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Chapter 5

Climbing out of the passenger seat, JJ opened the boot picking up her over night bag, watching as Will locked the car she took hold of his hand, as they headed inside of the hotel.

"Wow." she said smiling at Will.

"See told you you'd like it."

Smiling, JJ leaned her arm onto Will's shoulder as they waited to check in. after getting the keys to there room, JJ opened the door walking inside, dropping her handbag down onto the bed, she walked around the room.


"Told you, you'd like it."

"You really have gone all out." JJ smiled, Wrapping her arm around Will.

"Well, you deserve a nice week away with me, and to be spoiled rotten. "

"I think, you're the one who needs to be spoilt rotten after everything you've been through."

"What we've both been through."

JJ smiled, nodding. "Yes, so you up for some fun?"

"What kind of fun?" Will said raising his eyebrow.

"I'm gonna go change into my bathing suit."

"You , me and a indoor heated pool. This I am gonna enjoy."

Heading down to the pool, JJ climbed down the steps, sliding into the heated pool, swimming around a little she started to swim, before floating around the middle, she was glad it was empty, due to warm weather everyone seemed to be in the out door pools.

Feeling, Will's arms wrap around her waist, JJ let out a sigh, feeling Will's lips on her neck. Moving around JJ, wrapped her hands around Will's neck, as they floated around the pool.

"Why do you think, I deserve to be spoiled?"

"Cos, you've been through this too, you're the ones who's had to hear I've been shot, and wonder if I'm alive or not, I've scared you to death twice. So I wanna show you. There's nothing that can come between us."

"You always have an answer" she smiled widely.

"I told, you're my world, and I'm not going anywhere."

"I love you." JJ smiled kissing him deeply.


After dinner, JJ and Will walked hand in hand, around the hotel, leaning her head onto Will's shoulder, JJ smiled.


"Nothing, it just reminds me, of when you took me away that week I had off, and all we did was stay in our room."

Will let out a laugh, kissing her forehead. "That was the best week of my life."

"Yeah, well I think I can make this one even better." JJ said raising her eyebrow.

Unlocking the door to there hotel room, Will kissed JJ, as they moved inside, kicking the door closed, JJ smiled, wrapping her arms around Will's neck, moving further into the room, they wondered into the bedroom, falling down onto the bed, JJ smiled, unbolting Will's shirt.

Opening her eyes, JJ looked over at Will seeing him still asleep, looking over at the clock, she saw the time, climbing out of bed, she pulled on Will's shirt heading into the bathroom, turning on the shower, JJ pulled off the shirt climbing in. running her head under the water, she ran her hands over her hair. Closing her eyes, she let the water run over her body, opening her eyes, she smiled, feeling Will's hands wrap around her.

Kissing along her neck and shoulder bone, Will ran his fingers down her arms. JJ let out a moan, leaning her head onto Will's chest. Turning around she kissed him deeply, pushing her against the wall, JJ smiled, wrapping her arms around Will's neck.

"We haven't done this in a while."

"I'm am so not washing my hair." JJ said smiling widely, kissing Will deeply on the lips.

As the kiss grew deeper, Will picked JJ up, wrapping her legs around him, as both there bodies tightened, Will moved inside, JJ hearing her let out a scream. As there bodies, Moved, JJ dug her nails into Will's back, looking him right in the eye.

"This is one thing, That has gone to plan." Will said whispering in her ear.


Drying off her hair, JJ sat down on the bed, leaning against the bed frame, she watched as Will walked out the bathroom just wrapped in a towel.

"What you staring' at?"

"How much hotter your body would be, without two holes in it."

Will got dressed, running the towel through his hair, sitting down onto the bed, he sat in front of JJ, taking hold of her hand.

"You see that right there, our rings, you remember why that happened?"

Nodding, JJ looked at Will. "Yeah…."

"Because I got shot, I got everything I've always wanted."

"But then when you got shot again, I almost lost everything ive always wanted." JJ said looking at Will.

"I know, and I wish I could go back, and make all the pain you've felt go away, but these things happen, and we need to realize that."

"I just don't want either of us to get hurt again especially with….the…"

"The what?" Will said, looking at her.

"With another baby on the way…." JJ said looking at Will.


Nodding, JJ let out a smile looking at Will. "I found out when you asked me to come away."


"I know nothing goes the way we want it too, but I've got everything I need. A proper family."

"Neither of us are going anywhere, I'm not gonna let us."

"I love you."

"And I love you both."

JJ smiled, feeling a tear fall down her cheek, Will gave her a small smile, wiping the tear away.

"Things may not seem to be going really well, but I know there about to get a whole lot better."



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