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Nothing ever goes the way you want it too.

Chapter 1.

Walking through the door, JJ dropped her stuff down into the hallway, heading into the kitchen she found her mom and Henry baking.

"Wow, something smells good In here."

"We making cookies."

"Yeah, what ones buddy?"

"White chocolate."

"mmmm my favourite."

"Your home early."

"Yeah, Hotch sent us all home to get ready, something about me and Pen taking hours." she said smiling.

"Id say years." Sandy said smiling.

"Ha-ha." JJ said picking up a piece of chocolate.

"So Will meeting you there?"

"Yeah, he's gotta work till 7 but said he's gonna change and meet me there."

"Well, while you two are off, drinking and dining, we are gonna finish making these cookies, and watch a movie."

"Sounds good. So I'm gonna go get showered and leave you both too it."

After getting ready JJ made her way down stairs, walking into the living room, she placed her phone into her clutch.

"Well, I'm going."

"Wow, doesn't your mommy look beautiful."


"Well thank you buddy." JJ smiled kissing Henry.

"So we shouldn't be too late. "

"JJ relax, go have fun, enjoy a night out with your team and Will, I got things covered here"

"Okay, but after the film, bed time mister."

Walking into the party, JJ went to bar, ordering a glass of wine, she made her way over to the team.

"Well look who's here."

"Sorry, I'm late."

"It's all good."

"No Will tonight?"

"Urgh yeah, he's coming soon, has to finish up work." JJ said smiling."

Finishing up his last bit of paper work, Will grabbed his suite, heading into the locker room, he changed. making sure he looked presentable. He headed back to his desk. Grabbing his phone and keys, he saw some people enter the building. Watching closely, he watched as they raised there guns, shooting through the glass, feeling a sharp pain in his chest, Will fell to the ground, placing his hands onto his chest. Hearing more and more screams from everyone in the office.

Hearing them leave, he slowly reached out for his phone, dialing 911.


"JJ will you just relax I'm sure Will be here any minute."

JJ looked around the room, biting down onto her bottom lip. "He would of called by now."

"JJ look at me, why don't you go get some fresh air, try call him. I'm sure he just got held up okay." Morgan said, watching her closely.

"Okay…" JJ took a deep breath.

Heading outside, JJ pulled out her phone dialing Will's number. Hearing his voice mail. She left him a message, before sending him a text message.

Making her way back inside, she saw they speech had started. Standing next to Morgan, she gave him a soft smile., shaking her head. After the speech was over they all looked round at JJ.

"Still no Will?"

"No and I'm getting worried, I called him, text him, I even called the station, and no one's picking up."

"Okay, JJ take a deep breath I'm sure there's a perfect explanation to why, no one is picking up."

Looking around JJ saw multiple phones ringing, looking forward she saw Strauss heading towards them.

"We've got a problem!"

"What kind of problem?"

"Police station as just be shot up…"

JJ felt her whole body freeze up.

"W… Will!"

JJ looked around at everyone before, running towards the exit, knowing everyone would be right behind her. As the SUV, pulled up JJ ran out, running inside, she barged past everyone, looking around she saw two paramedics bending down near Will's desk, Standing behind them, she gulped down a breath.


"He's my husband."

"JJ….." Will said in a whisper."

JJ leant down seeing the blood, on the carpet, and on his shirt. Taking hold of his hand, she felt the tears falling down a cheeks.

"Stay with me okay…I can't loose you."

"I'll Try."

JJ cried out more, when she saw his eyes close.

"We gotta get him to the hospital now."

Letting go of Will's hand, JJ followed the paramedics outside, feeling Derek come up behind her.


"I can't…."

"C'mon, lets get you to the hospital."

Pacing up and down the hallway, JJ rubbed her hands over her arms, looking forward she saw all the team looking at her.


"He's gonna be okay right…I mean….he"

"JJ, you need to sit down and breathe sweetheart."

"He got shot 4 months ago and now….."

Sitting back JJ took a deep breath. It felt like they had been there for hours, looking down at her hands, they saw them shaking. Lifting them up, she saw his blood. Gulping down a breath, she looked up seeing a doctor heading towards him.


JJ stood up, looking at the doctor.

"He's stable for now, the bullet, entered just below his heart, and caused some serious bleeding, but I've been able to fix it."

"So he's gonna be okay?"

"For the moment, yes, but it can be touch and go."

JJ nodded taking a deep breath.

"Can…can I see him?"

"Yes, he's in room 4001."

"Thank you."

JJ turned around to her friends. "Urmm…I. I need to call my mom."

"We'll do it, go be with Will, okay."

JJ nodded, wiping her tears. Heading down the hallway, she made her way inside Will's room. Pulling the chair up the bed, JJ stood, tracing her hands over his forehead, she couldn't believe how pale he looked. Sitting down in the chair, she took hold of his hand, never wanting to let it go.

"Please be okay…I can't lose you."


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