An old man with white hair, that was slicked back, walked down the flooding street whistling his favorite tune. He kept his black umbrella raised over head; protecting him from the downpour. He was lost in his own little world when he spotted a small little girl sitting down on the edge of the sidewalk in the rain. Her red hair stuck clung to her skin, hiding her face from the old man, or from any curious onlookers who might have happened to pass by.

The old man walked curiously over to the small child. "Um, little girl, are you alright? " He asked as he bent over to get a closer look at her. The young girl raised her head to the older man. Even though the rain dripped down her face the man knew that she had been crying. The girl nodded, and sucked in a breath as to calm herself. The man stood erect and looked around. "Well alright, where are your parents then, child?" The girls' bottom lip trembled as fresh rain drops/tears ran down her face. Sobs broke out from the girls lips, surprising the old man.

In between sobs she managed to say that her parents had forgotten about her. The old man continued to ask her how long she's been waiting out here. Her answer would have surprised any man who would have heard it. She's been waiting out in the rain since 3 and judging by the now setting sun, the old man knew it had to be around 7:30 in the evening. Feeling sorry for the young girl, the old man smiled down at her and offered to walk her home, saying: "…if you sit out here any longer your sure to get pneumonia and die."

The girl looked up at him hesitating to answer. "I'm not supposed to go off with strangers." She stated looking him once over. The man nodded in agreement.

"And you shouldn't!" He stated seriously, a piece of white hair fell out of place as he turned away to smile. "However, if I introduce myself, then we won't be strangers, will we?" He looked down at the small child. "My name's The Doctor, nice to meet you." He said extending his hand to her. The tip of his sleeve began to cling to his wrinkled skin waiting for the girl to act. The small child looked at his hand for a moment before smiling and shaking his hand.

"I'm Donna Noble." She said standing for the first time. The first Doctor smiled and offered her some space under the umbrella. Donna hurriedly grabbed her backpack and ran under the rain shield and huddled next to The Doctor for warmth. "Thank you." She muttered quietly when The Doctor wrapped an arm around her shoulders in an attempt to make Donna feel secure. While walking in silence for the first couple blocks, The Doctor wondered how the parents of this child could have forgotten to pick her up. "Your hair looks like starlight." Donna remarked bringing The Doctor out of his trance. He curiously looked down at the child. Starlight?

"Oh, how so?" He asked her, hoping to keep their conversation going. She shrugged beneath his grip followed by a shiver. The Doctor led her underneath a green canopy in front of a little shop. "Here." He handed her the umbrella as he unbuttoned his black jacket. He began to dig through his inside pockets, but what caught Donna's eyes was a blue ring on his right hand that flashed, as if light was hitting it, but with all of the storm clouds that just wasn't possible. Donna watched in amazement as The Doctor pulled a dark blue towel from one of the inside pockets. "Ah! Here it is, I knew I had it with me." He smiled down at Donna.

Donna let her hand, holding the umbrella up, fall to her side as The Doctor draped the towel over her head. He kneeled down to her level and began to dry her hair. He laughed when Donna made a face as he pulled the towel away. A car horn brought them both back to awareness. A man frantically ran from the car to the two of them shouting 'Donna!' he let out an exasperated breath when he reached them.

"Oh Donna! There you are! I'm sorry, I was at work and lost track of time. Oh thank you sir, for making sure she was okay! Oh Donna, can you ever forgive me. Oh, just don't tell your mother. Donna!" He rambled all in one breath. Donna stared at her father for a moment before nodding in response. Geoff, her father sighed and smiled at his daughter, "Good, now lets go home." He turned to The Doctor and shook his hand; "Thank you once again." He turned and ran to the car.

Donna handed the first Doctor back his umbrella and smiled. "Thank you Doctor for walking me this far." She said kindly. The Doctor smiled at her kindness and when she offered to return his towel he held up his hand and told her to keep it. She smiled at him, and for the first time, revealed that she was missing a couple teeth. Donna's father called out to her and Donna ran to the car, jumping into the backseat. Looking out the foggy window she waved goodbye to The Doctor, who waved back to her.

The Doctor watched as the car disappeared into the continuous rain fall. He sighed and raised his umbrella up once again and made his was to the TARDIS. He pulled his key from his breast pocket and entered his home. What a curious child. He thought as he flew into the time vortex awaiting his next adventure.