Chapter 2: The Preparation

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Tetsuya stirred sluggishly, his head throbbing painfully as he took a shaky breath and forced his eyes open. He remembered having been attacked in some way by the cloaked man with the odd triangular talisman, and so kept his eyes slitted at first so that he could view his environment without his captors knowing that he had awakened.

A chill went through him at finding himself in kido chains and on his back on an examination table. Instantly, his mind slipped back into the past.

"Hold still. We are not going to hurt you," the healer's voice said, the man's eyes making Tetsuya feel as though he had ice in his veins, "We merely need to verify your age to determine your fitness for serving."

He shivered at the eyes that looked down at his thin, naked body, at the hands that swiftly and methodically touched and probed. The healer completed his examination and nodded to his colleague.

"He is on the young side, but passable."

"It is no matter," said the second healer, "Orochi-san likes them on the young side. And he has been impatient about this one. He is...still virginal?"


"Good. I will inform Orochi-san so that his initiation can be..."

The man's voice broke off as an explosion rocked the prison. The healer's assistant took hold of Tetsuya and held him tightly, turning out of the infirmary and heading back towards the cellblock.

"What the hell is that?" someone yelled.

"It's him! It's the Kuchiki heir! They're storming the prison!"

Tetsuya broke out in a sweat, made anxious by the grip of his restraints. He knew he must have unintentionally made a sound when one of his captors turned and looked at him.

A hollow?

He had never seen a creature with such eyes, black mingled with gold and wicked red pupils. He was tall and slim with fine, delicate features and an oddly comely and detailed mask around his eyes and left cheek. He regarded the obviously distressed shinigami for a moment, then smiled in a way that nearly undid what controls Tetsuya had left.

"Kuchiki Tetsuya, remain calm. We did not bring you here with the intent of harming you. You are welcome here, and you are to be congratulated."

"What are you talking about?" the noble asked, shuddering, "If I am welcome here, then why am I tied down?"

"You have my apologies for that," said the hollow, "but at this time, it is necessary. Just lie still and we will make our explanations soon."

"I don't need any explanation!" Tetsuya said, straining against his bonds, "You came into my home and attacked my cousin and me. I am sure that I cannot trust any intention you have! Now, free me or pay the price for your lack of wisdom in confining me!"

The hollow smiled at him tolerantly.

"Truly," he said calmly, "You think that you are capable of severing your bonds and fighting your way out of here? We studied you for some time before bringing you here, Kuchiki Tetsuya. You have no such ability that would allow you to overcome us and break out of here. The kido binding you is well above your level, so you cannot hope to break it. And in any case, your power is sealed away, so you have nothing to fight us with."

"You are wrong," said Byakuya suddenly, from where he laid on another examination table near his bound cousin.

Aizen's head turned from where he laid on a third examination table, and he fixed his eye on the younger noble, curious to see what he would do.

Tetsuya's eyes closed, and he reached down into his spirit core, tapping in to his own life force, while calling out in his mind.


Kuromiya stepped back, staring in surprise as Tetsuya's body began to glow softly with white light, that grew in strength until it became blinding. The hollow regent's eyes widened and his face was made over with fury.

"You fool! What are you doing?" he yelled, "Do not...!"

Tetsuya's mouth opened into a hard, furious scream of pain as his released life force shattered his bonds.

"What?" gasped the hollow, watching in dismay as Tetsuya came to his feet and the white power died, "So reckless! Using your own life force? Are you insane?"

"NO ONE CONFINES ME!" Tetsuya screamed, his life force exploding from his slender body again.

The bonds on Byakuya shattered, and the clan leader moved to join his cousin as The guards in the room closed in around them. Kuromiya stood in front of them, holding a skeletal hand out to stay them.

"Wait," he said, calming somewhat, "Do not attack them."

He started to say more, but turned in surprise as the wall behind him exploded and Tetsuya's stallion burst into the room.

"Arashi!" cried Tetsuya, as the stallion fired a volley of ice blades at the hollows in his path.

Screams of dying guards filled the room as Arashi charged forward, knocking hollows out of the way as he struggled to reach his master. Byakuya and Tetsuya moved forward, crashing into the remaining guards and fighting bare handed. As Byakuya passed Aizen, he locked eyes with the man for a moment.

"I don't suppose you would consent to take me with you," said Aizen, "I understand that we are enemies, but it seems we have a common enemy in these hollows..."

Byakuya gave him an odd look, then found the release on Aizen's bonds and activated it.

"How very kind of you," the former taichou said, smiling.

"I was not being kind," said Byakuya, as the two crashed into the nearest guards and began to fight their way towards Arashi, "That talisman...the one he used before. You know of it?"

"Yes," said Aizen, dropping one hollow guard as Byakuya downed another, "I do not know much about it, but it involves a ritual to give the spirit king a rebirth."

"We have been identified as the three stars of Sanhoshi," Byakuya explained, "We must recover the talisman and escape!"

Kuromiya watched as more guards rushed into the room. He smiled to himself and took the talisman from within his cloak.

"You want this?" he asked haughtily, "Then, come and take it from me. But I warn you, it will not be so easy.

He burst forward, placing himself between Tetsuya and Arashi as they closed in on each other.

"You three have no powers, and I will overcome, even this spirited stallion. Watch."

Byakuya, Tetsuya and Aizen stared in surprise as Kuromiya withdrew Kyouka Suigetsu and held the sword, tip down in front of them.

"You see, Kyouka Suigetsu, because he depended on me to restore him, now obeys me."

The three shinigamis froze as the hollow issued the release command.

"Kudakero, Kyouka Suigetsu," Kuromiya said calmly.

The hollow smiled widely as he felt the blade's power come to life, but caught his breath in surprise as Aizen's laughter sounded in front of him.

"I congratulate you on planning all of this," the former leader of the hollows said in a quiet, mocking tone, "but you made one mistake. You see, this sword is an extension of my own soul...a soul which does not trust. Kyouka Suigetsu, while he might work with you to free me, would never truly serve you. He knows that you likely have motives that would destroy us. You are an enemy. you hate us. You wouldn't simply use us and let us go. Now...see where your faulty thinking has left you..."

Kuromiya gave a roar of surprise and fury as the illusion around him broke apart and he realized that the talisman he had been holding in his hand was gone, and that Kyouka Suigetsu was no longer in his possession.

"You!" he cried, as he spotted Aizen and the two nobles astride the stallion that had broken into the room, "You will never escape here!"

Arashi wheeled and burst out of the room, emerging onto the dark desert sands at a run and swiftly leaving the pursuing hollows behind. He slowed as the sounds of pursuit fell away and they were left alone. Aizen opened a garganta and Arashi passed through into the underground cavern. They emerged into the living world, where Aizen called for them to stop, and Arashi paused in the middle of a small park.

"I think that we have eluded them for the time being," he commented.

"We need to return to the Seireitei immediately, then," Byakuya insisted, "As we have been identified for the ritual, if Kuromiya activated the talisman, we will soon be compelled to begin the breeding."

"I imagine I don't need to ask about what that entails," Aizen said slyly, stealing a glance at Byakuya's comely younger cousin, "Although the files available in Las Noches were not terribly detailed, I do know that once the 'three stars' have been recognized by the talisman and the talisman has been activated, the three are compelled to mate repeatedly, after which the reiatsu within the one who acts as 'vessel' must be kept in balance until the fledgling soul that will be the new king emerges."

"That soul must then be taken to the spirit dimension and infused with the power of the King's Prism, an artifact kept within the palace, Byakuya explained.

"And how are we to determine if the talisman was activated?" Aizen asked.

Byakuya frowned.

"The urge to mate will surface and gradually grow to become a compulsion. The interactions produce high levels of intense spiritual pressure, and so must occur in a protected area. It would be best to cross over into the spirit realm for the mating, but if the talisman has already been activated, we may not be able to reach the palace before the compulsion to mate overcomes us."

"So, it seems that we should attempt to reach the spirit dimension," Aizen concluded, "before we succumb to the urge to indulge ourselves in your lovely, young, virginal cousin."

He smiled lasciviously at Tetsuya, who blushed and looked away, frowning anxiously.

"You are not going to enter the spirit dimension," Byakuya said firmly.

"Say that again," said Aizen, gazing intently at the noble.

"You are not going to enter the spirit dimension," Byakuya repeated, "You are a creature of evil, the balance for my nobility in the ritual. We will complete the breeding outside of the spirit realm and then Tetsuya and I will proceed to the palace."

"Ah," said the former taichou, "but what will my fate be?"

Byakuya sighed.

"Because of your cooperation in the ritual, you will be pardoned of your crimes and allowed your freedom. You should be grateful and consider yourself fortunate in that you were to spend 20000 years in the prison."

"I do appreciate the pardon," Aizen said, nodding in approval, "but I think that you will not be dictating terms, Byakuya. We will go to the spirit realm now. I am content to complete the ritual, but I will do so on my own terms."

"And what makes you think that you are going to dictate terms, Aizen Sousuke?" Byakuya asked, his tone darkening.

"Well," said the former taichou, smirking, "as Kyouka Suigetsu has freed my powers, but not yours, I think that I am the one in control here."

He breathed a command, and Byakuya and Tetsuya gasped in surprise in finding Byakuya's arms were wrapped around Tetsuya's waist, and their hands were bound together in front of the younger man. Byakuya's eyes widened in fury.

"When did you...?"

"Before we left that shrine they had us in," said Aizen, "I had a feeling that you would attempt to impede me, so I took preventive action. Now, we will proceed to the dimension wall and..."

"We will likely not reach the dimension wall before the urge to mate overcomes us. When I say that it is a compulsion, I mean that delay will put intense stress on all of us, primarily the vessel, if we do not see to our duty promptly."

"Do not worry, Byakuya" Aizen said in a seductive tone, "I will be more than happy to deflower your innocent cousin, but there is something that I want first."

Byakuya gave him a look of annoyance.

"If you think that you can use this situation to force us to take you into the spirit realm, I assure you that you cannot. You are as bound to the compulsion to mate as we are, and you will give in to it. So do not try to use that to manipulate us. And we should cease wasting time discussing this..."

"You are that eager to indulge in the delights of your cousin's sweet flesh, Byakuya?" Aizen said, smirking, "My, that is a strong compulsion, ne? Or have you desired him all along and merely needed an excuse?"

"Shut up," the clan leader said brusquely.

"We could just stop here, lay him down and..."

"That is quite enough!" Byakuya shouted, "We will go to Urahara's shop."

"No, I do not think so," said Aizen, shaking his head, "I have no intention of allowing that man time to find a way to get the better of me again."

"I need access to his archive to be sure that we move appropriately in regards to the ritual," Byakuya argued, "While my own archive has more sources, Urahara-san has access to a few unusual sources that even I do not."

"It doesn't sound so difficult," said Aizen, "We have sex with Tetsuya, provide stabilization, and he bears the heir. It is pretty straightforward."

"But I would feel better having access to the proper materials to answer questions we may encounter along the way."

"Then we will go to Urahara's shop," said Aizen, "However, I will take out insurance that you will not act against me."

"What do you mean?" Byakuya asked, his gray eyes widening and his hands arms tightening reflexively around Tetsuya.

Aizen smiled wickedly.

"Kudakero, Kyouka Suigetsu," he intoned.

Byakuya caught his breath sharply as Tetsuya made a sound of surprise, then faded from view.

"What?" Byakuya exclaimed, "What have you done with him? You know that...!"

"I know that you do not want the three worlds to be placed at risk. In case it eluded you, Byakuya, I am protected from death because I possess the hougyoku. If the three worlds end, I will survive. So I am less concerned with that than you. Now..."

"Where is Tetsuya?" Byakuya demanded, "What did you do to my cousin? Tell me now or...!"

"Focus, Byakuya!" Aizen said, his voice suddenly icy, "We will go to Urahara's shop. He will only see you. We will find the sources that we need for the ritual and then once we have left his shop, I will bring Tetsuya back."

"But where is he? I must know!" The noble insisted, "If you have confined him, he will panic and destroy himself trying to escape."

"Do not worry," Aizen assured him, "I did not forget Tetsuya's actions in Las Noches. Kyouka Suigetsu's powers have rendered him unconscious and placed him in an interdimensional cell. I will sense if he is in any distress, but he will, most likely only sleep until I bring him back. Now, to Urahara's shop..."

"Damn you!" Byakuya hissed as Aizen smiled at him again and shattered his bonds.

"Come, Byakuya," said the former taichou, his eyes glinting, "It is best not to delay. I think I am beginning to feel aroused..."