Destiny's Child

Authors Notes: This story is a complete reboot of the Destiny's Child story previously first publishing all the way back in 2002. I have a number of differences planned for this story to set it apart from the original version as well as to reflect both changes and advances in the Star Trek timeline and in my own style as a writer.

Among the changes I am planning for things to be a lot more balanced between the two sides. Star Trek elements take place from a time after the destruction of Romulus but in the normal trek timeline not the timeline featured in the 2009 movie. I am also changing the Resolutions point and time of arrival in the Stargate universe though I will keep where and when they show up a secret for now.

Chapter One

Captain's Personal Log: Stardate 71320.4

We have been dispatched to a remote region of the Alpha/Beta Quadrant border to investigate some strange sensor anomalies that have been teasing long range observatories for the last several months. This will be the first time that a manned Federation vessel has entered this largely unexplored region of the quadrant and the whole crew seems to be gripped by a palpable sense of excitement over what we might find.

I must confess I share their excitement. Regardless of what we find it will be a welcome change of pace for me and my crew after months of tension patrolling the border with the Klingon Empire.

Captain Darien Parker completed his latest log entry and sighed softly before leaning back in the comfortable chair behind his desk a profound excitement settling into place inside of him. By his reckoning the Resolution was now only minutes away at most from the region of space they'd been tasked with investigating. He had meant what he said in the log entry it would be a welcome change of pace from what they'd been doing ever since they'd first pulled the brand new generation three Sovereign-class starship out of McKinley Station after the maiden voyage had been completed eight months ago.

For the vast majority of that time they'd been patrolling the border between the Federation and the Klingon Empire; a patrol that in his fathers time in Starfleet would have been considered safe, routine and the perfect place to break in a new starship and her crew, now though it was anything but a milk run. These days it was a downright tense and even dangerous undertaking as relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire had been going down hill for almost a decade now, ever since the Romulan homeworld was destroyed after Romulus closest neighbouring star Hobus went supernova without any of the normal warning signs nine years ago. The resultant gamma ray burst and subspace blast wave had slammed into the system within days – despite a valiant attempt by Ambassador Spock to stop it with a red matter device – incinerating and smashing all the planets in the system, billions had been killed with only a few thousand being able to escape Romulus before the planet was incinerated.

The disaster had torn the heart out of the once mighty Romulan Star Empire and horrified much of the quadrant with the sheer scale of the humanitarian catastrophe. Everyone that was but the Klingons who'd ceased on the opportunity presented by the suddenly vulnerable Romulans to both settle some old grudges with the Star Empire and expand their own territory. Since then the Klingons had been slowly but surely bulldozing their way across the Romulan Empire, taking world after world despite the fierce resistance of the remains of the Imperial Fleet. It had sparked an exodus into Federation space by tens of thousands of Romulan refugees which showed no sign of slowing down. Attempts to mediate a peace settlement by the Federation Council had only been met by harsh words and unrealistic demands from the Klingons, ultimately leading to the Empire once again withdrawing from the Khitomer Accords bringing an end to the alliance between them. Since then Klingon patrols had become increasingly aggressive towards Starfleet ships patrolling the Federation side of their mutual border, armed clashes were becoming more and more common all the time.

Like many of his peers Darien suspected that there was war brewing between them and the Klingons as relations between their two nations hadn't been this bad since his grandfather's time. And that the only reason a war hadn't erupted already was due to the fact that while they could be extremely aggressive the Klingons weren't stupid, with their forces bogged down in Romulan space the last thing they wanted was to get into a full blown fight with the Federation as that would open a two front war that they wouldn't be able to win. He hoped that such a war wouldn't occur, that the Klingons current firebrand chancellor would be deposed and someone more like the late Chancellor Martok would take charge in the Empire and pull them back from the slow slide to war. But he would do his duty and fight to defend the Federation and its member worlds if it did indeed come to pass.

The bleep of his comm. badge drew him out of his thoughts "Bridge to Captain Parker."

"Go ahead," Darien answered immediately.

"Captain we're approaching the edge of the first anomaly field you asked to be notified," his first officer Commander Urlet reported from the bridge a few decks above his head.

"Understood commander drop us out of warp as soon as we reach the edge of the field and commence preliminary scans. Also inform Starfleet Command that we have arrived and our beginning our survey. I'll be right there."

"Aye sir," Urlet acknowledged before signing off causing the comm. link to close with a second soft bleep. Darien stretched for a moment, loosening up the muscles in his back that had cramped up somewhat while he'd been working at his desk, before standing up, retrieving his uniform jacket from where he'd left it on the back of the chair and leaving his quarters, pulling on the jacket as he did so – inwardly grimacing as he noticed not for the first time recently how tight it was getting across his shoulders and chest.

Making a mental note to replicate a new uniform jacket in a larger size whenever he got the time he began making his way down the corridors towards the closest turbolift, not for the first time since he'd been chosen as her captain he noticed idly how much darker the corridors on the Resolution were in comparison to other ships he'd served on. Missing were the silver, beige and blue tones of most other starships instead the metal bulkheads were darker more substantial grey and brown tones while still maintaining a comfortable spacious atmosphere onboard. The difference caused by the fact that the metal was a denser and more durable duranium/tritanium alloy as opposed to the normal tritanium panels as the degenerating situation with the Klingons and a number of other political factors had led to the generation three Sovereign's being designed with a greater emphasis on combat capabilities than the previous generation two's like the Enterprise; an emphasis that had led to the installation of a number of additional weapons and defensive systems that made the ship look and feel a lot more like a warship while still maintaining the multifunctional capabilities that had long been the trademark of Starfleet vessels.

The sound of running feet approaching was another reminder to him of the more military nature that Starfleet was adopting as the quadrant continued to slowly fall apart politically. Moving slightly to one side he paused as a four of the marine detachment – all four wearing exercise clothing that was dark with sweat – assigned to the Resolution appeared around the corner and togged past him pausing only to exchange a few polite nods to acknowledge his presence and rank. He arrived at the turbolift just as the marines disappeared around another corner.

"Bridge," he ordered stepping into the turbolift. The computer bleeped and the high tech lift immediately began its journey to the bridge. A change in the background noise of the ship caught his attention and he knew that the Resolution was dropping out of warp speed having arrived at the edge of the anomaly field. I wonder what we're going to find here, he thought with a smile eager to get started on the investigation of the anomalies. Whatever they found he was certain that it was going to be interesting.

Very interesting.

The turbolift slowed and stopped, the doors opening out onto the bridge. With his normal, confident stride he moved out onto the bridge.

"Status," he ordered immediately moving towards the command chair.

"We're secure from warp speed and have the outer edge of the anomaly field, we're holding position the field is now thirty thousand kilometres directly ahead," Commander Urlet reported promptly from the first officer's station. "Initial scans of the anomalies have been completed."

"Put the anomaly field on screen," Darien ordered calmly as he sat down. Immediately the holographic screen at the front of the bridge activated replacing the plane bulkhead with an extremely high definition view of the space ahead of the ship. A space that glowed with a strange ethereal green light that seemed to be focused into a series of what looked like rifts that glowed with a brilliant light, smaller ribbons of light filled the area in a random pattern and the whole place seemed to ripple as though they were looking at it through a sheet of running water. In some ways it reminded him of viewing the Badlands from a distance as the plasmatic energy storms that plagued that region looked beautiful and majestic from a distance, belying the raw power they possessed, power that could easily rip a ship apart.

"What are we looking at," he asked.

"Preliminary analysis shows a number of quantum and spatial distortions in subspace sir," Lieutenant Rakan reported from the main bridge science station. "We're also reading an intense graviton flux in the area, I cannot be sure without more data but I think something has somehow caused the barriers that separate normal space from subspace to weaken in this region causing these anomalies to appear."

"What could cause that," Darien asked amazed at the occurrence. Back at the academy advanced subspace theory had been one of his favourite classes, he'd maintained an interest in it even after graduating and had read many of the latest papers on subspace but he knew of no theory that could explain such an occurrence.

"I have no idea sir," the joined Trill answered sounding even more bemused than Darien felt by the strange occurrence but also thrilled by it as investigating these kind of things was what Starfleet officers lived for. "I request permission to launch a probe into the field it should give us more information on the anomalies."

"Do it."

"Aye sir," Rakan acknowledged before tapping a command into his console.

A moment later a soft almost unnoticeable shiver of recoil ran through the Resolution's hull as a probe launched from one of the ships torpedo tubes and raced towards the edge of the anomaly field at the maximum speed its small impulse engine was capable of. In seconds it entered the field its passage into the region producing a visible, momentary distortion in the rippling barrier of distorted gravity surrounding the anomalies.

"Probe telemetry coming through," Rakan reported as his console screens came alive one of which flashed an urgent warning. "Graviton flux ratio inside the field is extremely high its putting a lot of stress on the probes hull its not going to survive in there for long. Telemetry indicates massive gravitic fluctuations and tachyonic activity within the anomaly field along with subspace field fluctuations unlike anything in our database."

"Any indication what's causing it," Darien asked resisting the impulse to stand up and go look over his science officers shoulder at the readings himself as the last thing Rakan needed was for him to be basically breathing down his neck.

"Negative," Rakan answered before his console gave a sharp trill of warning, "the gravitational stress on the probe is exceeding maximum tolerance, its being crushed."

No sooner than the words left his mouth than a brilliant flash of an explosion inside the anomaly field illuminated the screen as the gravitic stresses buckled the probes thin tritanium-alloy skin to rip apart the delicate internal workings of the drone, including the fuel cells sending the probe to its doom in a momentary flash of plasma flame. The explosion expanded outwards, rippling and distorting and causing lightning-like forks of energy to begin dancing between the closest anomalies which began to glow brighter and brighter sending out more of the spatial lightning.

"Report," Darien ordered watching in disbelief as the anomaly field turned into a seething mass of energy and spatial distortion in mere seconds. It seemed incredible that such a small explosion could cause such a massive and dramatic transformation in the behaviour of the strange phenomenon.

"Sensors report that the subspace fluctuations inside the field are growing in intensity and becoming increasingly random, we're also picking up increased tachyon emissions along with unusual phase fluctuations," Rakan reported, "if I had to guess I would say that the different forces at work within the field were finely balanced and the explosion caused by the destruction of the probe destabilised them," the console emitted a soft chirp, "the field is beginning to expand sir."

"Helm move us back from the field one quarter impulse," Urlet ordered from the first officer's station before Darien could give the same order.

"Aye sir," Ensign Querr acknowledged.

Immediately the Resolution's impulse engines came to life but before the starship could overcome its own mass and begin backing away from the maelstrom the anomaly field had become the field struck back at the starship whose probe had stirred up such utter chaos. A massive arc of the lightning-like energy lashed out from the field and slammed into the starship before anyone could even begin to react. The tendril of raw energy wrapped itself around the ship again and again sending smaller ripples of power across the entire length of the hull.

The Resolution shook violently with the impact and the deck pitched nearly forty degrees to port knocking everyone on board off their feet, out of their chairs or flying out of beds and bunks to painful landings on the deck or port bulkheads. Alert indicators flashed red and klaxons split the air as the ships computer automatically sounded red alert in response to the danger while simultaneously diverting additional power to inertial dampeners and stabilisers bringing the ship back onto an even keel.

A second stream of energy erupted from the anomaly and slammed into the staggering ship and like the first wrapped around the ship violently shaking the entire vessel for a second time in as many seconds. More bolts followed wrapping the ship in an aura of shimmering almost ghostly power. The Resolution began to move but instead of backing away from the danger and despite the best efforts of the impulse engines the ship was drawn towards the brightly glowing anomaly field like an iron filing being drawn to a powerful magnet.

"Report," Darien ordered picking himself up off the deck and settling back down into the command chair.

"Captain we've been hit by multiple quantum-gravitic discharges of somekind, shield emitters and ablative armour generators offline," Lieutenant John Ashton reported from the operations console even as another shudder ran through the ship as yet another bolt from the anomaly slammed into the energy surrounding them. "The discharges have formed somekind of energy field that's clinging to the hull, structural integrity is holding; we're also caught in somekind of graviton wake it's pulling us towards the anomaly."

"Helm engines to full reverse."

"Aye sir," Querr acknowledged increasing the speed of reverse thrust from one quarter to full impulse. Immediately an audible rumbling of strain began to fill the air and the ship began vibrating fiercely as the Resolution fought to break free of the powerful gravitic forces that had her in their invisible, irresistible grip. "We cannot break free sir the gravitational forces are too strong," Querr reported as the rumbling of the sublight engines rose in pitch and volume turning into a howling roar. At the same time the vibration worsened escalating into a violent shaking. "We've slowed but we're still being pulled towards the anomaly one minute thirty seconds to impact."

Darien hurriedly tapped his comm. badge. "Bridge to engineering can you increase power to the impulse engines?"

"Negative captain," Chief Engineer T'Lar reported from engineering sounding as grim as a Vulcan could. "Impulse driver coils have been partially depolarised by the energy field clinging to the hull. Full impulse is all I can give you; if we push the coils any harder in their current state we run the risk of catastrophic overload."

"Understood," Darien acknowledged tapping the badge again to sign off. "Mr Rakan can we disperse the energy field on the hull?"

"It might be possible captain. We can use the main deflector to run a resonance pulse along the hull on the opposing frequency range to the energy field it should in theory cancel out the field."

"Do it."

"Aye sir," Rakan acknowledged before his hands flew across his console as he accessed the controls for the main navigational deflector array and began configuring the device to generate the resonance pulse that would hopefully free the ship of the energy field that was pulling them towards the maelstrom the anomaly field had become despite the best efforts of the impulse engines to pull the ship away from the danger. In moments he made the required modifications to the deflector protocols and began priming the pulse to fire. "Resonance pulse powering up, twenty seconds till its ready."

"Initiate the pulse as soon as it's ready Mr Rakan."

"Aye sir," Rakan acknowledged a few moments before the whole ship shook violently again and additional alarms sounded from the engineering and operations consoles.

"Warning, warning impulse driver coil overload detected," the ships computer reported in its usual infuriatingly unflappable female voice. "Automatic shutdown initiated." As the voice of the computer filled the air the roaring of the impulse engines abruptly vanished as all fuel flows to the impulse drive slammed closed while emergency vents opened releasing the plasma inside the driver coils of the advanced magnetoplasmadynamic engines instantly shutting them down, preventing a detonation that would have instantly vaporised a large chunk of the primary hull and torn the ship in half.

The result was immediate and dramatic.

No longer resisting the tremendous gravitational pull of the mutated anomaly the Resolution lurched forward with a sudden violent jolt that the inertial dampeners weren't able to completely cancel out, throwing crew members off their feet, out of their chairs or against consoles and bulkheads. Mere seconds later – faster than any of the staggered crew could recover let alone react – the forward hull of the starship impacted the edge of the anomaly.

Arcs of quantum energy raced along the whole of the ships six hundred and ninety-eight metre length, brightening the aura around the ship into a twisting cocoon that clawed at the thin layer of reactive plating covering the ships duranium-tritanium alloy hull like a hungry lion clawing at the skin of a wildebeest. The ships outline began to blur, the space around her warping and distorting before seeming to shift from three dimensional to two dimensional to one, then in a brilliant flash the Resolution was gone, vanished into nothingness.

Moments later the unstable anomaly began to compress in upon itself, the delicate subspace super symmetry that had allowed its continued existence hopelessly compromised. With a speed that would have been frightening to any observers the anomaly collapsed, its previous broad expanse compressing down into a several small dots scarcely bigger than a football. One by one the dots joined the Resolution in vanishing, each disappearing into what appeared to be a momentary slit in the very fabric of the universe.

In less than an hour there was no sign that the anomaly field and the Resolution had ever been present at all.