Mr. Kadam inspected my wounds and took care of them. The worst one was on my back; a large painful bruise that will make sleeping uncomfortable. Ren and Kishan sat there with me the whole time; apologizing, holding my hand, and caring for me. I appreciated it, but I didn't really need it. Yes, I'd been abused by Lokesh, but I was alive and I was smarter. I would think twice before doing something. I was keener, wiser, prepared for the next step of the quest.

"Ren, Kishan, could you please leave for a moment?" Mr. Kadam asked his voice was a tad bit commanding. Ren and Kishan didn't even consider leaving. Mr. Kadam sighed and began anyways "Miss Kelsey, I see you are curios of Ravi?" Did he just read my mind? "Yes, actually, why was everyone so awkward around him?" Mr. Kadam sighed in a type of sadness I hadn't seen in him before. It was a mixture of pity and sorrow. "Ravi was claimed to be a curse child, a yakshini."

"A yakshini? What is that?" I asked suspicion rising inside of me like boiling water.

"You most likely don't remember the story of Sita and Rama."

"I'm afraid not."

"In 3000 B.C. Sita was born in India. When she was seven years old, a disease struck her village, and most of the villagers died, including her closest friend who was pregnant with a child. A traveling priest from a different religion convinced the elders that he could drive away the disease by performing a ritual; it involved invoking a demon into the recently deceased corpse of Sita's friend. During the ceremony, the priest called forth a yakshini, a demon, which killed the priest. Only a handful of the male villagers saw the demon kill the man and then supposedly vanish. But Sita, hiding in the bushes, understood that the demon had actually entered the corpse of the child, still inside his mother. Before vanishing, the demon seemed to stare straight at Sita though she is hidden behind a rock. When her father rushed to save the child from its mother's womb, Sita ran forth and stated that it is not the child that is moving, but the demon possessing the child's corpse.

"Her father gave her a choice – she could let the child live or she could take his knife and strike it down now. She chose to let it live, and named the child "Yaksha", meaning "begot from a Yakshini." Yaksha grew to be a beautiful man in a short period of time, who always had an eye for Sita. By this time, she was grown up as well and married to Rama, her husband, and even had a daughter. It was about that time the men that had witnessed the long-ago ritual vanished, one after another, including Sita's father. One night, after her father disappeared, Sita was awoken by a strange noise and upon leaving her home, was attacked and dragged away by Yaksha. He explained what he was, though the word for vampire did not exist then. Some of the men were with him, transformed as he was though being the first; he was forever more powerful than any of them, including Sita. He convinced her to join him, threatening to kill her sleeping husband and child if she did not.

It did not take long for the civilized world to realize what they were up against, and they begged Krishna, the 6th incarnation of the deity, to intervene. His men slaughtered most of the fleeing vampires, but Yaksha and Sita survived. Krishna and Yaksha fought, and in the end Sita was given Krishna's grace under the condition that she never creates another vampire. Yaksha was pardoned as well, but the pact Krishna spoke to him was unheard by Sita. Yaksha spent nearly the next 5,000 years slowly hunting down the remaining vampires and destroying them before apparently being chased and murdered by a mob during the Middle Ages. Sita lived through the ages, in Egypt first and gradually on and toward America, until the present day setting."

"Ravi was different. He was quiet and he did indeed grow up fast a lot like Yaksha in the story. Word went around and struck fear to many others, they claimed 'We can't have a prince that is a yakshini or vampire.' People were afraid of him, and believed that he was a bad omen. The fact that he had sharper teeth than most only made more suspicion. Lokesh heard about Ravi and believed that he could be his son and help him gather the amulet pieces."

I gaped in disbelief "T-that's horrible!" I exclaimed, feeling as if I'd known Ravi for all of his life. Mr. Kadam nodded in agreement "Of course Ravi didn't want to rebel against his siblings, and declined Lokesh's offer. In punishment Lokesh cursed him and kept him hidden from the world. Deschen and King Rajaram had no choice but to tell the world that Ravi was dead." I wanted to run down stairs, find Ravi, and hug him until he couldn't breathe. "Now," Mr. Kadam finished helping my wounds "How about a little something to eat? Nilima already has the food ready and Ravi is most likely eating." I smiled and nodded before standing up.