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It's Not Too Late

Chapter 1

Phone Messages and Penthouses

By: Mrs. Hutcherson-Mellark

I walk out of the plane carrying my bag. I look around and it's dark. I look around even more and I realize its a park. "It was the only free place where we could park." My brother says behind me.

"Of course it is. Now where do we go?" I say bitterly.

Liam just stares at me sharply. "Don't be like that. Forget about everything that happened with you and Fletcher. There are plenty of other guys here! And we're supposed to go to this hotel and it has the best penthouse here."

I don't except guys my age to be here. Plus the penthouse must be crappy or something. I guess I have to wait and see.

"I guess I'll try." I sigh out.

I get all my stuff and I follow my brother. We only seem to walk for 1 block and we get there. "All we have to do is check in."

I stay behind with the boys, while Liam checks us in. "So when are we going to Miami? I really want to go there." I ask Niall.

He shrugs. "Not so sure about when we're going. I think we're going last. All I know is, Austin Moon is performing with us."

I nod my head in response.

"Okay you guys, let's go to our new penthouse." Liam tells us.

We all try to fit into the elevator but it barely fits since Zayn's butt is in my face. Let me just tell you that it's the worst experience ever!

When the elevator door opens to our floor, I run out and I trip. "Ow, remind me not to run so fast and trip over my bag." I say as I lift my head up from the ground.

"Remind me not too." Liam says.

I shot my brother the worst death glare I can muster.

He seems to break because he rubs his eyes and they become all watery. "I was kidding! Jeez when you muster up a death glare, you muster up the best one you can!"

Everyone starts to laugh and we walk around the living room. Honestly the place here is fantastic! There's stairs and a theater! I could just live here!

If only Fletcher was here...

I need to stop thinking about him! I'm in a better place! New York! "I call the biggest room!" I hear Niall say.

"No mate, I do!" Zayn says.

I walk over to them. "How about this, whoever jumps on the couch first wins, out of all of us." They both nod their heads. Everyone soon gets into there position near the couch. "Okay, on the count of three. One, two, and," I jump on the couch, stupefying them. "Three."

"What, no fair!" Liam says in a whiny voice.

"Well I did say whoever jumps on the couch first but I didn't say we could jump on it before the count of three." I say smartly.

"I hate your loopholes Bails." Liam mutters as he walks off.

I walk up on the stairs and I search for the biggest room in the house. I finally find the perfect room that I want; a huge blue room with a queen bed, blue polka dotted covers, a small closet, a plasma screen tv, a computer, and a bedside table with a lamp. "Score!" I say loudly.

"Lucky!" Liam says in a kid voice.

"Yeah, I know right. Well we should get to bed considering its 12:00." I say as I plop my stuff on the ground.

"Okay, I'll see you in the morning."

I wake up to the sound of someone screaming.

Must be the neighbor's from upstairs.

"Ravi! I have told you to keep Mr. Kipling out of my room!" I hear a girls voice say from upstairs.

"Well he is a cuddlier." I hear a boys voice say.

"Just get changed for school. You guys are going to be late." The girl says.

I look at my clock and it reads 7:39.

Crap it, I'm late.

I immediately get out of bed and I change into some dark skinny jeans, a blue cardigan with a blue floral shirt underneath, and my colorful patched-up Vans. I go downstairs to the kitchen to find a lot of breakfast items on the table. "Surprise!" I hear all of the guys say as they jump out from there hiding places.

"Oh my god! This is a lot of food." I say shockingly.

Louis comes up to me. "Well its your make up birthday present since, we didn't really do anything on your real birthday. We even got you presents. But we'll give them to you after school."

School? Again! I don't want to go through the same thing as last time...

"Okay, well I guess I'll go down to the bus stop. If I don't find it then I guess I'll just ask someone. Bye you guys" I grab my teal and green diamond shaped bookbag and, I walk over to the elevator to go downstairs.

When I get to the lobby I see a group of kids talking to each. I just go over to one of the couch's and I plop down on a chair. I grab my tiny green and purple Samsung Gravity 3 out of my pocket and I dial Fletcher's phone number.

"Hello?" I hear Fletcher's voice say.

"Hey, it's me." I say calmly.

I take a huge sigh waiting for Fletcher's response. "Hey so do you know where you are?"

I look at the wall, studying the color, boredly. "I'm in New York City. So I'm guessing you won't be able to come, right?" I say hopelessly.

There's a long pause. "I'm not sure. It's such a long way."

Tears start to prick my eyes. "Oh um it's okay. Fletcher, I think we should just forget about each other. I don't think we're ever going to see each other ever again. Look I have to go, my bus is here. I hope we can still be friends, well I know that we still are. You know what I mean, I hope we can still talk to each other. Bye Fletch." I hang up on Fletcher and I stuff my phone in my pocket.

Tears threaten to stream down my face. I take a deep breath and I get up. I walk over to the group of kids. I tap a blonde headed girls shoulder and she turns around. "Hey, I was wondering if this was the bus to Westmore Middle?" I ask the girl.

"Yeah, it usually takes a while for the bus to get here so your going to have to wait a while. By the way my names Emma." Emma says nicely.

"My names Aria Montgomery." I thought of this name on the plane when I was reading the recent book in the Pretty Little Liars series.

"Cool name." She says as she starts talking to this little girl with dark skin and pigtails.

I just look around until I feel my phone vibrate. I look at the screen and it says One New Message from Chyna.

I open up the message and I begin to read it.

Hey gurly, Fletcher told me you guys broke up. Wait since when did you guys start dating? And you didn't have to cut him off like that. You know what? I think I'm coming down there. My dad will probably say yes and no. But I still want to see you because I think that plane ride changed you. Text you later and respond to this text please! C ya :)


I instantly reply to her text message and I feel someones eyes on me as I text Chyna.

Vas Happenin' gurly! Fletcher and I never officially dated. And I didn't cut him off! I told him that maybe we should just stay friends since we're never going to see each other ever again...and yay! I can't wait for you to come visit me! Oh by the way I'm in New York.

Less than three

Bails Payne dB)

I stuff my phone back into my pockets. I then feel a tap on my shoulder. I look up and I see a sorta cute guy my age with brown curly hair, brown eyes, and has a lot of freckles. "My name's Luke, you?"

I give Luke my 'are you kidding me?' look. "Aria Montgomery." I say casually.

"I like your name, so you going to Westmore?" He says.

Hmm not much of a flirt so that means we're cool. Nothing between us. The way I want it.

"Thanks and yeah, you?" This conversation is boring! When will the bus get here? Bus man please get here for my sake!

"Yeah, I'm in 7th grade. Let me guess you too. You look around 14." He says while putting his hand on his chin.

"I do? Ugh, your making me feel old. I just actually turned 13 you know." I say teasingly.

Luke holds his hands up in defense. "Hey, just stating a fact."

Maybe it is going to be easy to forget about Fletcher. Luke will probably help me forget about him. IF Luke and I stay friends.

"Nice fact." I scoff.

I look towards the door and I hear the bus coming up. I get my bookbag back on and I get on the bus. I sit in the first seat I find and luckily its a window seat. Moments later, guess who just so happens to sit next to me? "No more seats left?" I ask him.

He just smiles at me. "Nope, plus its a dangerous world at Westmore."

I start to laugh a little. "Like what? People tripping me up? I'm a big girl, I can handle myself."

"Yeah, but this school's different. I can show you the ropes around there. It would be fun." He says scooting closer.

I look at him for second and then I speak. "Fine, I'll let you show me around."

"I think I need to hold your hand too since, you know its still dangerous." He smiles again.

I consider it for a second. "Easy there tiger. I might have a boyfriend. Well it's complicated, we'll probably never see each other ever again."

I feel Luke's hand come closer to mine. "Well until then..."

I turn to him. "How about this, if you can help me with this one thing, then I'll you know. Deal?" I put my hand out.

He looks at my hand and smiles even wider. "Deal. Who's your boyfriend? I'm just curious that's all."

"His names Fletcher. He's an awesome artist and he's funny and cute." I say dreamily.

"Sooo did he ask you out? Because if he did then that means you guys are." He says turning his whole body to me.

The bus is now taking us to school as the bus driver starts the car up. "Sorta. He kissed me on my birthday but then I had to tell him I had to go. He looked awful when I told him I had to leave. I felt so bad."

The memories of yesterday come flooding back to me. Me going outside, Fletcher coming outside to talk to me, him kissing me, and me leaving him standing there. "So did all this happen yesterday? Happy late Birthday."

"Thanks and yeah. I just hope he forgives me. Even though I cut him off."

Back in San Francisco

3rd person's POV

"I want to go see Bailey." Fletcher says longingly.

Chyna just stands there sitting on the ANT Farm couch. "I want to go see her too. Maybe we could convince Skidmore to take us on a field trip there!" Chyna says happily.

Fletcher gets up and he calls Bailey (now Aria) on his cell phone. It rings until he reaches her voicemail. "Hey Bailey, I'm sorry but I can't forget about you and Chyna and I are coming to New York. Bye."

Chyna gaps at Fletcher. "I wasn't positive! Now she'll have all of her hope filled up and then when we tell her, poof! All gone! And then she'll be mad at us!"

"Then let's just ask Skidmore." Fletcher suggests.

With that, they both left the ANT Farm to go talk to Skidmore.

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