun between friends to you?"

"Well… yes." Jade was becoming the confused one and her own anger began to well up. "That is what I said it was going to be, wasn't it?"

Tori took steps towards Jade, grabbing her own underwear to put on. "Yeah, but that was for the kiss. Then you said…" She put her undergarments on, grabbed at a shirt, sighed and then began searching for bottoms to wear. "And then we…"

Jade groaned and let her body slack just as she finished buttoning up her pants. "You're still over thinking it, Tori. It was what it was. Deal with it."

"No. You see, that's the thing." Tori said just as she found a pair of shorts that she liked. She let the clothing dangle in her hands as she suddenly stepped towards Jade and stopped in front of her. "I'm not over thinking anything right now. Usually I'd be questioning my feelings, especially for another girl and then worrying that you might not like me, and then dwell on what I should do next and a thousand other things. But, I'm not."

Jade just watched the girl rant, surprised at how she was suddenly so sure of herself about something.

"Instead, for some reason I'd like to be with you. And I'm not questioning that, just acting on it like you said to do."

"Yeah, that's great and all," Jade finally said. "But just because you feel a certain way doesn't mean I do, too."

"Jade," Tori exhaled the name with a sigh.

"What? It's true."

"It's just," Tori paused for a moment, closing even more space between the two and dipping a slightly embarrassed head. "I don't do one night stands."

With a chuckle, Jade responded with, "You should have thought about that before you followed me up the stairs, Vega."

"Don't get smart with me, West." Tori leaned into Jade, staring the beast down and facing it head on. "No, I don't care what you say. Me and you are going on a date."

"You can't just make m-"

"Watch me," Tori cut Jade off. "Now, I was going to hang around at the park today. You know, clear my head after losing the part, but now I want you to come with me."

Jade smirked and then bit her lip, making an oomph noise as she slid her hips into Tori's and grabbed at the slender waist. "Well, I do like it when little Vega grows some balls and takes charge."

"Yeah," Tori leaned her forearms into Jade's chest, tracing circles around the girl's color bone with her fingers. "I noticed."

Jade's hands slid down and around the small waist and onto Tori's ass, gripping at the flesh there. "But," She placed a rough kiss on Tori's lips before pulling quickly away and staring the thin girl down with her monstrous look. "It's still not happening." She pushed away, headed for the door with a bounce in her step.

Tori folded her arms and simply stated, "Yes, it is."

And Jade stopped, turning around to face her enemy. "No, it's not."

Tori took a step towards Jade. "Yes."

Jade took a step towards Tori. "No."

"Yes." Tori took another step.

"No." Jade did the same.



Finally finding themselves in front of each other again, Tori said finally, "Do you want to keep having mind blowing sex or not?"

"Fine. I'll do it."

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