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As all great wizards and Muggles alike have, at some point, pondered over every question in the universe (or so they like you to believe), Albus Dumbledore has indeed thought of being middle-aged.

Of course, in his younger years, he is invincible - untouchable - brave - a Gryffindor. Middle-aged? Please. He won't get to that point. He will live forever.

There willl be no middle-aged for Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, if he has any say in it.

Which, of course, he does not.

But still, he's Albus Dumbledore; men like him don't fade out over time, forgotten in the footnotes of history essays, left as a cold, dead body under marble and earth.

Master of Death still sounds like such a nice title. A title of importance, and individuality, and getting onto Chocolate Frog cards with more than being the finder of the twelve different uses of dragon blood.

Albus Dumbledore has such a long time, though, to surpass his earlier achievements for something more worthy.

He has all the time in the world.

But now, at the age of fifty seven, maybe he is still a little fearful of the boy who has left the safe and welcoming confines of Hogwarts and his own watchful eye. He is not Headmaster yet, however, and poor old Professor Dippet is too fooled by Tom Riddle's tomfoolery.

Tom Riddle has the potential to be brilliant, more brilliant than Albus himself, but he's so close to just... throwing it away.

His youth means nothing to him, as Albus hates him, just a little bit.

Still, though, Albus doesn't think that he is middle-aged. Armando Dippet lived for over three centuries, and he will surpass the frail, old Headmaster with ease, he is sure, so sure.

However, things that Albus Dumbledore is sure of - such as Hallows and Horcruxes and Harry Potter and Gellert Grindelwald - tend to not play by the rules.

As, by the age of one hundred and fifteen, he will find out.

As all great wizards and Muggles alike have ponder over almost every question in the universe, Albus Dumbledore has thought of being middle-aged.

And, as all great wizards and Muggles do, and have done, Albus Dumbledore soon meets his downfall through power and greed and cunning that is all too Slytherin for an invincible, brave, middle-aged Gryffindor.

He doesn't outlive Armando Dippet after all.