Less Broken

The door to the small bathroom opened and lemon scented steam rolled out in a wave; preceding a towel clad Nicky, her skin flushed and her hair wet. Jason watched from the kitchen table as she turned toward the bedroom; his coffee forgotten. He waited just long enough for her to have time to drop the towel and then with lithe cat-like movements he made his way to the room. He was rewarded with the sight of her bent at the waist as she stepped into the lacy little nothings she called panties. Her ass was so round and tempting; Nicky was thin with not an ounce of fat on her, but her ass was perfectly plump.

As she pulled the scrape of white lace over her calves and thighs he noted the many finger shaped bruises he's inadvertently left behind during their lovemaking and the animal inside him roared with satisfaction. It was the sight of her tiny breasts, barely more than taught nipples swaying with the swish of her hips as she pulled her panties over her hips that sent him over the edge.

Without conscious thought he made his way to her side and without preamble plunged his hand under the waistband of her newly donned garment.

"Jason," she gasped as his fingers scraped through the curls between her thighs and thrust into her waiting sheath. He smiled when her respirations trebled and her pert breasts bounced and heaved with her increased heart rate. "I just-jus," she stuttered to a stop as his thumb found her clit and fondled the nerve center.

"Just what, Nick," he prompted her when her eyes fluttered closed and her pelvis tilted and her hips swiveled searching for that perfect touch. The one that would shatter her into a million pieces and then put her back together a little less broken than before.

"Hmmm," she questioned as heavy lidded eyes met his and unconsciously one of her hands slid up her belly to pinch and pull at her own breast. When he pulled her hand from her ministrations and just cocked his eyebrow at her she frowned. It was cute the way she pouted; biting her lip as she admonished, "I just took a bath. Now I'm going to smell like sex again."

"You already smell like sex, Nick." He grinned as he wiggled his fingers within her moist, hot opening. "Your not wet because of the shower."

When he yanked her panties down with his free hand he knelt between her spread thighs and took a deep breath; scenting her. He was savoring the musky scent mixed so enticingly with lemons, but it was missing something. "You should always smell of me, Nick." He rubbed his nose hard against her clit and inhaled as she moaned and grasped his head for support. "You smell so sexy, baby like warm lemon and female musk, but I want to smell myself mixed with you." He unfastened his belt buckle and the buttons of his jeans one-handed and then using the juices from her sheath he stroked his straining cock before drawing her down on her knees astride him as he impaled her. Hard!

"God," she moaned as her head fell forward onto his shoulder. She hadn't been expecting him to take her so quickly and though she was wet he was large and the sudden fullness and the way he went so deep startled her.

"You're mine, Nick!" He growled as he guided he to lay back on the floor and then scooped her legs up over his shoulders and slammed into her.

"Yes," she nearly screamed as the broad tip of his cock slammed against her womb; it was an oddly pleasurable pain that he repeated with each thrust. This position was new to Nicky, her knees pressing into her shoulders and her hips and ass curled off the floor as he possessed every inch of her, and she could hardly breath when he was pressed so deep.

It was as if she felt him in her chest with each thump he made against her inner walls. Her hands clawed at the tile floor beneath her and her head tossed as she panted and moaned with need. She needed something, but couldn't grasp what it was.

Her breasts were pinned beneath her own thighs and the stimulation was nearly unbearable. The position had his pelvic bone crushing her clit with each thrust and his total domination of her movement made her flutter on the edge of release, but something was missing, "Ja-son," she gasped.

The sound of his name on her lips pulled a deep animal growl from his throat and he slammed into her with more force than before coming as he ground his hips against hers and turned biting the flesh of her thigh where it met her knee.

With a ragged cry she came apart, her legs shaking as they slid off his shoulders and her arms limp as she lost all feeling in her body except for her grasping, clutching womb as it drank deeply of him.

She opened her eyes when she felt Jason's lips on her cheeks, whispering as he kissed her eyes and nuzzled her cheek. "Shhh, baby, don't cry."

Nicky was startled to find she was indeed crying; great gasping sobs. She was just so overwhelmed. It had been so long since she'd been with Jason and this last twenty-four hours was like sensory overload. Her legs were still trembling, but she forced her arms around his neck to hold him to her. He tried to pull out and away from her, but somehow her limp legs found the strength to clutch him to her. "No," was her desperate plea and he could not deny her.

Watching her with frightened eyes he stroked her hair out of her sweaty face and met her brown gaze and any fear of having hurt her fled, because there in her eyes was a love for him that knew no bounds. At that moment he realized that they may have been shattered by the last few months, but together they were a little less broken.