Light My Fire

He woke to the familiar scent of smoke winding around him. It was warm and comfortable, and the bed was far too plush to be his. A hotel? That meant his master was going to crash in and pass out any moment now. But he was already here. Allen could feel the warmth of a body next to him, around him. Holding him.

"Master!" Allen yelped, nearly knocking the cigarette into his bedmate's eye, before the thudding of his heart subsided. This man was not master. This disheveled hunk of a man was the wrong color. And his heartless master was bristly, and this guy was smooth. Like, waxed and moisturized smooth, as clearly evidenced by the missing, perpetually open shirt. And for some reason, his stomach was telling him that the man smelled like cinnamon and butter.

"Um, no," Tyki replied, even as Allen's sudden spasm ripped warm sheets off of him, revealing that the shirt wasn't the only garment he was missing. And that the same went for Allen. "This happen often with your master?"

The white-haired exorcist reddened, gathering the sheets to him like a shy virgin before returning to Tyki's warmth. "No," he mumbled against a collarbone. "It's just - " he waved a hand at the smoke before purloining it for a drag.

Tyki's curious golden eyes watched him as he began a graceful exhale, only to burst into hacking. "Never done that before, huh?" Reclaiming the stub, he instructed, "You need to breathe."

Courteous and compliant as always, Allen watched him as he closed his eyes and inhaled, following suit naturally, and pouncing on the man while the cigarette burned out on the floor. There was only one thing that was off, and Allen glimpsed the box before they both went down, and it was that those were the wrong brand.

The first time they had met on the battlefield, the exorcists hadn't even made it out of Europe yet. Yet there he was, as tall, dark and handsome as the first time they'd met.

"I'll take him," Allen called back to Lenalee, leaving her to deal with the hordes of Akuma while he fought his way to the cloud of butterflies. He really needed to get his radar checked; how could he have doubted this guy's sexuality? He chose to keep it to close range combat, though he couldn't stop his eyes from dropping and dwelling on those fabulous pectorals that the Noah chose to flaunt.

"See something you like?" He'd drawled, twitching his torso just barely out of the way as Allen swiped at him again. A button came off. "Now, now, boy, this isn't a game. An eye for an eye, you know?" And a few buttons later, Tyki was shirtless and behind him, hand over his heart and whispering into his ear.

"Allen!" Lenalee shrieked, rocketing over with her high-powered boots, as Tyki made an exit worthy of a ghost.

Gathering his wits from where that sensual murmur had displaced them, he looked around wildly and "searched" for the Noah with his party. The difference was, Allen knew exactly what he was looking for, and when they split up again, he headed straight there, and found him waiting with a bottle of wine.

There was no question about it; his new friend had the potential to be a major player, but he didn't care. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes surrounded him, and he felt safe, and more than a little aroused. By the time the Noah made his move, Tyki's fingers were already practically in his mouth. And Allen was too inebriated to remember to remind himself that he did not have a faux-father complex, while he responded to the demands underlying Tyki's persuasive tones.

After that, it was no surprise that the Noah trailed them from city to city. After all, how else was Allen supposed to rendezvous with part-time lover? It just so happened that they each had jobs that enabled them to coordinate their travel times, spending no more than a night apart.

In fact, once, when Tyki needed to blow off some steam after watching over the twins for a day, he'd stormed Allen's cabin with a few hundred Akuma, and they'd left Lenalee to fight them all night long. She'd been pretty pissed about missing her beauty rest, but it also meant that Allen could sleep in the next day without arousing any suspicion, since she needed to as well.

Sometimes, Tyki would send him a talking or singing playing card, and Allen would bring him small items, like a pair of handcarved dice, and they would sneak off into the darkness, where Tyki would let him kill a few Akuma and spend the rest of the time buried balls deep in his young exorcist.

Last night, Allen had sent Timcanpy back to tell Lenalee that he would be spending the night away, "hunting" the Noah. That he wanted to keep the trail hot. It was the first night they'd spent together, and it had been a long, pleasurable one. And if the word "daddy" had slipped from Allen's lips a time or two, Tyki made no comment, and merely reminded him of the correct name to scream. In that characteristic, Allen and Tyki were alike: they enjoyed being properly addressed. Nicknames were probably not in their future.

While wearing the tight pants he normally wore had been worth it yesterday, ensuring that Tyki's hands were satisfyingly eager, right now they were practically crawling up his ass, spreading him in a way that made him feel like his pants were getting a tad too intimate. From the way Tyki was watching his motions, he'd probably anticipated the discomfort, lowering his eyelids to watch him dress in order to make it back to his party.

"As much as I enjoy the sight of you," Allen said, as he returned and knelt to kiss the part of Tyki he most appreciated, catching the gratified smirk in his peripheral vision, "Would you like to get dressed and see me out?"

"Mmm." Tyki snagged random garments, since his wardrobe was completely interchangeable, paying far more attention to how Allen attempted to transform his limping gait into something resembling a swagger. He succeeded admirably.

"Oh, and before I forget," Allen reached into his coat and slipped something into Tyki's clothing. "Here. I like these more."

Tyki looked down at the pack Allen had tucked in his waistband. His eyebrows rose as he recognized the brand.

Well, didn't that bring back memories.