Beater and the Black Cats of the Full Moon

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Chapter 1

The Beater

"That black coat...don't tell me he is the infamous black swordman?"

"That must be him, the beater that always land the last attack out of nowhere and take all the goods."

"I even heard of worse thing about him. See that guild logo? It's the Black Cats of the Full Moon, however all of its members excluding him were dead on the day they saved enough money to buy a house. He must have killed all of them to get the money, what a dangerous guy. Do we really have to work with him?"

"We have no choice, this is the boss room after all. No matter what, ensuring that the number of players survive is our priority. As much as I hate to work with him, he is one of the important clearer that we need to defeat the boss..."

Whispers among players could be heard throughout the forest outside a stone door that was the boss room. This was the 63rd floor and all the clearers had gathered together to prepare for the fight against the floor boss. It did not matter whether they are solo players or from different guild, all of them were gathered for the same goal, to defeat the boss and advanced to the next floor.

However, there were still distrust between players even when they have to work together. There were once a tight tension between the beta-testers and the newcomers. However that tension was dissolved when both groups found a common enemy to hate.

The Beater.

Kirito was prepared for the murmurings about him when he entered the place where they were supposed to gather. There was nothing Kirito could hate about the rumors about him, he declared himself as the Beater that was stronger than the beta-testers so that both groups would focus on hating him instead of each other. He was ready for all the consequences when he walked into the groups of players preparing for the boss fight.

But the truth is, I don't really care what people think about me anymore.

Kirito made his way towards the wall beside the door to isolate himself from the rest of the players. The players that stood in his path quickly backed away as if they were be cursed if they gotten close to him. He leaned his back towards the door and closed his eyes. There was still quite some time before they would start the operation, it would be better to rest-

Thank you. Goodbye.


The words that he had been hearing every time he closed his eyes haunted him. His eyes snapped open and his right hand had reached for his sword. However the hand halted its movement halfway before it reached the sword on his back. He slowly brought it down. Unknown to himself, his hand clutched together into a fist with the nails digging into his flesh. Blood would have flow down his hand if he was in the real world.

"Sachi..." Kirito muttered under his breath. He tried to erase the picture of the girl he had loved from his mind.

He would never be able to forget her, Kirito knew from the bottom of his heart. The only reason Sachi would not disappear from his heart was because his heart refused to forget her. No matter how much painful was it to remember her, he would never be able to forget her. Because she was the girl that he had loved.

And he had failed her.

"Kirito?" A feminine voice echoed in his mind and brought him back to the digital world. He slowly turned his head and stared at the girl beside him.

"...Asuna..." It wasn't a greeting but a mere acknowledgement of knowing that she was here. To the old Asuna she would probably scold him for his manners.

But this Asuna was the one that knew Kirito. She did not know what happen to him but she believe that she was some of the only people that truly know Kirito. That's why she have to support him.

"Good Afternoon Kirito."

"... ..."

Asuna settled herself beside Kirito and simply rested beside him. There were no words to be spoken to each other. Or rather, Asuna felt that simply being there for him would be a better way support him since Kirito was not a talkative person.

Asuna could hear some murmurings about why she was together with the Beater. Unlike Kirito, she was quite disturbed by them. However she tried to keep herself calm because there was one thing that the murmurings was right about.

She also did not know why she prefered to be with Kirito.

"Why... are you still a solo player...?" Kirito startled Asuna by being the one that actually started the conversation. However realizing that it was the same question that he always asked when they met on the gatherings for the boss fight, she calmly answered the same answer she had given him the during the previous floor gathering.

"There isn't any good guild that I feel like joining. Good Guilds don't like to recruit so called fragile looking girls like me."

"Stop lying, I already knew that almost every Guild was trying to recruit you into their Guild. To add on, the strongest Guild in SAO, the Knight of Blood, even invited you to join their Guild repeatedly after floors and floors." Kirito instantly replied.

Asuna felt herself sweatdropped and laughed awkwardly. She always thought that she would be able to hide it from Kirto but it seemed that he knew that she was lying from the start. Then again, she never managed to lie in the real world. Kirito's declaration about the truth dampened her spirit that she could actually lie a little, but not enough to actually divide her attention from a fight.

"Speak of the devil, they are here already." Kirito continued. Following his gaze, Asuna saw the same people that came to invite her to join their group.

"Kuradeel, if you are trying to convince me to join the guild again then please get lost. I have no interest in joining a guild at this point of time." Asuna openly showed her irritation on her face when the man in white and red armor called Kuradeel approached her.

Not willing to give up, Kuradeel ignored the irritated look on her face and said, "I don't believe that you are the type of player that actually prefered solo play Asuna. Our guild leader is even offering you to be the sub-leader of the Knight of Blood. I couldn't see any reason that you should not join us."

"There is but one reason, I don't want to join a guild. Get out of my sight now or else I will seriously consider PK-ing."

Kirito that was hearing the entire conversation twitched his eyebrow when he heard the word 'PK-ing'. He never knew that Asuna's irritation towards the member of the Knight of Blood was this strong. He made a mental note to remind himself to ask Argo to help him to gather some info about this.


The voice haunted him again but it did not affect Kirito. He is used to this by now. The occasionally haunting of the voice also kept him alert for his surroundings. It hurted him deeply to hear the voice of the one he could never see again but these voice made him felt that Sachi was with him.

As if she was warning him that something was going to happen.


"Just to let you know, we are not going to party with you this time. All the other parties were already full with only us have one more slot left. We would only let you join us if you join our guild. You are going to be quite troubled if you don't have anyone to party with right?" Kuradeel smirked.

Asuna twisted her mouth, she didn't like where the direction of the conversation is heading.

First of all, to form a party meant that you would be working together as a group which increased your chance of survival. Members would be able to see each other health bar and save each other when the time comes. Because of this reason, even solo players would work together and form parties to increase their chance of survival.

What was disturbing Asuna the most was this reason. In this world, survival was the number one priority. To add on, the Knight of Blood was the strongest guild in SAO. When she was even offered the position of sub-leader, there was simply no good reason for her to refuse to join the guild.

The only reason that was preventing her from coming into a decision was just a simple feeling and didn't feel like to join a guild, which was completely absurd in this world that you battle for your survival.



"Well?" Kuradeel smirked. He could tell that the situation was going to his flavor. Heathcliff had specifically ordered him not to threaten Asuna into joining their guild but he could not bother to give a damn about it. As long as his objective was complete, the way to do it does not matter. He even had a mind to ask his comrades in Laughing Coffin to help him...

"Fine! I will-"

"Sorry, but we already decided that we would party together."

Kuradeel jumped when the unexpected factor, the Beater interrupted the conversation. Asuna was startled as well. Kirito did not even lifted his head to look at the two when he talk. Asuna was staring confusedly at Kirito, however she quickly adapted into the situation and this time she was the one smirking.

"As you see, I already partied with someone already. So get lost." Asuna said. Kuradeel was fuming, and Asuna knew that.

"Why you- Are you sure you want to party with the Beater? He would definitely use you and then get all the rare drops by himself. Someone like him-"

"Do you have a problem with me? Kuradeel?"

Kirito lifted his head slightly and shot his menacing glare at him. If looks could kill, Kuradeel's hp would have drop to zero even if he was in an anti criminal code effect area. Kuradeel could literally felt his vein shivered under the Beater's glare. He took a step back, his mind could not come up what to do next.

"Everyone gather!"

Instead of the bell, the voice of the Leader and founder of the Knight of Blood, Heathcliff with his huge and imitating shield was standing in front of the crowd calling for attention. Kuradeel quickly used this chance to escape from the two and return back to his party, that was of course after he gave a glare towards Asuna, who did not give a damn about it.


"So, why did you suddenly invited me into a party? The last time that I could remember you partied was at the 1st floor boss room, the time when we partied together and defeated the boss together. Do you still remember about that?" Asuna asked while checking her equipments and her supply of potions. Kirito did not immediately reply but continued to check his own equipments.

The voices have stopped... Kirito thought as he did a final check at his inventory. His eyes felt into a certain item in his storage but he quickly close the menu. After checking that everything was set, he trained his eyes on Asuna and started to think about the incident earlier.

During times, Sachi's voice would enter his head. The number of times would grow when something bad was about to happen. When Asuna was about to agree to the Kuradeel guy's invitation, he felt as if Sachi was in his mind, screaming at him to stop Asuna. Slowly after the Kuradeel guy left, her voice could no longer be heard.

Kirito had thought that he was hallucinating but he did not care. Asuna was partied with him. If Sachi really existed in his mind, she would want Kirito to protect Asuna at all cost.

That was the kind of people Sachi was.

"Ya, I could still remember that I gave you an advice that you never followed, even till now." Kirito replied.

"Come on, I have my freedom to chose to follow an advice. I am more surprised that you actually joined a guil-"

Asuna realized that she said the wrong word but it was too late, the landmine had already been triggered. Kirito fell quiet, creating an uncomfortable silence around them.

"Ah I am-" Asuna attempted to apologize but she was cut short by Kirito who did not turn to face her.

With his back towards her, Asuna was unable to see Kirito's face when he started to talk. "My Guild name is Black Cats of the Full Moon, its members were originally from the same computer club in the real world until I joined in. They were a group of friendly people that I had believed that they would become one of the strongest guild one day. But of course that never came true."

"...What happened?" Asuna asked, when Asuna touched on the subject she knew that there was no turning back anymore.

"They triggered an alarm trap with anti-crystal field. I wanted to stop them but I was too late. One by one they disappeared...Ducker...Sasamaru...Tetsuo...Keita...and Sac...-Sachi...I am the only one left." Kirito's voice wavered. He tried to keep it up but he knew he was going to break down soon.

"But you are not alone Kirito."

Kirito finally turned his back and looked at Asuna. His eyes were red but the tears were not there. They could not be there, not when they were going to enter a boss fight when they could die anytime.

Asuna reached out her hand and held onto Kirito's left hand. Even though their real bodies were far apart, Kirito could feel the warmth in her hand transferring to her. Steadily calming him down. This sensation-

- was just like Sachi's hands...

So even if I die, you must keep on living okay?

Live to see the end of this world and to see why it was born.

The reason why a weak girl like me ended up here.

And the reason you and I met.

That's my wish.

"I am also here Kirito and I will not die easily. Let's see the end of this world together." Asuna said with a smile. Kirito did not move but merely stared at the Asuna's hand holding onto his.

That's right. I have to live to see the end of this world. And to find why someone like Sachi was being sent into this cruel world.

That's why I have to fight and live!

Kirito reached for his sword on his back and pulled it out. It was a long black sword that has a sharp edge that threatened to cut anything that stood on its path. Just from the appearance one could feel the power behind the black sword.

"Everyone, let's go!" Heathcliff gave the order and opened the door that led to the boss room. With caution, everyone proceeded into the room.


"1st platoon switch now! 2nd platoon switch out and recover your hp immediately! You two continue to keep the minions occupy!"

Heathcliff shouted out the orders as the 2nd platoon switched out and the 1st platoon switched in to combat against the boss. The boss surrounded by the 1st platoon from all side was a huge monster with four arms. Two of them carried axes and the other two carried hammers. One of the player that was in the 1st platoon leapt backwards, dodged a heavy blow from the hammer and activated a skill to counter attack the boss. The others were doing the same, slowly decreasing the six health bar above the monster's name 'Four arms'.

'Sword skill: Vorpal Strike'

The system registered the command as it moved Kirito's sword down and cut one of the minions into half. The attack was so strong that it managed to kill it even when it was just half of its life. However the strong attack was exchanged with the long cool down, making him an open target to kill. When another minion came up to replace the fallen, Kirito jumped back and switched with Asuna who began with another skill that dealt critical damage to the minion.

The situation was going well. Too well, Kirito thought. The minions were hardly different from the normal monsters in the small floor. The hp of the boss was also unexpectedly falling faster than normal. Normally he would have used this chance to dealt a heavy blow to the boss and land the last attack, however-


"Got it!"

Asuna delivered a quick stab towards the minion's head, landing a critical hit as its hp dropped to zero. Asuna quickly switched out and Kirito switched in to fight against the new minion.

He needed not to go for the last attack this time. As long as Asuna was safe, the last attack was worth to miss it.




The sudden voice slowed down Kirito's movement but not enough for the minion to escape its death. Kirito quickly adapted to the sudden voice in his head when Asuna switched.


The voices, they are here again! Kirito thought as he looked around at the situation. Most of the minions were destroyed and the boss' health bar was reaching the last one. Normally this would mean a sign of victory was in sight.

But everything was ending too fast.


The voice echoed in his mind again. Kirito watched as the platoons directed by Heathcliff slowly decreased the life of the Four arms. The second hp bar vanished and only one remained. The hp bar slowly turned from green to yellow.


And to red.

A red monster from the 1st floor and a blue haired man flashed across Kirito's mind.

"No! Stop attacking! Its going to-"

He was too late.

The Four arms thrown the hammers and axes away. Two great swords appeared in its hands and it started to slash towards the platoon that was still unleashing their skill. The players could only stare in horror as the great swords slashed through their bodies that was frozen by the system, their hp slowly dropped from green to yellow-

-to red and zero.


To his horror, five players started to burn in blue flame before they vanished from this world, and the reality forever. With the sudden death of their comrades, the platoons were in chaos. The monster started to go rampage as it charged towards the nearest player it could find twice of its previous speed and started swung its greatswords around like a whirlwind.

"No, no more!"

"Asuna. No!"

Kirito tried to grab Asuna's arm but he was too late. She ran off like a gust of wind and charged towards the Four arms like a thunder.


The voice called me again but he could not care. He quickly chased after Asuna that was recklessly fighting against the boss alone. Even if the boss' hp was red, it would not be easy to defeat it if they had the skill 'Last Berserk'. Last Berserk was a skill that enhanced every stats of the monster when their hp reached red. Bosses that have this skill were rare. They were too complacent and ended up unprepared for the unexpected skill.

"Both of you stop! It's too dangerous to charge alone! Everyone fall back and regroup!" Heathcliff adapted the situation and quickly tried to control the situation. But it was no use, no one except his own KOB was listening to him. Everyone else were in a chaotic state that was slowly picked off by the Four Arms.

'Sword skill: Star Splash.'

Asuna unleashed eight consecutive combos towards the boss' back. However its hp hardly decreased at all.

The Four arms diverted his attention away from the Lancer it was about to land the final blow and swung the right greatsword down. Bearing the title 'Flash', Asuna quickly sidestepped, dodging the strong blow that made a crack on the ground.

However she was unable to dodge the second blow from the left greatsword, her body took the blow completely and flew away before it crashed into the wall. Even as Kirito was racing against the boss to reach her first, her hp was slowly decreasing and barely stopped at the red color closed to the edge of the bar.


'Sword skill: Vorpal Strike.'

The blade of his sword was engulfed with red light as it stretched out twice the length of the sword. He quickly batted away the greatsword that was reaching for Asuna. The boss changed its attention and glared at him. It let out a roar and started charging with the two greatswords in the air.

He could not move. The Vorpal Strike has a long cool down in exchange for its high attack. Like the platoon players that fell victim to the same murderer, his blood ran cold as The greatswords were raised high and-




The greatswords slammed hard into the ground where he previously was. The debris that flew out scratched his cheek but it did not deal any damage. From the impact, he could tell that it was a lot stronger than the one that hit Asuna and would have killed him.

No, it should have killed me.


Sachi's voice echoed- no it screamed into his mind. At that moment, his body but not him, narrowly dodged the second blow that was heading horizontally towards him. The blow barely grazed him, but it was still a perfect dodge.


Kirito held his head with his left hand while keeping his right hand with the sword at the boss. Ever since he was almost killed just now, Sachi's voice kept on echoing in his mind. As if she was warning him, ordering him to do something.

The boss started to turn and exposed its back towards me. Just what was it-

Leaning onto the wall with a rapier in hand was Asuna, she barely managed to stand up after absorbing a critical hit. The boss began charging towards the defenceless Asuna with its greatswords blood thirsty.

"Asuna!" Kirito shouted. He immediately ran after the boss but there was no way that he could catch up. The boss under the Last Berserk effect was too fast for him. At this rate, it will reach Asuna-


Kirito snapped his head at the wobbling figure of Asuna. He wanted to call out to her, tell her to quickly ran away or use a crystal to get herself to safety. Kirito never managed to hear what Asuna was trying to say however-

Thank you. Goodbye.


Kirito recognised the word that was forming on her mouth. It was the same phrase that Sachi had last said to him.

The same phrase that he never really heard it from her.


No! This time he will not let the history repeat again!


This time! This time! He will definitely save Asuna and-



Before he knew it, he was starting to run faster and faster, faster than the speed limit of the game. His other faithful companion, Dark Repulsor, was summoned into his other hand. He never touched the inventory menu but it just appeared when he wanted. In a speed that outmatched the boss', he quickly caught up with it and held his ground right in front of Asuna. The boss pulled the two greatswords all the way before it slammed it down. Kirito held his swords up and blocked the blow that was meant for Asuna. The blow was so powerful that it chipped a good amount of his hp.

But now it's Kirito's turn.

"Sword skill: Starburst Stream."

The system assist was confirmed as blue light surrounded the two swords. Kirito charged and launched the sixteen-combo hit skill, one of the strongest skill he have in his dual blade skill slot. Cross, diagonal, horizontal, cut, the blue covered swords danced as they cut through the body of the boss. Unaffected by the constant attack by being an data monster, it roared and slammed its right greatsword down on Kirito.

Upon receiving a critical hit, Kirito's hp went from yellow to red. It slowly reached the edge of the bar-

As if he got a second life, his bar turned fully heal before it continued to absorb the damage until the yellow zone. Not even Kirito noticed about the odd things happening to him. Because this was it.



"Sword skill: The Eclipse."

One of the strongest move that existed in Sword Art Online, The Eclipse. This time his Dark Repulsor was surrounded with pure white light while the Elucidator was covered by black void. Kirito leapt towards the boss and unleashed the skill. In a speed that was impossible for human, the system directed the two swords kept on slashing the boss. The boss gave its final roar before the twenty seventh combo ended the skill and ended its hp bar all the way to zero. The boss slowly vanished into particles, leaving no trace behind.

"Is it over...?" A katana wielder asked no one in particular into the silent room. After the heavy losses, there were no letting their guard down.

Until the congratulation notice that announced that they had won the battle.

"We...We did it!" A loud cheer erupted from the players as they congratulated each other and themselves for surviving through the boss stage and checked their goods.

Meanwhile, Kirito quickly headed towards Asuna and brought her a great potion. Although her hp was extremely low, she still had enough energy to drink the potion and thus healed her hp bar back to full.

"That was amazing Kirito." Asuna complemented. "I thought that I would have died..."

"Don't talk something about that." Kirito smiled and tried to change the topic. He then noticed Asuna was staring awkwardly at him.


"Kirito, you smiled." In response to the word 'smile', Asuna herself also smiled.

I smiled...? The thought that he smiled startled him a little however it made sense to him.

He managed to save Asuna. He did not manage to save Sachi but he saved Asuna.

That was one thing to be happy about.

"Wait you Beater." A voice called out behind him. Kirito's smile faded as he heard the word 'Beater'. The only people that called him Beater were people that were looking for trouble.

"Do you have any business with me, Kuradeel?" Recognising the voice from the start, Kirito replied as he stood up and faced towards him. Unlike Kirito, Kuradeel barely received any damage and its armor only suffered minor scratches.

"Of course Beater, for an example what is with that abnormal skill of yours?" Kuradeel raised his voice, loud enough to gather everyone's attention as they started to crowd around the three. Heathcliff could be seen standing at the front of the players but made no move to stop Kuradeel.

"I saw it clearly just now. You were holding onto two swords and the system actually assisted you in unleashing the sword skill. Even if you are a Beater, isn't it unfair to not share the secrets of the skill to increase the chances of rate of survival of everyone?" Kuradeel smirked, he knew that the conversation was starting to get into his flavor. The players that gathered around them started whispering around until one of them shouted.

"That's right! You should tell everyone about that skill, you selfish Beater!"

"This is not a sword skill but an extra skill." Kirito replied, his eyes were glaring at Kuradeel. "Unlike normal extra skills, mine is a special one that is unique to one person."

"And how are you going to prove that you are not hiding about the conditions of the extra skill?" Kuradeel taunted. However Kirito already expected that question and looked at the players surrounding them.

"Then how are you going to expand about Heathcliff's Holy Sword?" Even with his name mentioned, Heathcliff did not respond to Kirito's answer. Kuradeel followed everyone's gaze and cursed under his breath. He should have known that that brat still have this guy to excuse himself. But he still have one trump card left.

"Satisfied with my answer?" Kirito asked before he took out a crystal. However before he use the crystal, Kuradeel continued.

"That still do not excuse you for letting the other five players die today."

"What..." Not only Kirito, Asuna stared at Kuradeel in shock. However to him, it's getting into the fun part.

"If you have chosen to use that skill earlier, the other five players might still be alive today! It is because that you hid your so called Unique skill that ended up wasting their lives." Kuradeel continue. "How are you going to pay for-"

"Kirito done nothing wrong. What rights do you have to accuse him for the lives that we had lost?" Before Kuradeel could finish his sentence, Asuna cut it and directed a question back at Kuradeel.

"This does not concern you Asuna." Seeing that there was no good way to answer Asuna's question, he resorted to pull Asuna out of the conversation. "Get away from that Beater. You never know when he would kill you like how he killed his guild members-"

"Shut up!"

To Kirito's surprise, instead of himself Asuna was the one that shouted. The phrase was shouted in such a fierce tone that even gave Kuradeel second thoughts to run for his life.

"None of you really know Kirito. In fact, I don't really know much about him too." In a calmer voice, Asuna continued. "However I know that he is trying very hard to help us get out of this world. Is there anything wrong with that?"

"The thing is everything else about him is wrong." Kuradeel countered."If he could give us more information or use his dual blade skill today, those five people probably would not have died. What does the infamous Black swordsman, the Beater have to say? The lone one that killed all of its guild members."

Kirito's hand twitched however he kept it from reaching the sword. When he chosed the path of Beater to solve the tension between beta-tester and newcomers he was prepared for the consequences. There was actually no need to continue this conversation, Kirito could leave as he like and left the job of opening the new floor to other people.

Except before Kirito wanted to leave, Asuna stood up for him again.

"No, Kirito's guild got other people aside himself." Asuna said, startled Kirito who was about to take out his crystal. Asuna approached Kirito and opened the menu. A moment later, a notification appeared.

Asuna request to join the Black Cats of the Full Moon

Accept? Decline?

"Asun-Wait!" Kirito shouted when Asuna grabbed his hand and forced his hand towards the 'Accept' button. Even though Kirito was a boy, he did not recover from the surprise fast enough to pull his hand back.

Asuna has joined your guild.

"And with that, I have joined the Black Cats of the Full Moon." Asuna announced. "If you all try to gang up on him, then you will have to go through me first!"

The rest of the players, including Heathcliff could not wipe their surprise off their face. Asuna was well-known for being 'Flash' and many guilds have been inviting her to join their guild. However she turned all of them down and today she forced herself into another guild.

To make it worse, it was the cursed guild of the Beater she joined.

"Do you know what you are doing Asuna!" Enraged that he failed to recruit Asuna into KOB, Kuradeel did not hide his anger and openly shouted at her. "If you join his guild, you will be cursed and die one day!"

"I don't mind."


"It will be a lot more meaningful than joining your guild." Leaving her last sentence behind, Asuna took out a crystal that signified the end of the conversation.

Let's go.

Sa-Sachi? Kirito thought but he knew it must be his imagination. However imagination or not, Sachi's voice has calmed him down. He was still confused by the sudden situation he was in however-

Live on to see the end of this world

He would definitely move forward. Continue to stay here have no more meaning anymore. There was only one way like to proceed.

"Teleport to Algade." Kirito made the first move.

"Teleport to Algade." Asuna followed a second later. Unknown to Kirito, Asuna smiled at him for accepting her into the guild.

After a flash of light surrounded their bodies, their bodies disappeared into particles and vanished from the boss room.


"Someone...No something is interfering with the system..." Within the fifty fifth floor of the steel city of Grandum, Heathcliff sat on his personal seat and thought about all that had happened.

"Kirito...real name Kazuto...No he is not the one that is directly involved to the interference with the system." Heathcliff said to himself as if to clear his doubts in his head.

Then his eyes fell onto the seat in front of him that was meant for the sub-leader. He had planned for Asuna to take over the guild in the future but it seemed that he had miscalculated the 'Kirito' factor.

"Kirito...Asuna...the Black Cats of the Full Moon...This will be an interesting game." Heathcliff smiled. Not everything moved as he planned, however all of it only made the game more interesting.

"I will be waiting for more interesting news about you...Kirito."


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