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An unexpected visitor

Harry Potter, first year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sat on his four poster bed in the boys' dorm at Gryffindor tower. He was deep in thought, scowling at the injustice of everything around him. It was the day before all the students were to return home. The only problem was, in Harry's opinion he would leave his home and return to his prison. He had asked his headmaster Albus Dumbledore if he could go anywhere else but the Dursleys. He hated living there, they hated him living there. Why were they forced to live together?

The headmaster had deflected answering those questions and told Harry it would be for the best if he returned to his relatives. His best, Harry could only bitterly laugh at that. He would be better off anywhere but with the Dursleys. But nobody listened to an eleven year old boy. He also had found holes in the story about his parents' death and his coming to stay with his relatives.

Why would his mother, who must have known Aunt Petunia better than anybody else, have wanted him to live with her? They were fighting a war at the time, so the possibility of death had always been present. Nobody in their right mind would leave the future of their child up to those in power if times were that dangerous. After all, they were losing the war until Voldemort somehow got thrown out of his body when he tried and failed to kill him (Harry) as a baby. The explanation that his mother's love had been what had protected him, didn't sit right with Harry. There had to have been other mothers dying for their child.

Why did none of them have the protection Harry had against Voldemort? There had to be more to it. Well, back to his living accommodations. He was sure his parents would have made a will and would have ensured for him being provided. In the library he had found out that the Potters were one of the oldest wizarding families in Great Britain. They were very wealthy. So why were Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon always going on about him costing them too much money? It would be more logical that they were getting a stipend for his care. That would be what he would put into his will if he had a child.

He mentally noted he needed to go to Gringotts to find out more about his family's finances. When he first saw his vault he had been overwhelmed that he had inherited that much money from his parents, but now, after having researched his family in the library, and he secretly congratulated himself for doing so without anybody knowing about it, he thought the contents of his vault could hardly be the whole wealth generations of Potters had accumulated over centuries. And nowhere had been a word about them losing it like it had been with the Weasleys.

This brought up the next question. Why were these things kept from him? He had a right to know all there was about his family. And the main suspect was the headmaster. While he didn't believe the man being evil, he certainly had his own agenda. It was the question what that agenda meant for Harry.

Harry had always been good at pretending being worse at school than he really was. He could have given Hermione a run for her money if he really tried doing his best. But having grown up at the Dursleys had made him careful how much he revealed of himself. He had once slipped up during his fifth year at primary school and scored second best in class. He had been hurting from a beating Dudley and his gang had given him that morning and had just acted on autopilot. He had barely managed to keep his good mark a secret when they got back their tests.

His teacher had taken him aside and asked why he didn't do that well on his other tests. Harry had nearly panicked to come up with an excuse but thankfully the teacher understood immediately. He had experience with children from abusive families. He had checked Harry's files and noticed that all complaints about neglect or suspected abuse had been smacked down immediately by the director, who was coincidentally an old pal of Vernon Dursley. So that road was blocked.

That was the day Harry gained an important ally in his teacher. Mr. Jones had sat Harry down and discussed with him what they would do to help Harry hide his intelligence from the Dursleys and at the same time get Harry into a good position for his future life. Normally a child as talented as Harry would have been supported to reach his full potential. But in Harry's case they had to do it differently. So they decided that Harry would be put into a special program the government had started two years ago secretly.

Harry would spend his afternoons at school under the pretense of detention and would learn more advanced things than other primary school students. Mr. Jones would fill in the required documents with the government and send Harry's tests there. Harry would get faked report cards for the Dursleys to keep up the charade of him being not as smart as Dudley. Intentional refuse on the Dursleys' part seeing the idiot their son was helped along.

Their plan just got difficult once Harry found out he was a wizard. He told Mr. Jones that he had been enrolled at the old private school of his parents. When Mr. Jones asked the name of the school and Harry answered Hogwarts, he had been really surprised that Mr. Jones knew about wizards and magic. He was informed that Mr. Jones' brother was a muggleborn wizard. While the two brothers lived in different worlds most of the time, they got along great. This was great for Harry as he now had somebody who could tell him more about the wizarding world.

Mr. Jones had advised him to keep a low profile for some time at school. His brother had told him that the really important tests would take place at the end of fifth year. Until then it would be best to vanish in the masses as an average or slightly above average student. The best way to get an advantage against enemies, like those Harry seemed to have, was having them underestimate him. And he also told Harry to keep up with his normal education to have more knowledge than the average wizard or witch.

It had been tricky to get everything done. But with his invisibility cloak, his being used to only getting six hours of sleep every night and a fantastic memory he managed to learn both curricular simultaneously. If Hermione had had a clue she would have been really jealous. That was one thing Harry didn't really get. Why did he seem to attract friends who would get jealous of him one way or another? Ron he knew, was jealous of his fame and money. Hermione for what reason ever, needed to be the absolute best in her studies.

They were great friends otherwise but those character traits were a problem which he would have to face sooner or later. Harry finished packing the last of his things into his trunk. He would really miss being able to do magic for the next months. How he wished for somebody getting him away from the Dursleys.

He was well hidden near the gates of Hogwarts. He had a mission to fulfill and he intended to do it without fail, like always. In his line of work mistakes could kill you and sometimes even cause wars. This time it should be easy. He just had to deliver a message to one of the students before he climbed into one of the carriages that took the students down to Hogsmeade station where the Hogwarts Express would take them back to London for the summer holidays. There he was, the boy who had to get the message.

He slipped from his hiding place, a disillusionment charm firmly in place and with the skill only long practice gave you, slid the piece of paper into the boy's pocket. Mission accomplished. He watched as the carriages left for the station, pulled by thestrals, invisible to all those who hadn't seen death. He had seen too much death in his life, but he wouldn't complain. Without his current employer he would have been off a lot worse. In two days he would finally be able to get the boy out of there. He had gotten the reports from their contact at the boy's primary school.

Their suspicions about the boy's intellect had proven to be true. He was a genius. And it was time that he got the offer to join them. Finally he would meet him again, the boy he had promised to protect but couldn't do so for the whole ten years he had been placed with his relatives. But the time had come. He concentrated on his destination and turned on the spot to vanish as if he had never been there.

Harry sat in his compartment at the train, feeling the piece of paper somebody had put into his pocket without him noticing anything. He waited for a good opportunity to go to the loo to read the message he suspected somebody slipped him. Finally after one and a half hours he thought it wouldn't raise suspicion and he excused him from his friends and went to the loo. When he was there he checked if he was truly alone and after affirming this he took out the note and read.

Dear Harry,

There are things in the wizarding world you have been kept ignorant off due to decisions of Albus Dumbledore that weren't his to make. I wish to meet you the day after tomorrow at the park in Little Whinging at 5.00 am. Use your dad's cloak to sneak out of the house. I'll tell you anything you want to know and I'm able to answer. I also have to deliver a proposal of my employer who is interested in your abilities.

If you want to meet me, be at the park at the mentioned time. By the way, I have hidden a special pocket knife for you under the second basin of the loo where you're probably reading my note at the moment. It will enable you to pick all kinds of locks.

Hope to see you soon.


Well, this was a surprise. Harry wracked his brain to find out if he knew anybody with those initials but he came up empty handed. The idea of somebody answering his questions was tempting. He searched for the pocket knife the note mentioned and he found it easily. So the author of the note was at least sincere in his desire to help him getting out of the Dursleys' house. He could at least go to the park and see what this was about. If he needed to escape quickly, he had his cloak. And some spells nobody would suspect a first year of knowing.

But they were only for emergencies. He didn't want to get into trouble with the Ministry of Magic.

Harry had just stopped the old repaired alarm clock from ringing. He didn't want to risk the Dursleys waking up. He silently put his clothes on and put some owl treats into Hedwig's cage, he really wanted to throttle Uncle Vernon for locking her up but he knew it would be pointless. His uncle was stronger than him. He let her out to fly a few times when the Dursleys were sleeping, but he always had to lock her up over the day again. Hedwig seemed to understand that she only had a few hours each night to hunt and stretch her wings so Harry didn't get in trouble. The knife was really a great help. Then he sneaked down the stairs without making a sound. He used the backdoor to get out of the house. The front door would have made early risers in the neighborhood suspicious and as gossiping was the lifeblood of many housewives, he didn't want to risk Aunt Petunia hearing it.

He had put his invisibility cloak on before he had left his room and now walked to the park without making a sound. He was curious who wanted to speak with him. it was still dark, but he could see that soon the sunrise would begin. The first signs were on the horizon. Five minutes later he reached the park and cautiously looked around. Seemingly nobody was there. But this didn't mean it was truly the case. With magic you could never be sure.

"I'm glad you came, Harry." A soft voice suddenly said, coming from his right.

Harry quickly turned into the direction and saw a dark haired man in his early thirties leaning against the slide. Why didn't he spot him before?

"I think you can take off your invisibility cloak for a while. The park has been secured with muggle repelling charms for one hour. Nobody will see you."

"Who are you? And how did you know that I was here?" Harry asked taking off the cloak cautiously.

"Sorry, my mistake. I used a charm called homenum revelio, it is used to find human beings even if they hide with disillusionment charms or invisibility cloaks. My name is Sirius Black, I was the one to slip you the note two days ago before you boarded the train. I'm a wizard like you and I'm also your godfather." He explained.

Harry was shocked. He had a godfather? Why did he have to live with the Dursleys then? He took of his cloak to look his so called godfather in the eyes. Bottled up emotions fought against his better reasoning to shout at the man before him why he left him alone all those years. Sirius seemed to understand him.

"I know you're disappointed with me, probably angry. And without the whole story you have every right to be. I just ask you to hold judgment of my actions until you know everything. Can you please do that, Harry?" Sirius asked looking into Harry's eyes.

Harry pondered the request. Sirius seemed honest. It wouldn't cost him much to listen to his story. He could still shout at him afterwards.

"Okay I'll listen. But your story better had to be good." Harry said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"That's fair. Well, it all began before you were even born. From third year on you can choose to take the elective of Divination at Hogwarts. It's a very obscure branch of magic and only true seers can really foretell anything. They are born and no amount of work put into studying the subject can help you there. When Professor Dumbledore met a young woman of seer heritage for a job interview, he was witness to a prophecy. This was the only true prophecy that seer ever made. Otherwise the woman is a fraud. Only if she falls into deep trance she is capable of predicting the future. Ironically she forgets them afterwards.

"Now prophecies are never easy to interpret. Most of them only make sense once they have been fulfilled. That one sadly was the reason Voldemort came after your family. The content of the prophecy is this:

The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches … born to those who have thrice defied him … born as the seventh month dies … and the dark lord will mark him as his equal … but he will have powers the dark lord knows not … and either must die by the hand of the other … for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies.

"Now this prophecy could have meant two boys. One was you and the other was Neville Longbottom. Both of your parents were members of an organization fighting against Voldemort, the so called Order of the Phoenix. Both pairs of parents escaped Voldemort three times and Neville and you were born only hours apart on the night from July 30th to July 31st in 1980. Neville was born 11.55 pm on the 30th and you at 2.00 am on the 31st.

The problem was that one of Voldemort's spies heard the first part of the prophecy, he listened until the part with born as the seventh month dies. Then somebody caught the spy and threw him out but the damage was done. The spy reported to Voldemort and he began searching for the baby boy who could become his downfall. Both your and Neville's parents went into hiding to protect you. Now the tragedy begins. Your hiding places were somehow leaked to Voldemort and we knew we had a spy in the Order. But we didn't know who the spy was. You moved at least ten times before Professor Dumbledore found an old spell, the Fidelius charm. The charm seals a secret in the soul of a living person. As long as that person doesn't tell the secret those hiding under the charm are safe. Originally I was meant to be your parents' secret keeper, but we changed it at the last moment to another friend of ours from school. His name was Peter Pettigrew. We thought with me playing decoy and Peter only being an average wizard at best, therefore not suspected to be the secret keeper, you would finally be safe."

Harry saw genuine pain in Sirius' eyes. This was not easy for him to tell.

"Sadly one week after the charm being performed Voldemort came to your house in Godric's Hollow and attacked you. Peter had been the spy and betrayed your parents to Voldemort. I had found out that Peter was missing from his home and flew my enchanted motorbike to Godric's Hollow to warn your parents but I was too late. I saw Hagrid getting you out of the destroyed house and asked him what happened. He told me that your parents … that James and Lily … were dead. I tried to have him hand you over to me … as I was your godfather … but if Hagrid has an order from Professor Dumbledore, there is no reasoning with him.

"I decided, as I wouldn't be able to do anything at that moment, to lend him my motorbike to get you to safety. I'd go and see Dumbledore later to try and get custody of you. But at that moment grief overtook me. Your father James was like a brother to me and losing him made me forget reason for some time. I went after the traitor and soon cornered him. But the little rat set me up. He shouted for all the muggles around to hear how I could betray Lily and James, cut his own finger off and blasted the street behind him before I could stun him. He then transformed into his animagus form, a rat, and vanished into the gutters.

"The aurors who arrived a bit later just found the damage, the corpses of twelve muggles and me laughing at the irony. I was a bit mad at the time and blamed myself for killing your parents. I was the one suggesting changing secret keepers. In my eyes I as good as killed them. Well, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement had me thrown into Azkaban, the wizarding prison, without a trial or even checking my wand for the last spells it performed and the Ministry still thinks I'm there. I was never questioned, never got the chance to tell my side of the story. Peter was celebrated as a hero and I was painted as Voldemort's right hand man by the press." Sirius ended his story.

Harry had tears rolling down his cheeks. That was what happened? His parents had been betrayed by one of their closest friends? And Sirius had been blamed for it and had been imprisoned and that was the reason he had to grow up with the Dursleys? Sirius put an arm around Harry's shoulders and soon the boy was sobbing at his shoulder. Sirius truly regretted not having been there for Harry.

It took some time for Harry to calm down enough that Sirius could continue.

"Are you okay, Harry?" Sirius asked concerned.

"I'll live. It's just a lot to take in." Harry answered hoarsely.

Sirius nodded and conjured a handkerchief for Harry. Harry blew his nose and dried his eyes.

"So the flying motorbike I saw in my dreams was yours? And the green light I saw and the laughter I heard was Voldemort on that day." Harry whispered.

Sirius was horrified that Harry remembered the attack, but there was nothing he could do about that, except helping Harry to deal with it. He would have thought that Harry would have forgotten about it by now, after all he had just been one year old.

"I understand. Well, I said I was sentenced to Azkaban but thanks to my new employer I never went there. The one they think is Sirius Black is a golem, which looks like me. As most prisoners soon go insane at that place it was easy to switch. The day before I was going to be transferred, an agent of her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II, came to my cell and offered me a chance to be free. The wizarding world thought me to be a traitor and a murderer. The muggles knew I was innocent as they know things most wizards just ignore. I of course took the chance.

"Harry, have you ever heard of James Bond?" Sirius asked

"He is a fictional figure in films isn't he? There are lots of them based on the books of Ian Fleming. Dudley sometimes saw them on TV and I listened to them."

While Sirius wondered why Harry had only been able to listen to them and not watching them, he didn't comment it.

"That is basically right but those films are based on reality. The MI6 is real and the 00 agents are real. Each agent has assigned a certain name to the number and 007 just happens to be James Bond." Sirius revealed.

"But if the stories are true, why wouldn't they keep it a secret? Doesn't it endanger the safety of the agents if the public knows about them?" Harry asked confused.

"It's the other way round. You can't keep all the activities of a secret service in the country secret. Somebody is bound to find out. Especially as the muggle world developed further and technology became more available. Therefore an agent of the MI6 took the pen name Ian Fleming and wrote the first book about James Bond in 1952. Casino Royal was a hit with the book stores. The secret of keeping a secret is making everybody think that the truth is just fiction. The MI6 decided to have Ian publish more books and soon all the stories became beloved fiction with the muggles.

"The increase in funds for our department didn't hurt either. All the money that is made with the James Bond books and the movies goes to the MI6. The movie companies that produce the films are a branch of our department. We mostly use the films to have field tests for our new equipment. Since 1981 I have been a member of the MI6. As I couldn't return to the wizarding world, I learned to live in the muggle world. And I'm good at my job. I have kept an eye on you through my colleague Richard Jones."

"Wait, my old teacher is a secret agent?" Harry asked shocked.

"Yes, he is. At the MI6 wizards and muggles work together to protect Great Britain. And believe me, Voldemort was really close to be persecuted by us. If he hadn't fallen to you temporarily, he would have had to face to power the muggle technology has."

"But, doesn't magic interfere with electronics? Hermione is always going on about it." Harry wanted to know.

"Normal electronics don't work around magic, but did you really think the secret service would just take that as fact and not try to remedy it? Some of the most brilliant scientists of the world work for us and they have found a solution for the problem decades ago. The Ministry of Magic doesn't know anything about us existing. The magical arm of MI6 that is. We continually recruit the most promising halfbloods and muggleborns who are fed up with the injustice of the wizarding government. And you Harry have been observed for years now. It was a little challenge to get somebody to monitor you at Hogwarts without making Dumbledore suspicious, but we managed. Our agent was placed there four years before you started so there wouldn't be any connection between both your starts there. After all, Dumbledore isn't stupid."

"You have been observing me?" He asked.

"Yes. One reason was that I wanted to be sure the Dursleys didn't abuse you too badly. The other was that with parents as powerful and intelligent as yours and with the prophecy concerning you, you were a prime candidate for us to recruit once you were old enough. Normally that would have been pushed back until you had taken your OWLs but the activities at Hogwarts this year made us decide to act now. You have proven during the past year that you can handle difficult situations even if you're just eleven years old. You even faced Voldemort and are still alive to tell the story. By the way, if I was your guardian, you would so get grounded for that stunt." Sirius grumbled, making Harry look up in horror.

"Hey, we didn't have a choice. McGonagall didn't believe us when we warned her and we couldn't let Voldemort have the stone and come back." Harry protested.

"Harry, you're eleven years old, really smart, but you have to learn not to jump headfirst into danger. You have to plan for all eventualities before you do something risky. I don't berate you for trying to stop Voldemort, I berate you for doing so without having a good plan. You knew who had done the obstacles between the stone and the entrance months before you acted. You should have looked up possibilities what those obstacles were. You have the ultimate spying tool in your invisibility cloak. You could have collected information way before things got dangerous.

"Looking up the biographies of the teachers would have helped and it would have let you know that Quirrell was suspicious. We knew since Halloween that he was behind all the things that happened last year. He was an expert for handling trolls. It should have alerted the teachers. Especially Dumbledore should have acted then. The only one to suspect Quirrell was Snape. And with his past he was the worst person to get everyone alerted. Snape was a spy in the war against Voldemort, we just don't know where his true loyalties lie."

Harry had to digest this information. Snape being a spy; that was not that hard to believe. The man had the skill to disguise his thoughts. He had also to admit that he should have looked up information on his teachers once he knew who had placed protections around the stone. Only finding out about the first one was really stupid. They should have looked up dangerous plants, protective spells and so on.

"Okay you're right, we were a bit stupid just rushing in. But I never really planned going after the stone. First I only wanted to solve the riddle of what was being hidden at the school. After I realized what was at stake I tried to warn McGonagall but she just dismissed us. Perhaps I should have tried another teacher but I feared it would make things worse." Harry defended himself heatedly.

"I understand and McGonagall will get to hear about my opinion of her actions. She should at least have placed guards at the entrance at the off chance you were right. But back to you. My superiors want to offer you to join the MI6. We know that Voldemort has survived in spirit form and is probably hiding in Albania again. We don't know yet how he managed to cheat death, our experts are still working on that part, but we know that you'll be up against him if you want it or not. I don't understand why Dumbledore isn't training you properly to be ready when Voldemort will return. Perhaps he has some delusions of retaining a normal childhood for you, but I'd rather have you train now and be ready when Voldemort finally returns than have you unprepared and endanger your life." Sirius told Harry earnestly.

"But how could I do that? I'm stuck at the Dursleys and if nobody can know that you're free, how could I come to train with you? I'd love to get out of there as soon as possible, but something tells me Dumbledore would prevent it." Harry asked.

"Leave it to us. We have our ways. We have analyzed the wards around your relatives' house that keep Voldemort and his supporters out. They are based on blood. Those wards will protect you as long as you can call the place where your mother's blood lives home. They are a lot weaker than they should be because the second component of the wards is love. You were never loved here, merely tolerated by your aunt. She doesn't want you to die, but further than that she doesn't care what happens to you other than keeping the neighbors' noses out of her perfectly normal family. The real wards would stretch over the whole block and not only cover the house itself." Sirius scoffed.

"We have found an easy way to get around that. I told you about the golem the MI6 had take my place at Azkaban. It's infused with my blood and only a thorough check would reveal it not being me. The dementors who guard Azkaban are blind and humans avoid the place as much as possible. So the ruse is still safe. The golem just lies in his cell and makes sure the food disappears regularly. They haven't found out for ten years now, it's improbable that they will in the future.

"What we'll do is get some blood from your aunt and build a smaller version of my golem based on her blood. This golem just has one purpose, anchoring the wards around the place you'll move to, keeping you safe. The part with 'where her blood lives' is to be taken literally. And the golem is pseudo living. Dumbledore got one thing right, if Death Eaters found out where you lived they would stop at nothing to try and kill you. His wards do a really good job keeping you safe and we don't want to lose that. They had to be strong enough first though to be transferred to a golem, so we didnt attempt to get you out the first six years of your life." Sirius said apologetically. "After that through Mr Jones were were kept updated and would have acted if you were massively abused. But thanks to your wits you managed really well. I'm really proud of you how you handled your situation, Harry." He said smiling, making Harry feel warm. Never had an adult told him that he was proud of him.

"But how would you get Aunt Petunia's blood? She will never willingly cooperate with a wizard." Harry wanted to know.

"Dear Harry, you're underestimating the possibilities the MI6 has. Getting a vial of blood is easy. We have complete dossiers on your relatives. All their dirty little secrets. So we also know that your aunt has a health check done every six months. And her next check-up is in two days. We'll just take the blood sample from the doctor's and be done. She also never reads anything the assistants at the doctor's give her to sign. That way we'll get her to sign guardianship for you in the muggle world over to me. In the wizarding world I'm your official guardian as your parents' will named me so. Those things are everyday work for me, Harry." Sirius said ruffling Harry's hair.

"How are you doing it so that nobody notices that one vial is missing?" Harry asked interested.

"Normally for a compete health check a doctor takes three vials of blood. They just need two for analyzing it, the third is in case anything unforeseen happens. We let them test the blood and take the position of an assistant who destroys the remaining samples after the tests. The doctor never suspects anything and the normal assistant thinks the doctor had done it already."

"That is so easy nobody would suspect it. How do you stop the blood from clotting?" Harry admitted impressed.

"A simple stasis spell and that it's easy is the beauty of it. So what do you say? Are you in?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, I am. I don't want to be unprepared when Voldemort comes back. And if I can get out of the Dursleys all the better. And I want to live with you, I never had anybody who could tell me something about my parents."

Sirius hugged Harry, who first stiffed a bit, then returned the hug. He would have to get used to positive physical contact.

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