I finished unpacking my clothes and looked around. My name is Caroline Maxford and I had just moved to Los Angeles, California officially a few days ago. I had only been in LA once before but I didn't want to remember that reason. I finally had everything in place when there was a knock at my door. "Coming" I called. I answered the door and it was a blonde woman. I answered the door and she said "Hi, I'm Beth Turner. Would you be Caroline Maxford?" "Yes I am. You must be with Buzzwire. Maureen called and said I was supposed to meet one of the top reporters" I answered. "Okay; I came to ask if you wanted to go by and see the office" Beth asked. "I would but I need to find the address of my new boss" I replied. "Who's your new boss" Beth asked. "Some big shot millionaire named Josef Kostan" I replied. "Oh; I think I've heard his name but I've never seen his face" Beth commented. "Well; I'll just find it tomorrow. I'd go on the tour tonight but I'm exhausted from moving. Can I take a rain check on that tour" I asked, setting my papers aside.

"Of course Caroline and we can go anytime so I'll leave my number for you. I also live down the hall in apartment five. If a guy answers the door; don't freak out. That would be Josh Lindsey, my boyfriend" Beth replied with a grin. "Oh; now I've heard about him. He's the best DA in California" I commented. "Have a good night and welcome to LA" Beth said, heading out. "Thanks Beth" I replied. She left and I realized I needed to go get something to eat or I'd be hungry tonight. I grabbed my keys, locked my door, and headed off to find a store. I found one, got a few weeks worth of food, and then headed home.

After getting in; I found a letter on my kitchen counter. I put the groceries away, started a frozen tray, and then sat at the table to read the letter. Cautiously; I slid it open and found a letter on professional stationary. I unfolded the letter and read the following message:

"Welcome Caroline;

I am most delighted that you have taken the bookkeeping position. I seem to never find a smart one and from what I understand; you are one of the best. I am most anxious to meet you in the morning so I expect you to be at my office at the address I sent you earlier on. Please be in no later than 9:30am. Do wear something conservative but pretty and professional.

Josef Kostan"

After reading the message; I came to the conclusion that this must have come with the first letters Josef sent me when I moved here and that this was the first time I had seen it. Still; I was curious as to how it had gotten here. I finally got up, got my tray out of the microwave, sat down to eat, and then cleaned up and got ready for bed. I never could have foreseen what was coming or that all I knew would change forever.