Chapter 6: Secrets n' Answers REVEALED

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"Still didn't officially give up on me…" I said depressingly.

"I didn't give up on you yet cause…

"I-I still love you" Jack said nervously slightly stuttering.

My mouth hung open… WHAT!? He's joking…

"You're joki-mmph" I got interrupted with a pair of soft lips… now it's my eyes' turn to get wide open. Oh no, I'm feeling something in my stomach, my body… I feel nervous? No… embarrassed?No not that… Loved? Possibly… Butterflies… um I get that when I feel…. oh no please don't tell me…. yep.. it's sparks…. I guess I really can't get over him… I kept talking to myself not realizing how long the kiss is and I didn't realize I was kissing back. WAIT! I'M KISSING BACK! HE'S PROBABLY GOING TO THINK I'LL FORGIVE HIM! Oh who am I kidding I'm lost for god's sakes!

Still raining, My hair is getting wet but I could care less. The kiss is soft not lust just simply love. Love…love…love… Realizing it's been like a minute I pull away. I see a disappointment on his face. Curse his good looks. It was tempting to not look at him and kiss him again… so I just look at the wet glistening ground that I'm still sitting on.

"Also, you're the very 1st girl I've ever shown every side of me. Cocky, annoying, flirty, weakness, toughness, randomness, childish, silly, mean, abusing, love and more other sides of me that no one has ever seen, not even my parents. I just knew when I caught your apple with my foot and looked up that I would have a lot of great memories with you. Every time I've bullied you, I was crying in the inside, I absolutely hated seeing you hurt. You're the only one I can be myself around without getting judged." Jack confessed.

Wow. Should I forgive him? Then again he could be lying. But I looked into his eyes and saw that he really meant it. Am I able to trust him again? He really does love me.

Mom: Kim, come home it's 7:58 pm

Thanks mom for ruining the most romantic and yet depressing moment of my life… It seemed like he was going to tell me why he did those stupid things.

"Look, Jack, I enjoyed the kiss but I know that it's only temporary cause by the time I wake up I'm going to find out that it was all just a dream…" I said depressingly. I like this moment if only it was real.

"Oh so you dream about me?" He replied jokingly

"Shut up. I gotta go. My mom wants me to come home now. See ya" I told him. I stood up. Jack stood up as well and hugged me, I hugged back.

"You look really cute when your hair is wet and dripping with water. " He mumbled on my neck while we were hugging. I didn't answer so instead I smiled. Thank you, Jack. I love you too…

Once I got back home I took a shower, brushed my teeth and went straight to sleep since I had such a cliche dramatic day.

-next day-

Soft fabric… cushy pillows… ahh I'm on my comfy bed. Blurriness fills my eyes at first then I fully open my eyes and see everything clearly. I sit up, thinking about that dream I had. Although it felt too… what's that word… realistic! Yeah that. Might as well just try and forget that. I got out of my bed and got ready for school.

Simple neon green tank top, black skinny jeans, and black ankle boots. Long bow necklace and hair in a fishtail braid.

I walked over to my locker where Grace, Eddie, Jerry, Julie and Milton are standing.

Jerry and Grace flirting. Eddie lost interest in her so yeah… Milton, Julie, and Eddie talking.

I saw Jack at the opposite side… Was it real? It couldn't have… that's not possible…well at least for me. Should I forgive him if asks? That kiss meant something. I'm going to ask wh-

"Kim. Kim! KIM!" Jack yelled.

"Huh?" I said clearly lost.

"You were staring at me and you seemed like you were zoned out" He explains. Whoops, I guess I was staring without noticing.

"Oh, uh, sorry, I was just thinking. That's all" I replied.

"What were you thinking about?" He asked

"It's nothing." I replied.


"Why are you here? I thought you hated me."

"I dont hate yo-" Jack replied

"Well isn't that the reason why you bully me?" I interrupted him

"No it's not"

"Then what's the real reason why you've even started bullying me and joined the popular crew?" I asked.

"I wanted attention. That was probably the easiest way to get attention. I always felt left out in school. I knew that you and them are enemies so I just left you guys and tried to keep it secret-ish, but I totally forgot that I'm going to end up bullying people considering that's what they do. I've become mean." He confessed.

"Then, explain to me why you started dating Donna, my sworn enemy?" I asked.

"She wouldn't quit annoying me! I couldn't have sleep for like 3 days! She kept calling and texting. Asking me out or thinking that we're in a relationship. So in order of her to stop and for me to get my sleep I went out with her. I mean to honestly, do you really think I'll ever like Donna? I don't even like her as a person! She's so girly and squeaky! " He explained.

"Hah. Yeah… wait but why did you break our promise, you know, never to become one of those popular jerks and date Donna Tobin?" I asked.

"For my reputation, but trust me, hanging out with them was hard and annoying. All they ever gossip about is boys, girls, who should we bully, who dates who, who cheated on who, and all that bullshit." He replied.

"So, Are you going to change back to yourself? " I questioned him.

"Yerp. I hate drama and I can't deal with it anymore. Oh and Kim I meant what I said last night." He replied then left to class. Last night? What?

I went off to class.

Bright sunlight. Fresh green trees and leaves. Cool breeze. Blu- mmmpph. I got interrupted by a hand covering my mouth. I kept struggling until the mysterious person carried me to the beach

After the person put me to the ground I looked up immediately, not caring if I looked mesed up or not, to find out that it was Jack.

"DUUDDDEEE! Why would you kidnap me!?"

"I wouldn't call it kidnapping more like trying-to-make-up-all-those-times-I've-messed-up-by-hanging-out-with-my-favorite-person?"

"Whatever. So what are we doing at this beach we used to go to?" I asked.

"Just trying to bring and make some memories again. I just missed you so much." He said.

"I've miss you a lot, but I don't want to get hurt again. I nearly started cutting myself but I didn't, I was too scared and I kept convincing myself it's not worth it, to just wait a little longer."

"WHAT?! I was that bad to you!?" He questioned.

"Well you mean a whole lot to me so if you're just a little mean it still hurts." I replied.

He hugs me.

"I am so sorry, Kim" He mumbled in my hair.

"You're forgiven." I replied.

After we let go we went to the water. Eh, I don't care if my clothes get yet. We splashed at each other. Dunked each other into the water. Chased each other. Relaxed on the sand. Built a sandcastle (you're never too old to make one!) and wrote our names on it.

The sunset is coming down. Time to go home. This sounds really cliche but I really don't want this day to end. It felt like a movie.

"What did you mean when you said you meant what you said last night?" I asked.

"I said that I still love you and then I kissed you. Remember, it was raining and we were sitting next to a tree?" He explained.

"Ohhhh so that was real. I thought it was just a dream… well it's time to go home." I replied.

We stood up and walked home.

By the time we got home, I kissed him softly and pulled away within 5 seconds.

"Oh and by the way, Jack, I love you too." I said then went into my house.

"Hey mom"

"Hey sweetie what did you do after school?"

"I went to the beach with a friend."

"Oh which friend?"


"I thought he wasn't you're friend since he bullies-"

"Correction: BulliED"

"-you" Mom finished.

"He told me that he only did that for attention and reputation. Dating Donna was because she was annoying him." I explained in shorter terms.

"Kids these days, so much drama, are you hungry?" Mom asked.


"Okay dinner will be ready in an hour."

I went upstairs to my room and took a shower.

After I was finished, I dressed into a t-shirt and shorts. Hair in a messy bun. I sat on my bed, and logged on to my MacBook Pro. I grabbed my phone and checked it, 20 messages form Milton, 13 messages from Jerry, 15 messages form Eddie, and 30 messages from Grace. I replied back to all of them.


I went downstairs, following the smell of food. Pasta. She made spaghetti for herself and veggie pasta with some feta cheese in it for me.

"So, you're telling me that you sat on Phil's goat, then tootsie ran and you fell off and landed on your back? That's gotta hurt." I said.

"Well, it did but hey, I'm okay noOWW-OOF" Rudy got interrupted by tootsie. Yeah, apparently having somebody on Phil's goat isn't such a smart idea cause this goat with run right at ya form behind. Well that's what happened just now.

"Are you okay, Rudy?" I asked.

"Uhh yeah, but I think I need to go to the nurse." He replied, but his face is red probably cause he smashed to the dojo floor.

We were training. Jack's gotten back to his old self. He no longer hangs out with the crazies (popular crew). We're all friends now, so everything seems to be normal again.

Eddie and Jerry sparing and Milton's sparring with a dummy. Jack and I are sparring.


Everyone left but Jack and I were the last ones left. Once I cam tout of the bathroom, I grabbed my duffel bag and was about to exit until Jack stopped me.

"Um Kim can I ask you a question?" He asked.

"You just did." I replied.

"Well then can I ask two?" He asked

"You just did." I kept joking around.

"CAN I ASK FOUR THEN?" Jack questioned.

"You just did." I replied.

"When?" He asked

"Just then. Hah!" I laughed out.

"Jeez Kimmy let me just ask you the freaking question." He said.

"Okay, okay." I replied and stopped laughing.

"Will you go out with me?" Jack asked me out.

"Yes." I simply answered.

"Yay! Jack is happy!" He cheered childishly. So this is what happens when he gets super happy. It sure is funny.

"C'mon let's go home now." I said.

Exiting out of the dojo, we intertwined our hands together.

Finally a couple. As people would say: KICK prevails! (I think that's what they say).

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