Coca's Dream Job

I don't own the chocolate Box girl's or am I anything to do with Cathy Cassidy

Coca is now sixteen and has left finds a job at an Animal Shelther

I love Animals.I'm just mad about them. I'm sixteen years old now and looking for a names Coco Tanberry.I have blonde hair and blue eyes.I have three sisters and one half names are Honey,summer , Skye and 's half 's really pretty.I was out job hunting.I heared of this place called 'All things bright and Beautiful' an animal rehoming shelther.

I decided to go in.'Hi I Coco Tanberry, I told a big blousty blonde haired woman.'Oh hi love , are you her to adopt an animal?she asked.'No I would like to work here, I said.'Ok dear but you will have to be vetted and all, its get's awful busy in here at times, are you sure you could handle it?she asked.'By the way , I'm Mrs Colton. 'I'm in charge here, nice to meet you Coco.

Five weeks later

I have the job now. I don't get payed much but it's the expirance that I'm after. I just love it. I'm looking after the dogs and are so sweet . There is a little one called Sweetie and she's a little jack Russel ,Westie cross.I am so happy.

I had a great summer working with the animals and Mrs Colton is so pleased with me. She let's me call her Lizzie.

So talk to you later. Thanks were listening to little Coco Tanbeery.I'v finally grownen up.