I do not own the Smurfs. Here's a little drabble ^_^

A Thought Pushed Aside

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Measuring time, Grouchy." Tailor stated causally to him.

"I hate measuring time." Grouchy grumbled and his arms crossed.

"I measured Baby Smurf and he's getting a little taller. Aw before we know it Baby will become a Smurfling." Tailor commented calmly while measuring Grouchy's arms. Grouchy didn't complain or even say 'I hate' or anything.

"I wonder how much longer until Baby Smurf becomes a Smurfling. Will he be picky about clothing like the other Smurflings?" Tailor wondered out-loud and he was nearly done with the measurements for the frowning Smurf. "What's wrong, Grouchy?"

"I hate thinking about when Baby grows up." Grouchy stated firmly.

"Think on the bright side of things. There will be no more diaper changing when Baby Smurf becomes a Smurfling." Tailor said cheerfully and he is finally done. "I'm all done, Grouchy."

'What will happen when Baby Smurf becomes a Smurfling? What kind of Smurfling would he be? Would he be like the other Smurflings?' Grouchy silently wondered. He shook his head and decided against thinking about that for Baby won't become one for many years. Best not to wonder about it too much and just enjoy the time he has with Baby.

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