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A Mission With Massive Consequences

This was the last mission before he would return to Hogwarts. They had got the information about a criminal syndicate that operated in several areas of crime. Not limited to money laundering, drug dealing, slavery, prostitution, thievery and murder. It had taken a lot of time to find the leaders of the British cell of the syndicate. For Harry this was also his first bigger mission in the muggle world. His performance in the Voldemort mission had shown his superiors that he was ready for this kind of mission now.

The bigger fish were living in overseas, but if they got this cell, they had at least managed to deal a major blow against the syndicate. Harry heard two short signals in his earpiece. The signal to move in. He slowly crept towards the outlet of the ventilation system. He carefully removed the screws and silently pulled the grid out. He turned and moved into the ventilation chute. He reset the grid so that on first sight nothing seemed different.

He had been chosen for this job as the system entrance was very narrow. He just managed to get through and none of the criminals thought of an agent who was just fifteen years old to skilfully infiltrate their base. He slowly crept through the chutes towards the control centre avoiding any noise. His main job was deactivating the alarms and security system for the other members of the team to get inside. Then he was to secure evidence to get the syndicate members behind bars.

After thirteen minutes he reached the first barrier. He gave two short clicks in his communicator and was answered with a long one. He had to wait for three minutes before the planned ventilator shutdown happened. He knew he had just thirty-five seconds before the standby set activated for the base. He quickly passed the ventilator and continued his way to the mainframe. He arrived after six minutes. He signaled one short and one long click to his team that he was in position.

Through the grid above the mainframe room, he could see that there were only two men observing the screens. Harry placed his mask upon his face and opened a small plastic container with little green pellets in it. They were little bigger than dust particles and nobody would notice them until it was too late. Harry let a small amount of pellets fall through the grid and watched as they fell onto the ground.

It would only take two minutes until the whole room would be filled with sleeping gas. The pellets reacted to temperature changes. The plastic container isolated the pellets from outside temperatures. But in contact with air at normal room temperature they activated. The sleeping gas was odourless and colourless. After activating the pellets disintegrated and would be overlooked if anybody tried to find the reason for falling asleep with the normal dust in the room.

Harry loved the inventions of the MI6 scientists. Finally the two men had fallen asleep and Harry swiftly removed the grid from its frame and artistically let himself slide out of the ventilation chute and slowly let himself down the wall without making noise. It wouldn't do after all to alert any guards outside of the doors. He landed on the floor and walked to the screens. He opened the disk drive and inserted a disk he had been given for the job. It would do two things.

First it would copy all the data the syndicate had on the mainframe and second disable the security system. Harry waited for the all clear signal from the computer. When he got it, he sent three clicks to his teammates. The next part was their job. He lifted himself back into the ventilation system and reattached the grid. He made his way back to the ventilator. This time he waited for the next signal, one short click, which meant the attack team had started their assault. He used a short electrical signal to overload the ventilator and crept through. He finally reached the outlet he had used to get inside, but this time there were two pairs of legs standing in front of the outlet.

"Do you know why the boss wanted us here?" He heard one male say.

"No I don't. I think he is paranoid. Nobody would manage to get through the outlet; it's too small for any adult. And you can't tell me the cops would use a child to get inside. Even then, they would be stopped at one of the ventilators. Nobody can get inside this way." Another male answered.

"True. I hate keeping watch. I'd rather be inside. I have heard rumours a new batch of girls arrived tonight. From Chile I think."

"Ah, don't tempt me. The South American girls are so delicious." His partner answered.

"Do you think we'll get the opportunity to take part in their training?" The other one perversely asked.

"Perhaps. The boss always lets those who achieved good results in their jobs have some part in training new girls. Rocko was lucky last time, he raved about the full breasts and long legs of the girls he taught how to pleasure a man properly."

Harry was disgusted listening to the two men. He needed to get out of the chute but to manage that he had to take the two out. Thankfully he had some pellets left. He opened his container and let them fall through the outlet's bars. Outside it would take a bit longer for the effect of the sleeping gas to take effect. Four minutes later the two began swaying. Then they crashed down on the ground.

Harry crept out of the chute and replaced the screws. Then he looked at the two men he had disabled. They were probably about twenty to twenty five years old. Both seemed to be foreigners even if their conversation sounded like they had lived in England for some time. Harry quickly took two syringes from his belt and injected a powerful drug into their systems. They wouldn't wake up for five hours and by then the MI6 would have taken over the base. Harry placed the syringes back on his belt and went to the edge of the roof. He took out a gun, put a sound suppressor onto it and loaded a hook with an attached wire in it.

He aimed at the chimney of the building next to this one and shot. Silently the hook flew over the alley between the buildings and took hold on the chimney. Harry secured the other part of the wire at this roof and attached a karabiner from his belt on it. He let himself sink down to the wire and placed his legs over the wire. He pulled himself over to the other side with his hands and when he was safely on the other roof, detached the karabiner from the wire.

A command with a remote control loosened the other side of the wire on the roof he had been on before and Harry pulled the wire back in. He put it back into the pocket it had been in and opened the roof door of the building. He found his normal clothes that he had worn over his black mission suit while entering the building. He quickly put them back on, removed the gloves and mask he wore and went back to the elevator. He went down to the ground floor and left the business building through the front door, nobody suspecting anything.

Seven hours later Harry sat in a meeting room together with seven other agents who were already cleared by the doctors to attend the debriefing. The others, who were not at the hospital wing, were securing the prisoners. This meeting was led by agent 005, better known as Richard Maves in the world. Nobody knew his true name though. As it was held with all the 00 agents. The only ones in the know were M and those who were close to them before they got promoted to 00 status. M was still occupied with reporting to the Prime Minister about the operation. It had got a bit messy.

"Alright. While many members of the mission team are still getting treated, the mission itself was successful. We have only two fatalities on our part, have got two of the high ranking members of the syndicate, which will be interrogated in the coming weeks and arrested ninety-five per cent of the lower and middle ranked members. So the assault squad performed better than expected. In the fighting with the syndicate members the leader of this cell committed suicide when he was cornered and knew he had no way to get out. We'll need some time to interrogate all our prisoners. Sadly past experience shows that members of this syndicate are trained well to withstand normal interrogation techniques. Thankfully our scientists recently created the V-Drug which makes them spill all their secrets."

Harry kept his impassive face but had to mentally chuckle. The V-Drug was veritaserum in a slightly modified form so that it would work on muggles without side effects. The chief Potions master Erik Sledgehorn had developed that Potion.

"On each place you'll find a list with all the identified arrested prisoners. You'll go through the lists to see if you have any information you can add to our database on anybody. We'll turn the lower and middle ranked criminals over to the official authorities after we have all the information they can give us. We also arrested nineteen minors, which we'll have to treat differently. The laws of our country state that we can't interrogate minors using drugs, so the V-Drug is not an option. Probably those minors can give us more information about the drug dealing rings as they are probably only connected to those parts of the syndicate."

All the assembled agents opened the files in front of them and quickly looked over the names that were printed on the papers. Harry had to stifle a groan when he read some familiar names. How in Merlin's name had Dudley managed to get into a criminal syndicate with fifteen? He had thought that he didn't have the stomach and the smarts for it. Well, he knew perfectly how to get information from his cousin. He would add it to his report.

"The second part of the operation was completely successful. We got a full copy of the mainframe of the base before the leader of the cell activated the self-detonation to prevent it. We now know several contacts the British cell had with cells abroad."

Many agents looked appraising at Harry, who slightly smiled. He had just done his job. But it felt good that those experienced agents acknowledged his abilities.

"I want your reports by tomorrow evening. Dismissed and good work everybody." 005 said and everybody stood up and went to leave the room.

"Well done, Harry, you got the security system down alright." Keith Stone said patting his back.

"Thanks, Keith. I wouldn't have been able to do it though without the nice little gadgets I got for the mission. Those sleep pallets are the real deal. And our IT specialists really know their job. The download just took a few minutes." Harry deflected.

"Boys, we need to teach Harry here that it's okay to just accept praise. That was a well done infiltration classical style…" Tyler Rogers told them "…so let's hit the bar and get something to drink. He is old enough to be included in our little celebrations after a massively successful operation. And I know for a fact that Sirius is in Sri Lanka on a mission so he can't stop us."

Cheers erupted from the others and Harry found himself dragged to the so-called party area. It was a tradition in the MI6 that when a mission was finished and had been a success that the participants of the mission came together and got drunk. It helped to lose the adrenaline they had been under and made coping with the job easier. As all agents were on mandatory leave for a week after a major mission it was not a problem.

The deadline for reports was based on this knowledge. They would party for some hours, sleep for about eight hours, cure their hangovers if inexperienced for another three hours at least and then get to writing their reports. With a timeframe of nearly thirty two hours it was well manageable.

Harry sat at home and drank a mug of hot chocolate contently. He had been at headquarters in the morning and had been introduced to the new head. The new M was a Lady who reminded Harry a lot of Minerva McGonagall; strict and competent with a no-nonsense attitude. She had been a bit surprised about his mission record, but had accepted him easily enough. Harry knew there weren't many agents as young as him and if there were, they were just starting their training. But now he was trying to relax. He simply loved relaxing with some of his favourite hot drink in the evenings.

He was waiting for Sirius, who had taken a shower after coming home later than planned. Harry knew something had happened at headquarters besides the new M meeting all the agents, but he didn't know what it was. Well, Sirius would tell him when he had finished his shower. Ten minutes later Sirius entered the living room and sat down in the armchair opposite of Harry. His face showed a mixture of sadness and happiness.

"Okay, what happened?" Harry asked knowing this was something big.

"I have been given 00-status." Sirius said.

Now Harry understood the mixture of feelings on Sirius' face. He had waited for gaining 00-status for some years but it came with two side-effects. Two assassinations and the death or retirement of the holder of the position he would take over. Mostly it was the death.

"Which one?" Harry asked.

"008. I'll operate as Lionel Morane from now on." He said.

"Congratulations, Sirius. You have earned it. You have been waiting for the spot for years. It would be easier if you could just rise to the rank when you're ready but we both know the job. How did the old Lionel die?" Harry asked sombre, not having heard anything about a retiring 00 agent before.

"A mission in Tibet. He had infiltrated a base of the Russian terrorist Puschnatov and sabotaged his mainframe. Puschnatov planned to play the old animosities inside of Russia against the Americans while selling them weapons. The only thing he didn't have for sale were atomic weapons but anything else in the world he had. Lionel managed to put the information he copied into the indestructible capsule before he tried getting out of there but somewhere in the base were high explosive experimental weapons stored that nobody knew about before the base was blown up in a spectacular fireball.

"The cleaning teams found the capsule together with the remains of his corpse. The positive thing is he took Puschnatov with him. The ass was at the base on a routine check. "

"I see. Well, that means I'll have to call you Lionel at the base from now on." Harry said.

"Yeah, it will take some getting used to. But taking over the identity of the first batch of 00 agents has proven best over the decades. This way our opponents don't know anything about the true identities of the top agents. And for some it looks like we never die."

Harry nodded and waved his wand to summon Sirius another mug of hot chocolate from the kitchen.

Vernon and Petunia Dursley were having a normal evening. Their son Dudley was sleeping over with one of his friends, their freak of a nephew hadn't been back since shortly after his first year, when he just vanished one night. The only one to ever ask about him was the old Arabella Figg, but for some reason they could never really remember what they told her. Something to get her to leave. Like the freak was staying with friends. The farther away he was the better in their opinion. They pretended nothing was wrong and none of the neighbours ever asked, so why should they concern themselves with him? When they went to the living room to watch TV the phone rang.

"I'll get it, Pet." Vernon said.

He went to get the phone.

"Vernon Dursley speaking." He said after taking up the receiver. "What? That must be a mistake." He said desperately. "Yes, of course, we'll come. London you said? Of course, Officer. Goodbye."

"Who was it, Vernon?" Petunia asked.

"Scotland Yard. They arrested Dudley and he is at the moment in a cell at their London headquarters waiting to be interrogated. As he is a minor, we as his parents have to be present." Vernon said gravely.

"But that has to be a mistake, Vernon. Dudley would never become a criminal. They must have got the wrong boy." Petunia protested.

"The Officer I spoke with said, they had proof of his involvement with a criminal syndicate. We'll be told the details once we get to London." Vernon told her.

They arrived at Scotland Yard one and a half hours later. When they told the policeman at the entrance office why they were there, they were led towards a room that was next to the interrogation room.

"Mr and Mrs Dursley?" A tall man with a black beard asked.

"Yes. We were called here because the officer at the phone said our son Dudley was arrested. That has to be a mistake; he would never do something criminal." Petunia said.

"I'm Officer Hamilton. I'm sorry, but there is no doubt about his involvement with the cell of the syndicate that was taken out earlier today by the British Secret Service. He was caught in the premises and resisted arrest. Additionally we have computer files about all the members of the syndicate and observation reports about operations the syndicate did. Your son has been involved in drug dealing at Smeltings School, theft, robbery and violent blackmail. The syndicate has trained him up to become one of their members since his second year at school. His profile in their data classifies him as a promising upcoming member.

"Just for your information. The syndicate we are speaking about is an internationally organized criminal organization that is involved in any criminal activity you can imagine. Robbery, drug dealing, computer crimes, money laundering, kidnapping, murder, blackmail. You name it, they do it. As your son is still a minor he will be interrogated with you being able to watch the interrogation. A social worker will be in the room with the interrogator and your son. Once the interrogation is finished, depending on the results and what information we'll get from other police stations, you'll probably be able to take your son home with you.

"If he is allowed to go with you he will be getting strict guidelines he will have to follow. He will be tried under juvenile law. You're not allowed to leave the country with him or will have to face charges yourself. We are still collecting all the data so the earliest time he will be allowed to leave will be in three days. You can stay here for that time or get him some clothes to change and some toiletries. Everything you bring him will be searched to prevent him getting anything that could be used as a weapon or is classified as a drug." Officer Hamilton informed them.

Petunia and Vernon were completely shocked. They didn't want to believe that their precious Dudley would have been involved in something like that. Officer Hamilton had to roll his eyes. He had read the information the Secret Service had given them on the teens that had been transferred to them for interrogation. Those three that had been arrested, Dudley Dursley, Piers Polkiss and Malcolm White were known delinquents, but their parents didn't want to see it. He hated those kinds of cases. These two seemed to be in total denial that their son could have done anything wrong. From what he had seen of the boy so far he didn't doubt he was capable of a lot of wrongdoings.

"In this room, you'll be able to see and hear what is spoken in the interrogation room, but they can't hear us. Please remember that." He told them and god nods.

Agent Stephanie Zeon was a middle class agent for the MI6. She was the one tasked with the cooperation with Scotland Yard in the dealings with the underage members of the organization. She was an athletic woman with short blond hair, dark blue glasses and she was wearing a classical black trouser suit. Her colleague Marcus Bennett from Scotland Yard was a tanned brunette with a slightly portly built. They would do the interrogation of all the teens. They were observed by Melanie Hiller, the social worker responsible for Surrey where the three teens lived.

The first one they would interrogate was one Dudley Dursley. They had observed the boy and his gang for years now since they had got the information that they were involved in drug dealing at their school. They had let them be as they couldn't find any solid evidence that they were involved in criminal activities. The leaders of the drug dealers at Smeltings had established a well-working system to not be caught. And catching the small fry would have tipped off the higher ups too early. They had needed two years to get the massive strike they had dealt the organization yesterday ready.

While Scotland Yard had informed the parents of the boys that the raid had been earlier today, it had been the day before. With a few sleeping drugs nobody would ever be able to tell the correct date. After all, they had needed to get their information ready to present it to the police. Especially Agent Potter had a lot of information on the three teens they would interrogate now. One was even his cousin. How two boys that had grown up in the same house could have developed so differently would always astonish her.

She looked at her partner and got a nod. Marcus was ready. They entered the bare room where Dudley Dursley sat with handcuffs on his wrists. The boy was simply fat. There was no other term to describe him. She could see a bit of muscle but not much. How could any responsible parent let the boy get that fat? He looked at them with contempt in his eyes.

"Hello, Mr Dursley. I'm Officer Zeon, this is Officer Bennett and this is the social worker Mrs Hiller. Do you know why you're here?" She asked.

"No." He said.

"Oh, really? So you deny that you have been arrested in a raid against the British headquarters of an international criminal organization?" She asked.

"Yes, I have done nothing wrong, so just let me go." Dudley demanded.

"That won't happen. We have proof that you were involved in several crimes at Smeltings School. You're attending Smeltings, that's correct, right?" Bennett asked.

"Yes, I do. But I didn't do anything criminal." Dudley answered.

The two interrogators could see he had been trained how to answer during interrogation, at least the basics. They could see from his body language that he was lying.

"Then you surely can explain these photos." Bennett said and pushed four pictures over to Dudley.

They showed him threatening another student with his fists, him taking a new delivery of drugs, him being lookout for two older students in a mall and him getting paid for his work. Dudley paled. He didn't think the police would have got that kind of pictures.

"You see, lying is useless. If you cooperate your punishment will be less harsh. What we want to know are the names of the students you sold drugs to. We want the names of all the ones that are also working for the drug dealers at Smeltings. Confess your crimes completely and you'll be given a less severe punishment." Bennett said.

Dudley seemed still stubborn.

"You have to realize that at the moment we have enough material to get you imprisoned for at least five years in a juvenile facility. If you were an adult you would be facing fifteen years in prison. The organization you got involved with is not shying back from violence and murder. Do you want to become a murderer? If you continue your current ways, you'll end there." Zeon said.

Dudley was sweating now. Would they really put him in prison for five years? He didn't want to go to prison. He wouldn't have his comforts there and the food was horrible. But he also remembered what Daniel had told them what would happen if they talked. The prospect of being at the receiving end of those brutes he had seen wasn't a good one.

"Mr Dursley, we got all the members of the organization and know the names of the ones that weren't at the hideout. We have proof to get them imprisoned. So you don't have to fear their retaliation. If you talk you can probably prevent to have to go to prison. But you'll have to fully cooperate." Bennett repeated.

Dudley weighed the arguments he had heard against his fears. He then slumped down and started talking. He wouldn't go to prison.

Vernon and Petunia were protesting in the neighbour room that those accusations were not founded, but they were soon silenced by Officer Hamilton. When Dudley broke and started talking they wanted to still deny it, but with the longer the confession took, the more horrified they became. Never would they have imagined in what kind of company their son had got. What would the neighbours say? After one and a half hours Dudley finally stopped talking. He had confessed many crimes. He even included his treatment of his cousin in his childhood. Once he started talking he couldn't stop.

When he talked how he had beaten up his cousin and his parents never punished him, Hamilton's look was getting darker and darker. He suspected child abuse against the cousin Dudley Dursley was talking about. He would make sure that charges against the parents were investigated.

When he had told everything he knew about, Dudley was led out of the room again. The two elder Dursleys were ashen faced.

"You know, from what your son told my colleagues in there, you could have prevented this. That boy obviously never learned to distinguish right from wrong. You never punished his horrible behaviour towards his cousin who was the same age as him. Prepare for being investigated in the matter of how you treated your nephew. This sounds extremely like child abuse to me and if there is one thing I hate it's people who mistreat a child that can't defend itself." Hamilton said and left the Dursleys to their thoughts. He had to start another investigation.

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