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Mission to Italy with 007

Once Harry returned to the training room, Sirius look at him questioningly. He had showered and changed into a fresh all-black training attire consisting of sweat pants and t-shirt.

"I'll be absent for two weeks or so. Mission in Italy." He informed his godfather.

"Level?" Sirius asked.

"High class. I have officially been promoted to high class agent. I bet I broke every record." Harry said proudly.

"Congratulations, Harry. Are you allowed to tell me what the mission includes?" Sirius asked.

"Sure, you have the clearance. Let's go home and get my suitcase packed. Then I'll tell you."

Sirius nodded and followed Harry to the apparition rooms. They both spun on the spot and vanished without a sound. They soon reappeared at Grimmauld Place. Harry walked up to his room and took his suitcase from the top of his wardrobe.

"The mission I have is to gather information about the headquarters of an Italian Mafia boss. The daughter of said boss has just turned eighteen and is celebrating her birthday this weekend with all members of high-society attending. I have been tasked to use any means necessary, meaning mostly seduction, to find the location and give the information to 007 who will be taking over and probably destroy it. I'll provide back-up for 007 after I managed to gain the information." Harry reported.

"Pretty early for you to be sent on a 00 mission." Sirius commented with a frown.

"The only reason I'm doing this mission is that we are in need of a young high class agent with specialization in infiltration. With the target being only eighteen, the agent can't be much older than twenty. And I'm seventeen and the best in the age group compatible with the mission parameters."

"True. Just keep your eyes open and don't be hasty. I don't want to read your epitaph because you were careless." Sirius said seriously his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Don't worry. I know the risks involved in the job. I have trained hard for this. With acknowledging me as a high class agent, M officially announced that my normal and advanced training as a secret agent is finished. I'll have to gain experience through missions. Don't worry, I'll come back." Harry tried to ease the worries of his godfather.

"Alright, I know you have trained and are prepared. Do you have a plan how to make contact with the girl?" He asked.

"Yes, depending on the groups the guests will belong to, I intend to either use my title, I did inherit the lordship of my father after all, or if I manage to get close to her without that, use my natural charm to make her want me. From the information I got during the briefing, Stefania Estrago is a collector of attractive men. As she has never met me before, she will normally be interested in me. You know that I attract a lot of female attention with my looks." Harry reminded Sirius of the effects that simply lying on the beach had got during their past vacations.

Harry had had the choice between many really attractive girls. Something he had enjoyed a lot. There was a reason that he had lost his virginity early on. Not that Sirius had complained about his godson being a lady killer. He was damn proud of that.

"Yeah, I can't deny that. I taught you well after all." He joked.

"True. The womanizer Sirius Black never lost any of his charm on women. By the way, whose account of seduced women on a mission is higher now? Yours or James'?" Harry asked interested.

"Why do you ask?" Sirius asked surprised.

"Well, there might be a pool at headquarters on the outcome. As you and James have similar techniques on missions and tend to make women fall for you, we thought it would be a good opportunity to bet who had the higher head count." Harry said grinning.

"Don't you let M hear that her agents are betting on something like that." Sirius said groaning.

"Don't worry, M has placed her own bet. I think she placed it on James, but I could be wrong." Harry pondered.

"M betting? Don't pull my leg, Harry. And I don't know who has the higher head count. I just know we both are pretty good at our jobs."

"Nope, not pulling your leg, dear godfather." Harry said grinning, closing his suitcase, which he had packed while talking with Sirius.

Sirius shook his head. He would never have thought that M, the stern leader of MI6 would take part in that sort of bet.

"Don't fret about M behaving strange. I know for a fact that McGonagall also is participating in a betting pool about me. They think I don't know that teachers and students alike are betting on which girl I'll ask to the graduation ball at the end of this year. They were a bit disgruntled as I showed up with Buffy to Slughorn's Christmas party in fifth year. Nobody had bet on an outsider but Luna. And she was my accomplice to get the pool. We shared the winnings fairly by the way."

"You're evil to use the innocent betting of your schoolmates and teachers for your personal gain." Sirius said grinning proudly.

"Can't deny it. Are you ready to return to headquarters so I can get my new equipment from R?" Harry asked.

Sirius nodded. He knew that Harry was anxious for his new tools. He understood, it was the same for him.

"I'm curious what gimmicks he will give me this time. It's too bad that James will get the car." Harry complained a bit.

"You'll have to wait for 00 status to get a car for your missions." Sirius teased him.

"You just wait, it will happen sooner than you think." Harry teased back.

"Sure, whatever lets you sleep at night." Sirius gave back.

Both turned on the spot and disapparated.

In the development department Hermione was just briefed by R in the process of equipping the high class agents with their equipment for missions.

"You see, Hermione, every agent is different. Most of the agents appreciate the tools we develop for them to fulfil their missions easier. But there are also those who are careless about their equipment. I know that you have grown up watching the James Bond movies we produce to have plausible deniability. After all, who would think we would show our equipment that openly? If anybody gets curious they just assume we are producing a new movie." R explained.

"So all the movies were based on real missions? All the villains really existed?" She asked disbelievingly.

"That they did. Dr. No, Goldfinger, Kamal Khan, only to name a few. Of course we adjusted some names a bit, but mostly we used the real ones. After all, the Russians wouldn't have admitted that our agents were able to thwart their plans or that we managed to infiltrate the USSR successfully. And to be honest, nobody would believe them if they told anybody that all the movies are based on true stories. In all the years that we have produced movies we only really invented four or so. Moonraker was pure imagination for example." R confirmed.

"Okay, is it really true that James Bond regularly demolishes the car he gets?" She wanted to know.

She had always wondered about that. It didn't make sense to her that an agent would always destroy the car on a mission. Of course so far she had only thought it was a quirk of the fictional figure James Bond to drive Q mad.

"Sadly yes. Thankfully the movies bring in enough money so we can easily afford the cars. And we get to test the newest technology regularly. Come here, I can show you the newest car we have developed." R said enthusiastically.

Hermione silently rolled her eyes, men and cars. That was similarly embarrassing as men and broomsticks in the wizarding world. At least this one would be stuffed with high class technology that a spy would find useful.

"This beauty is our newest accomplishment. Standardly there are missile launchers, stealth features, bullet proof glass, scanners for any climate and light conditions, some extendable weapons and many more. Actually 007 and his partner for the next mission are scheduled to collect their equipment in a few minutes." He said, looking at his watch to confirm the time.

"So you get informed about a new mission and prepare the equipment for the agent, depending on the mission?" Hermione asked.

"Yes. Of course we don't get to know the details of the mission, but M sends a file with the specifications for us. You get used to it with growing experience." R explained. "My predecessor Q swore that most of his grey hairs were the fault of one Bond or the other. But I swear the new Lionel Morane is competing with the current James Bond for the spot."

"Thank you for the compliment." They heard the voice of Lionel Morane.

Both turned towards the voice and saw three men standing in the entrance of the lab. Hermione recognized Harry and Lionel Morane, which meant the third man had to be James Bond.

"Exactly on time, Mr Bond." R stated. "Mr Morane, what are you doing here? I had only expected Agents Bond and Potter for the collection of the mission's equipment."

Hermione paused. Harry was going on a mission with James Bond? Why? He was just seventeen years old. She wanted to ask, but then remembered that the details of missions were classified and she didn't have the clearance for the high class missions. She was lucky to be allowed to watch the equipment being handed over at all.

"All right, I have been informed about your parts in the mission. Agent Potter, you get the standard disguised recording devices. The chips have a memory capacity of 4 GB. That should be enough for two days of constant recording. But I don't think even you have that much stamina." R commented.

"Stamina?" Hermione inquired.

"Sorry, I can't tell you, Hermione. You don't have the clearance for this." Harry deflected the question.

The grins Bond and Morane were exchanging didn't go well with her imagination. She thought they were perverted. But why…? No, they wouldn't send Harry on a mission where he had to sleep with a woman, would they? For some reason that thought didn't sit right with her. She knew that Harry had had a lot of girlfriends, but outright seduction didn't seem like him. But then again, the image she had had of her best friend had been turned over massively in the last week.

R just nodded and continued.

"I also have prepared your preferred gun for you. The Walter P99. The same goes for you Agent Bond."

Both men nodded.

"Now, as you won't be able to keep the gun on you during the party, considering the mission specifics, I have come up with two alternatives Agent Potter. One is a feature of your watch…" He presented a silver watch to the assembled agents.

"The watch has the normal functions like water proof, recording and camera, a low powered laser for getting rid of ropes and newly added, tranquilizer darts. The glass can be raised and then serves as an aiming device."

"Nice. Definitely useful." Harry commented and put the watch on his left wrist.

"Yes, the second one is for more permanent effects. Sticking bombs in form of mints. You put a bit of saliva on them and have twenty seconds to get away. They have a reach of five meters around the spot you place them. Deadly within two meters, out of that range, severe injuries."

Hermione wondered how R was able to talk about killing people so nonchalantly. And why was Harry getting deadly equipment? Only the 00 agents had the permission to kill.

"So M got you temporary clearance in case you need to eliminate an opponent." Lionel stated.

"Obviously. Otherwise he wouldn't get lethal weapons in form of bombs. But I'm happy that he also prefers my favourite gun, Lionel." James said smugly.

"Sorry to pop your bubble, James, but 80 % of our agents use the Walter P99. That doesn't say anything." Lionel retorted.

Hermione looked at the two bickering agents in wonder.

"Don't worry. Lionel and James have something close to a rivalry going on. They bicker about which one's example of them I'm following. Problem is, they are so similar, it's hard to say." Harry explained.

"They are trying to make you a 00 agent? But you're just seventeen." She protested.

"And? Every agent has to go through rigorous training before he is promoted to 00 status and only the best will be chosen. I intend to get there one day." Harry said with conviction in his voice.

Hermione was baffled. She had never seen her best friend that determined, not even in the Triwizard Tournament. Which now made more sense than before. He had been trained intensively two years prior to that point so he hadn't been as disadvantaged as they had all thought he was.

"Just be careful." She finally said.

"Always, Hermione. I know the risks and when to take them." He assured her.

Then he turned to the two bickering agents his hands on his hips.

"James, Lionel, I think we have to finish the equipping. Could you please stop behaving like little children?" He asked humorously.

The two 00 agents looked sheepish. It didn't happen often that they behaved like that.

"Okay, sorry, Harry." Lionel said.

Harry just shook his head. He knew that both agents were friends and he was glad that Sirius had someone to behave normally with. The job was stressful enough as it was. And their friendly rivalry on missions made them the two top agents the MI6 had. Harry still had a long way to go until he could hope to compare to them.

"Last but not least, here are some of our standard drugs. Sleeping pellets, V-Drug and an antidote against the V-Drug. Okay, Agent Bond, you'll get similar equipment to Agent Potter's but additionally we have prepared a new car for you." R glared at Bond knowing the chances he wouldn't see the car again. "And I'd really appreciate if you brought it back this time."

"I'll try." James said.

Everybody knew the chances of the car for survival were pretty slim. After the handing out of the equipment was done, Harry, James and Lionel left the laboratory.

"I'd never have thought my best friend was already taking that kind of missions." Hermione said to R.

"It's really rare for an agent of Agent Potter's age to be involved in high class missions but Potter is special. Not for his magical abilities, I have seen how hard he works on his skills. When he started, the former M thought he would be ready to take high class missions once he turned twenty. But here he is, doing them at seventeen. And it only took this long for him to get the status as he had to lose the trace first, in case he needs to use his abilities in an emergency. Otherwise he was ready a year ago."

"How come we never noticed anything?" Hermione questioned her own observational abilities.

"He is trained to appear normal for those not used to his kind of work. We were lucky in a way the teacher in your fourth year wasn't really Alastor Moody. The real Moody would have realized something was different with Potter." R explained.

Hermione nodded.

"Okay, now that the agents have their equipment, what kind of specialties would be most beneficial for me to pursue?" She asked.

R smiled and began launching into an extensive explanation of their different research departments.

Harry and James landed at the airport of Pescara at half past ten. They had had a short stop in Rome to change planes and then flew over to the Village at the coast of the Adriatic Sea. They went through the customs and James took them to their hotel. Their rooms were on the same floor but on opposite ends.

"Okay, go and set up your room, then come over for the planning of the party."

"Alright, Uncle James. I'm pretty excited about the party." Harry answered.

Following their cover, Harry was posing as James' nephew.

"I'd be surprised if you weren't. It's the most exclusive party of the year. You're lucky I let you come with me." James replied.

"Yeah, I am. You really suck at …" Harry started saying before James clapped his hand over Harry's mouth.

"Not one word." He growled.

Harry cheekily grinned but nodded. He went for his room and went inside.

As soon as he was inside he checked the room for hidden cameras, recorders or listening devices. He was glad to not find any. Harry put his suitcase on his bed and started unpacking the clothes and toiletries. The party would be tomorrow evening. Today they would do some surveillance from the beach. Their informants had given them the tip that Stefania Estrago loved to tan on the beach below the villa of her father.

Not so coincidentally it was the same beach the hotel they were staying at was connected to. The hotel was one of the covert businesses of Giovanni Estrago. The simple reason for Stefania's habit was that the hotel catered to many sports teams for their training camps. Therefore the younger athletes were some of her preferred targets. Once Harry was finished with unpacking, he took his key and went over to James' room. He knocked at the door and was let inside.

"Everything clean. Now let's talk about your job, Harry." James said business like.

Harry nodded.

"We'll spend today and tomorrow afternoon at the beach. You'll show off at some games of beach volleyball, wind-surfing and whatever you like even before you see the target. She is known to regularly 'hunt' at the beach and our informant has given us notice that she just ditched her last lover. Make her interested without being obvious. You can bet that there will be other men trying to get into the good graces of Stefania Estrago to gain favours with her father. It won't work, she is known to drop a man once she loses interest in him, but they still try. Important for you to remember is, she has to take interest in you. Find out her preferences. We couldn't point them down, because there is no reliable method how she chooses her lover, except that they have to look really good."

"No problem. Personality assessment is one of my strengths." Harry said.

"That's why you were chosen for the job, Harry. You can assess the perfect method of approach within a few minutes while the other agents in the age-group suitable for this mission need more time. Now, you have had intensive seduction training with 003. You remember how you have to court a woman and how to get her to drop her guard around you. It will be easier as your target is known to take lovers on a regular basis, but you have to show her you're worth her time. She is a rich heiress, she can choose who she wants and she is used to get it. Make her work for you. That will distinguish you from the others that try to gain her favour." James advised.

Harry nodded. That meant the nice guy but not a man-whore approach.

"How do you intend to get the information from her?" James asked.

"As my job is to get her into my bed to interrogate her, I intend to use a mix of my charm, alcohol and a small dose of the V-Drug. I'll also make her feel so good, that she won't think anything strange about me asking some questions."

"So you're up for a long night?" James asked.

"Yes. Don't worry, I know how to please a woman in bed. While I don't have the experience you or Lionel have, I'm no rookie."

That much was true. Harry was known to love the women at Hogwarts. But they still came for him because every of his short-time girlfriends had reported just how kind he was to them and what a great lover he was. Not that Harry minded at all. He knew he couldn't have a constant relationship in his job, but short adventures were okay as long as he treated the girl like a gentleman. All of them had offered him to sleep with them and which man would refuse if the most beautiful girls at Hogwarts offered something like that?

"Good. How will you get the drug inside? You don't know if she will want to sleep with you in her room or if she will follow you to your hotel room."

"I have two ways. The first is in form of mints. They are laced with a small dose of the V-Drug. Either I offer some to her or get it into her by french-kissing her. I have the antidote with me and will take it before I go to the party. The second way is if she wants to have a drink. In that case it will be easy to mix the drug into her drink. With the drug being tasteless she will never know."

"Good. Both plans will work for you. Have you memorized the blue prints of the villa?"

"Of course. In case I need to escape I know all the routes out of the building. And I can apparate if everything else fails."

"Yeah, one advantage you wizards have."

"You know I don't need my abilities often. I want to prove I'm as good as any other agent and that those abilities are my ace in the hole." Harry stated.

James smiled at that. There was a reason Harry and Lionel were so popular at the MI6. They didn't just rely on their magic; they worked as hard and harder as their non-magical counterparts.

Okay, this was the overture, the main part follows next time. Till then.