Naruto was standing with senbon needles sticking out from all over his body making him look like a porcupine while his teammate Sasuke Uchiha had barely any as he used Naruto as a shield. Naruto lowered his head as he saw Sasuke run behind him once more to protect himself and his eyes turned cold when he heard him say, "This is all you're good for loser, a shield for an elite like me." Naruto raised his hand and made a single hand sign while saying, "Kai." When this was uttered a plume of smoke appeared and there stood a different Naruto. Where there once was an orange jumpsuit there was now black anbu style pants, a black vest with slits in the back, black forearm guards with small spikes protruding from the end, black fingerless gloves, and on his chest was a tattoo of a dragon and an angel on either side. Naruto crouched down and from his back emerged black angel wings. He rose and moved his hand revealing a storage seal on his palm.

He raised his hand above his head and intoned, "God of Death grant me your strength, God of the Sun grant me your speed, God of War grant me your sight, Goddess of Magic grant me knowledge, and God of Chaos grant me the will to do what I must. Give me the tools to protect those I love. Open gate of death and arise my blade: Schele Schneider Bankura!" In Naruto's hand appeared a strange blade. Its hilt was blood red with lines of gold, the crossguard was black as a moonless night, and the blade was as white as freshly fallen snow. At the base of the hilt was a skull with ruby eyes and an emerald in its mouth. He said, "Haku remove the mask and end this fight. I don't want to hurt you or Zabuza so if you both surrender I can guarantee you a place in Konoha.

The hunter nin they were facing removed her mask to reveal a beautiful face as she asked, "Can you really do that?" "Yes," Naruto replied as he walked over to Kakashi and Zabuza and knocked them both back. After he did that they heard clapping. They all turned to the end of the bridge to see a midget with one arm in a cast with an army of mercenaries between them. "Well will you look at this. The demon of the mist isn't much more than a kitten. I had no intention of paying you. Now be a good boy and die. But first can you kill a few of these bandits for me?" Gato said as he looked at Zabuza. "Kakashi I have no quarrel with you anymore. Let's kill them all," Zabuza called at Kakashi. Naruto stepped forward and drew his blade. He then pointed two fingers at the army and spoke two words, "Ha-di, A'max!" A great explosion took place in the center of the army killing many of them while the rest were taken out by the raging fires flowing from his fingers. Naruto stepped up to Gato who was begging for his life, "Please I'll give you anything, money, women, land?" Naruto placed his blade at Gato's throat and said where everyone heard, "I normally would say for Anubis to have mercy on your soul but I think I'll make an exception. Say hello to Ammit for me." With that Naruto decapitated Gato thus freeing Wave from his oppression. Naruto turned and walked toward his team. He looked at Haku and said, "I shall now sleep," as he fell into unconscious bliss. Haku caught him and set his head in her lap. Kakashi knelt down and lifted Naruto up as they walked to Tazuna's house with Sasuke looking at Haku with lust every few minutes.