He froze and walked over to the sound and pulled back a book shelf to see a thin raven haired male looking up at him. Soaked to the bone and shaking.

"Izaya?" he blinked, "they hell are you doing here?!"

"ssssh! K-keep your voice down!" Izaya stood up and hushed him. "I came here when you chased me in here!" he glared. "I thought you were that damn monster, scared me to death! You have no idea how much I want to kill you!"

"geezz telling me to be quiet…" he grunted and looked away.

"don't you even start! You abandoned me and I nearly got killed in this place. We have to get out now!"

"abandoned you, I don't even recall being here!"

"well I sure do! I got attacked, multiple times and then drenched in water and chased around by a demon posses ottoro!"

Shizuo blinked and stared at him, "demon possessed you say…"

"yes and that monster's been following me since then!"

Shizuo watched the raven a moment. He appeared to be telling the truth. What's more… Izaya's leg was bleeding.

"right…" he nodded slowly, "there's the door down stairs… but the monsters down there…"

"you're the freaking beast of ikebukero. You cant be scared of that thing!" Shizuo fell silent. And Izaya with him.

"it's… not human."

"… your honestly scared?" Izaya blinked and looked him over, "you must have bumped your head or something your acting all weird…"

"I'm allowed to be scared okay?!"


The two froze up.

The monster was in the archives now…

Izaya whispered, "while he's up here… let's make a dash for the door."

Shizuo nodded and they crept out and stuck by the walls till they got back to the main hall. Once out Shizuo didn't hesitate to book it to the stairs. But he froze up and hesitated looking back at Izaya limping along.

"pathetic." He sighed, "hurry up will you!"

"no one asked you to wait for m-"


Shizuo's eyes widened as the monster bust the door down and came charging at Izaya.

Izaya looked back mortified and feeling his life drain out. He fell back and scrambled away a bit as the monster swung its arms at him.

"a-aaah!" he braced himself and closed his eyes as the might arm swung at him again about to hit him. But rather it snatched him and picked him up. "e-eh?" he opened his eyes to find the arms he was in were not the same as the monsters.

Shizuo didn't even look down at him as he carried him to the stairs quickly and down to the door.

"why are you-?"

"shut up." He said blankly and ran to the entrance.

"h-hurry he's gaining on you!" Izaya looked back to see it still following.

Shizuo came to the door and kicked it open and ran outside surrounded by the rain and the trees he ran till he knew they weren't being followed.

Once safe he put Izaya down and sat on a rock to pant and breathe.

"w-we s-seem to ha-have got-gotten away…" he breathed out each word slowly.

"yeah…" Izaya nodded and watched him a bit more carefully. "neh Shizuo…?"


"why did you come back for me…" he looked serious. "I thought you wanted me dead…"

Shizuo thought about this himself and didn't really know why. "I won't let anyone else kill you. It'll be me." He nodded, "so don't go letting yourself die!"

Izaya blinked and then began to laugh, "oh Shizu-chan~ you're the same as always~"

"tch, course I am you dumbass!" he growled but soon got up and picked up Izaya again.

"hey you don't need to do that!" Izaya whined

"I'll bring you to Shinra's… after that… I won't be helping you. Got it?"

"….. right. so… just for now…" Izaya rested his head against Shizuo and closed his eyes. "is it fine if im like this…?"


And they walked off back to ikebukero in silence.