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"...my wish is...!"


We are the Lost

"I'm not liking this plan!"

"Do you want to live or not?" Naruto's clone growled.

"Well, yeah-

"Then stop squirming and get over there!"

Krillin yelped as Naruto bodily hauled him over to Guru and dropped him before the large namekian. The blond had mentioned something about having his and Gohan's potential unlocked, but had failed to mention he'd be manhandling the two of them the entire way. It certainly didn't help that Bulma backed him the entire time, even boing so far as to bop the bald monk on the head for his temerity. To make matters worse, now they were working with Vegeta! Vegeta! Was the man insane?! He had to be! Naruto may have been the most powerful being on the planet next to Frieza but the idea of working with their old enemy was as galling as it was terrifying.

Not to mention that she looked as though she were about to murder everyone in the room! Even as he felt his own ki increasing beneath the elder namek's ability, he still shrank back a bit from that glare. Those wicked eyes seemed to bore holes

They'd encountered the proud princess on their way to Guru's place, and after being beaten down by Naruto, she'd reluctantly agreed to work with them, if only until Frieza was defeated. That had been one zenkai after Dende had reluctantly healed. Now she was about to get another thanks to Guru! More and more Krillin found himself beginning to doubt the blonde's sanity; Vegeta was becoming increasingly powerful and the shinobi didn't seem to give a damn about it. In fact, the only one he did give a damn about was Bulma it seemed, hovering around her like a hawk, as though she might break at any moment. Almost as if-

"Move it, baldy!"

Yet again the monk cringed, darting away before Vegeta could try and swat him aside. Guru hesitated only a moment before lowering a hand on the princcess; ordinarily Vegeta wouldn't have dared allow anyone to lay so much as a finger on her...but these were truly trying times. If Naruto was right and the Ginyu Force had truly arrived, she needed all the power she could get! And if she played her cards right, immortality would not be far behind...

"Are you certain this is wise?" Nail asked as he felt the woman's ki begin to rise exponentially.

"No, I'm not." Naruto replied, watching her keenly. "But its for the best. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, ya know?"

"And when Frieza is defeated?"

The clone made a slashing motion across his throat.

"She takes one step outta line and she dies."

The Namekian sighed. "A wise philosophy." He had no doubt the saiyaness had something up her sleeve. But between the four of them-with his own power increased also beneath his mentors hand-he remained certain that they at least stood a fighting chance against whatever treachery she had planned. They'd done well thus far; managing to retrieve six of the seven dragonballs before the Ginyu Force had aririved. It would've been so much easier to simply make their wishes, but they couldn't until Naruto found the last ball Untill then their plan was quite simple; Frieza and his minions would need to be distracted first. while he was away then and only then would they be able to make with impunity as they saw fit. But if Frieza and his men made it here first, the Z Fighter would swiftly have a fight on their hands.

Of course, if Naruto could find that last ball first...assuming they survived the onslaught that was to come, of course.

"Be right back!" was all the clone said before vanishing in a flicker of instant transmission.

"Come, child." Guru beckoned Bulma closer. "I sense a sleeping strength within you as well."

"M-Me?!" Bulma balked blackly; she never considered the possibility that she had untapped strength. "Erm...is that even, um, possible?" She was a genius yes, a prodigy, even in her family, but she didn't think she had any potential to unlock. Nervously, she approached the Grand Elder. "This isn't going to hurt, is it?"

"Stop whining, woman!" Vegeta barked from across the room. Bulma bristled.

"Shut up! You have no right to-

Before she could protest further, Guru's palm closed around her forehead.

"Stay very still." he soothed.

And the world burst into white.

Why the hell is this thing underwater?!

"Probably that saiyan wench." Kurama mused as another line of bubbles escaped his partner's mouth. "Likely that she hid it for safekeeping."

'I swear to god, I'm gonna kill her-aha!'

Naruto grunted with one last monumental exertion-muskles bulging-body straining as he wrested the ball free of the crevice, claiming his prize at long last. Shion. He could finally wish her and their child back. Euphoria flooded him as he clutched the Four-Star ball to his chest, its warmth filling him even here at the bottom of the ocean. He'd finally done it. He could have his wish! Everything could-would-be right again! As long as he'd his beloved back with him, nothing else mattered...

"I hate to play devil's advocate an' interrupt the celebration, but you might want to consider something."


"What if they can't be revived?"

'Of course they can! The dragonballs will-

"And if they can't?"

Naruto froze, a snake of dread worming its way into his gut. A snake of losing everything he'd ever known. He'd never considered that.

...I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.'

"Riiiiiight." the kitsune snorted.


Tucking the sphere close, he raised a hand to his forehead and pushed two fingers together-preparing to teleport back to Guru's palace with instant transmission. That was when he felt it. Six ki signatures none of them friendly, each of them on the move-no doubt equipped with scouters-hurtling towards Bulma and the others.


Rage was an alien emotion for Frieza.

Oh, he had experienced ire before in the prescence of his parents, but never had he felt the undying hatred that he felt at this very moment. Uzumaki Naruto! Every second of every minute served only to fan the flames of his fury, and every minute of each hour reminded him of the blonde's demeaning laughter. He would pay! Ohhhhh, how he would pay! He would rue the day he crossed the mighty Frieza! He would tear out the man's innards and blow off his limbs, then string him up with his own gizzard!

His fury was so great he briefly even considered transforming to his final form-no, the man wasn't worth the effort. He was foolishly convinced he could handle him in his first form-no one had been able to force him like that in over a century. But he was just a foolish fox. No better than a saiyan, really. His only advantage was his unpredictabiliity. Even then, the frost demon remained certain of his victories. Now if only the Ginyu Force would stop squirming and get a move on!

"Lord Frieza...you did not mention his arrival in the debriefing." They were nervous of course; they didn't possess the raw strength needed to face down the blond and live. But Frieza was in no mood

The tyrant's tail slammed against the outer hull of his ship-oh, right. He didn't have a tail anymore! Instead, the almighty overlord had to settle for a scathing snarl. Lesser men would've run for the hills when faced with such power. As it was the Ginyu Force narrowly managed to suppress their combined flinch. They'd never seen their master this angry before. He was just as liable to kill them for refusing an order, rather than oberying his decree, such was his apocalyptic rage.

"No, I didn't." he hissed. "Is that a problem, Ginyu?"

The body-changer blanched, not daring to defy his lord.

"N-Not at all, sir!"

"Then get to work! I want them to suffer! Make them fear the name of Frieza before they die!"


As one, the elite soldiers activated their scouters and departed in a blur of blazing light. Not one to be outdone, Frieza ascended after them, forsaking his hoverpod for more traditional flight. The device would only slow him down now, and he couldn't have that now, could he?

He had an irritating kitsune to kill...

"Call the godamned dragon!"

All eyes turned toward the entrance as a sopping wet Naruto hurtled inside Guru's house, the last dragonball tucked firmly beneath his arm. There was a silenbce. What ensued was an immediate flurry of activity; Krillin and Gohan were shouting with delight alongside Dende and Bulma, Vegeta was muttering something about Earthling enthusiasm and whilst this occurred Nail simultaenously helped Naruto gather up the remaining balls and usher everyone outside to the landing so that Porunga might be summoned.

"I can't believe this is happening." Bulma murmurred, almost beside herself with relief. "We're going to make it out of this alright!"

"We're not out of the woods yet," Vegeta seethed quietly. "Frieza will be here any minute. Hurry up and call the godamned dragon!"

"You should summon him." Nail turned to face Naruto as they finished laying the balls down, his dark eyes eerily inscrutable. "Its your right."

"Ha? Me?"

"If not for you, none of this would be possible." To Naruto's shock, the green man actually extended a hand. "You have my thanks...friend."

A rare, genuine smile stole its way over his features.

"You remember the password, I trust?"

"Of course I do!" Raising his hands up, Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs:


The horizon darkened, daylight dying as unnatural night descended upon Namek. The balls burst into golden streamers of light, a heaveny radiance that resolved itself into a massive shape. Naruto couldn't help himself at that; the moment he laid eyes upon the dragon he started to cry. This was it. He was finally going to have his family back. He didn't realize it until Bulma pointed it out.

"Hey, are you alright?"

"I'm not crying, baka yarou!" he stubbornly scrubbed at his face with the back of a sleeve. "Not!"

"I will grant of thee three wishes!" the great being that Porunga rumbled.

"Porunga can only restore one person per wish." Nail cautioned. "Choose wisely, and be swift! Frieza approaches."

"We shouldn't be reviving anyone!" Vegeta argued, her features pinching in a scowl. "What we need is an immortal to face down Frieza! Its the only way to defeat him!"

"I told you to leave horn boy to me." Naruto warned.

"As if I would trust a fool like you to handle him!"

Naruto felt his heart turn to ice. Relax, he soothed himself. Let the kids have their wish, you can take the other two...

"We need to wish Piccolo back first!" Gohan insisted. "If he's alive then our Dragonballs will work again!" Apparently King Kai was conversing with the boy and his friends and had seen fit to leave him out of that strange little discussion. No matter. As long as he got those last two wishes, it didn't matter.

"Done! Bring back Piccolo!"

Porunga's eyes pulsed once, a dull glow enfusing them.

"Your wish has been granted!"

There was a silence, when Gohan started up again.

"Piccolo says he wants to help us fight Frieza-


Gohan reeled backwards as a thunderclap shook the plateau; Naruto's shout leaving him dumb and deafened. In an instant the blond had transformed, his now crimson hair standing on end, his appearance radiating an anger so intense it was bordering on downright feral. He rounded on them, sapphire flashing into scarlet, snatching the boy up by the scruff of his neck, all but threatening to toss his "friend" away as though he were no more than an ant caught up in a storm. Clawed fingers tightened around his throat, digging in with intent when the boy tried to struggle.

"No you don't." he growled, low and deep in his throat. "I'm taking control."

"Let him go!"

Krillin made the mistake of lunging at him in a desperate bit to help his friend; a swift backhand slammed him back into the ground in an instant. Gohan joined him not a moment later, reeling in pain. Bulma shrieked in surprise, a shrill note of shock squeaking out between clenched teeth. Even Vegeta and Nail were taken aback by the blonde's brutality.

"Mine." the redhead snarled, baring angry incissors in warning. "I get the next two wishes." Before anyone could stop him he rounded on the dragon and shouted aloud. "Porunga! For our next wish, I ask of you to return my wife, Shion, to life! And for the third, our child, Hikari!"

For a long moment, Porunga said nothing. Finally, he spoke.

...this I cannot do."

There was an awful silence.

...kit, I'm so sorry."

Naruto wasn't listening.

...y-you can't bring them back? Why the hell not?!"

"I am able to revive someone as many times as the summoner sees fit, but they do not wish to return. They are content in the afterlife. Even if I were to restore them against their wishes, they would be returned to the place of their death, a lifeless planet that has long since exhausted its oxygen. They would simply perish again. Now, name another wish so that I may grant it!"

"BULLSHIT! Bring them back! Bring them back right now!"

"I cannot do that."

Naruto despaired, rational thought all but abandoning him. "Then...I wish-

"Don't you dare wish for us to die!"

"If it means I can see her again, I-

Hey, calm down! He nearly roared as a new, nasal-like voice kicked itself into his head. Its me, King Kai! There's some here who wants to talk to you-OW! THAT'S MY ANTENNAE! OWOWOWOW! Alright, I'll connect you already, jeez! A soft click resounded in his mind, similair to that of a dial tone. His ears popped, as though he'd been underwater. And then, just like that, there she was.

"Naruto?" A familiar voice was suddenly there in his head. "Darling, is that you?"

Shion! Oh, Shion. Why won't you come back...

"Because I'm happy here. We're happy here. Everyone's with me. Sakura, Hinata, Temari...When you pass on, Hikari and I will be waiting for you. So will they. In the meantime, I want you to live as you did before you knew I was dead. I don't want you to kill yourself just to see me again! Enjoy your life, make new friends, start a family once more, become that boy I fell in love with all over again. Oh...and one other thing. Make that bastard pay for having us killed! Tear his horns off!"

Shion, I-

"I'm sorry, Naruto." her voice was the barest of whispers. "But I can't stay connected any longer. I'm fading. I love you. I always have...

Then she was gone and his world was lost.

"No." the word cracked out of his throat in a raw sob. "Nonononononononononono...

Naruto broke down, his knees slamming into the ground hard enough to form a crater. He'd failed. To be so close, yet have his heart's desire snatched from his grasp...it was heartbreaking. Soul-rending. Speaking with her had only served to widen the gulf in his heart. Empty. Hollow. These words were him and he them, they encompassed him. The only thing he could bring himself to feel was anger, righteous fury at having lost what he'd wanted most, more than anything in the world. Bulma laid a hand on his shoulder but he didn't even feel it; as if he'd gone numb all over.

That was when the second wish was made.

"I wish for Naruto's happiness!"

Naruto's gaze snapped to Bulma, almost in disbelief. She wished for...what? For him to be happy? The hell? What kind of wish was that?"

"What?" the genius blinked back at him, flushing. "It didn't work?"

"You have to say it in namekian." Nail deadpanned, the slightest of smiles working its way across his features. This woman...she really was strange.

"Bulma, I...

"Enough talk! Hurry up and make me immortal!" Vegeta demanded. "Frieza's nearly here! If one of us is immortal we have a better chance of-

"Naruto's already immortal!" Krillin snapped back. "There's no way we would wish that on you!"

"The fool's no match for Frieza, you dolt! And he's not immortal! He just doesn't age!"

"Making you immortal would be a grievous misuse of the dragonballs!" Nail added with a growl.

"I'm about to misuse my hand upside your head, namek!"

"Nail's right, we should-

"I wish Vegeta was immortal."

All eyes-even those of Vegeta-turned towards Naruto. He'd spoken in namekian and even as they looked on, Porunga's eyes glowed once more. Vegeta gasped as vitality flooded her every pore, energy welling up within her very soul, awakening a strength she'd never known, an invulnerability nothing short of legendary. This was it! What she'd always wanted!


"I made her immortal, but she's still weaker than me." the blond replied with a slight shrug. "Two are better than one, anyway. Now wish Piccolo here...or whatever. I'm done with this shit." With that he closed his eyes and dropped his transformation, turning away from his allies. He barely even heard Dende stutter out the wish to bring Piccolo to the planet...although he did facepalm upon realizing that they'd forgotten to wish him to their exact location. Idiots! Now the dragon was gone and there was nothing they could do but wait for Frieze to find them. Ah well, he could always use Instant Transmission to escape-


The blond crooked an eye open to find the princess regarding him balefully.

"Why what?"

"Why did you make me immortal?!" her words were an angry hiss. "Did you want me to owe you?!"

Naruto exhaled in a long-suffering sigh.

"You still can't beat me." he replied evenly. "Or have you forgotten?"

"Hrmph." she snorted, her face flaring red. "Let it be known that I appreciate your mistake...for what its worth." He blinked in surprise suddenly aware of something touching his face. Something. Soft. Warm. Moist. Oh god. Vegeta was being nice to him? Kissing him? What the hell was the world coming to? And then, when he was at his lowest point, when he thought things couldn't get any worse...

...they did.

"My my my...what do we have here? It seems I've found a band of traitors? And what's this? Looks like the fox didn't get his wish after all."

Naruto didn't have to look to know who had spoken; who had arrived. Woodenly he stood, eyes staring glassily ahead. A stray spark, a crimson cutlet of lightning, crackled about his body. His fault. The words tugged at him as he laid eyes upon Frieza and the Ginyu Force. All his fault. Not his. Frieza. Frieza! FRIEZA!

"Too bad for you, Frieza!" Vegeta started forward, eyes blazing with anger. "I've already made my wish! I'm immortal now! And there's nothing you can do to-HEY!" Naruto's hand locked around her wrists, dragging her backwards with an audible yank

"Don't even try it." he warned, aura flaring. "You're still no match for him."

"Hrmph!" Vegeta snorted willfully. "Just stay out of my way-gah!"

The air rushed out of her as an elbow greeted her armored stomach.

"Same to you." Murderous didn't even begin to define the blonde's expression. "If you try to betray me you'll have another hole in your stomach...and this time there won't be anyone to heal you." It was as if all the life had been sucked out of him, all that remained was the desire to destroy. Those red, slitted eyes regarded everything as nothing more than prey. It was frightening. Terrifying. He was wrath incarnate-unholy fury bound up in human form. The three earthlings blanched when he glanced at them.


He didn't even notice them. In this moment was only anger in his heart, no room for mercy, flawed or otherwise.

'I'm sorry...Kurama. I'm taking it to the next level."

"Don't! You can't control it yet!"

Too late. Lightning ripped through the skies, his hair standing on end once more, the scarlet locks growing longer and starker. Crimson fur crept over his shoulders and part of a chest, pausing just short of his fists. Two lone tails of crimson swirling out behind him in swift succession. Were one to look upon him, the would've been hardpressed to not anything other than the pyshical change that had taken place. They would've missed a spark of insanity in the shinobi's eyes, a twitch of madness in his grin as he turned to face his foe. Indeed the mental change was utterly staggering. Uzumaki Naruto was gone. In his place something else stood-neither Naruto nor Kurama, but a strange union of the two.

The warrior turned, his bloodlust palpable as his gaze ghosted over the Giny Force, fixing firmly upon the tyrant leading them.

"You," it spoke in a voice rougher than gravel, raising a lone a finger in Frieza's direction. "You die first."

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Naruto swallowed as he beheld the shadow's owner. A long, purple tail thrashed at the ground, hooded eyes regarding the scene before them with baleful intent.

"Well well, what have we here?" An eerily familiar voice mused. "I knew my brother was up to something...and what do I find instead? The very individual I've been trying to kill. Hello Overlord Uzumaki, it has been far too long. I never would've thought you were after immortality."

Cooler had arrived!

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