DISCLAIMER: Hate Hiro Mashima for creating such angst ending for Sieg Hart.

WARNING: failed angst

too long to be a drabble, but whatever.



He has been a failure since last he could remember. He learned magic in order to protect the flow of time, like everyone in Mildian does. He practiced his magic, everyday, only thinking of that.

He left the town to kill a woman possessing etherion. But in the end, he swore under his life to protect her.

He infiltrated Demon Card in Mirtz's order, gained a same position as the Oracion Seis. But he ended up fail to kill Haru Glory, the only order King gave him during the infiltration.

He intended to kill King himself, but he committed suicide. It's not even him who forced King to do so, nor destroy the current Demon Card main base.

He helped Rave Master's companion in Symphonia, and even turn the Dragon Race back from being a tree. He drew magic circle to haul off the Oracion Seis. But he failed to stop them. He's even late to deliver the information about Lucia Rareglove.

He headed back to Mildian after quitting Demon Card to get the support of the mages. But he ended up seen as a traitor who has failed to protect the time and in the job of infiltrating Demon Card.

He defeated Haja and protected the great magic Chronos as well as the last Sinclair. Only to be seized away by Lucia, because he failed Shuda's plan.

He couldn't fight Shakuma because of the wounds.

He couldn't stop Elie from cracking the flow of time, thus sending the three far to the past.

He failed to protect the correct order of time by letting Haru strayed off.

Haru fixed things up, but he's still a failure.

He stayed in Resha's grave to protect it from Shakuma, and to preserve bits of Elie's memory. But in the end, Shakuma destroyed the grave, along with his remaining body.

The letters for reinforcement were only an escape. An excuse from his repeated failure, as well as a thing to kill fifty two years time. The sacrifice has gained him ability to control the flow of timeā€”even only little of it. Yet the reinforcement he called failed to defeat half of Lucia's infinitive troops.

He is a failure, no matter how you look at it.

The only thing he has, if only for a moment, was that necklace.

A cheap, heart-shaped necklace that doesn't even suit him. A piece of metal that doesn't even his own. A precious thing he kept dear for his whole remaining years. A promise, a prayer, a friend, a love.

He failed to protect her.

He even failed to bring the necklace back.