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~Love at Shikon High~

~First Impressions

"Bring, Bring, Bri-!" I slam my hand on the alarm clock beside my bed and flip over on my back and look around my new room. I think back to a week before when I just moved into this 2 story house.


"But mom, I don't wanna leave my friends and move." I whine to my mother who is setting the table for dinner. She gives me a look and sighs.

"Kagome, none of us want to leave. But I'm getting a job offer and so is your Grandpa, so we are moving. You and Sota will be fine at your new school. Besides, yours is supposedly one that has special classes for mikos like you." She goes to the kitchen to get the food.

"They also have demons mom!"

"And humans too. You'll be fine. You're tough and can purify anyone who even thinks of messing with you." She comes back to the table to set the food down.


"We are moving, end of discussion."

*End Flashback*

I roll over and look at the time. 5:45. I get up and look around my huge room, the largest on the second story, with a huge walk-in closet and a balcony. Not to mention the bathroom that is just for me. I smile. At least one good thing came from this move. I sigh as I make my way to the bathroom to take a shower.

30 minutes later, I'm showered, hair dried and straightened, ready to get dressed. I open the door to my huge closet and walk in to flip through the clothes. I sigh thinking about the new school. Shikon High: school for demon exterminators, mikos, priests, and demons. This is going to be a great year. At least, if I make it through the day. I grab a hot pink cut out shirt that says SHUT on the front and UP on the back, with a black tank top underneath with blue skinny jeans and hot pink converses with rainbow laces. I put a hot pink hair extension clip in my hair and put some congealer, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lip gloss on. I grab my rainbow checkered book bog and throw it on one shoulder and grab my phone from the vanity and stick it in my pocket before walking out of my room and down the stairs into the big kitchen to grab something to eat.

I pass by my brother Sota who's eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. I grab a huge blueberry muffin from the cupboard, a bottle of water from the fridge, and hop on the stool beside her brother at the island. I take a bite out of my muffin before talking to Sota.

"Where are mom and grandpa?" I ask him and take a swig from my water bottle.

"Good morning to you too, Sis. They left to go to work. This means you have to take me to my new school." As he says the school part, he looks kinda nervous. I smile to my little brother.

"Good morning. And don't worry about it, you'll make tons of new friends and besides, when you move to a new school, you can be whoever you wanna be." I say, thinking back to what my old friend Ayumi told me. Sota smiles at me.

"I'm gonna be the bad boy." I laugh at my little brother before messing up his hair, much to his dislike.

"I'm sure you will be. Now finish up so we can go. I don't wanna be late." Sota goes to finish his cereal. I finish the last bite of my muffin, drink some water, and walk towards the living room to wait on my brother. I stick the water bottle in the side of my bag. My phone vibrates in my pocket. I take it out and see it's a text from Ayumi that says: Hope you have a good day! We miss you already. :'( I smile and then get a little hurt in my heart thinking of Ayumi and the rest of my friends that I had to leave. Let's just hope I can make new ones.

Sota runs into the living room as I'm sticking my phone back in my pocket. "I just have to grab my bag and put on my shoes." He runs up the stairs to his room. I sigh and wait, thinking of all the things that could happen today.

Before she can continue thinking up scenarios, Sota comes down and says, "I'm ready!" I smile and say, "Okay. Let's go!"

We go out to the driveway to hop into my brand new black 2013 C-MAX Energi. I throw my bag in the back while Sota just sets him down on the floor board in front of the passenger seat. I take the 20 minute drive to get to his elementary school and park in front of it. I turn the car off and look over at Sota. He's staring at the school as if it holds his death sentence. I smile slightly.

"Sota, don't be scared or nervous. It's just school. You've gone to it a bazillion times. You'll make new friends. You'll be fine." I squeeze his shoulder. He looks over at me and smiles a little.

"Thanks sis." He takes a deep breath before getting out of the car, book bag on his shoulders. He shuts the door, gives me a smile and wave before walking into the elementary school. I wave back and watch him walk in with a bunch of other kids. I sigh and start the car, looking at the dashboard. The time reads 7:45. I feel some butterflies in my stomach. Looks like I can't delay it anymore, time to go to school.

I turn on the radio as I'm pulling away from the school to go to the high school that's about 10 minutes away. Viva La Vida by Coldplay was playing. I laughed a little to myself before singing along.

I, Kagome Higurashi, am 16 years old, starting my year as an 11th grader at Shikon High School, a high school for 'gifted' students like me, a miko, priests, demon exterminators, and demons. I feel the butterflies in my stomach as I pull into the parking lot for the students. I look up at the huge 2 story high school. I turn off my car and unbuckle, not opening the door just yet.

I look around and see students milling around the parking lot or courtyard beside the school. Some were walking inside. I look at my phone and the time read 8:05. I still had 12 minutes to spare before the warning bell even rang. I sigh and think of what to do until the bell rings. I see a wooden bench with a wrought iron structure holding it up in front of a big, beautiful Cherry Blossom tree. I smiled as I grabbed my bag and hoped out of the car, locked it, and walked over to the bench.

I sit down and take out the book I had been reading, The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen. I just opened the book when someone plopped down beside me on the bench. I look over and see a girl who looks about my age with dark hair a little bit past her shoulders, blue eyes that look like the ocean or clear sky, and a smile that makes you feel so warm inside. She's wearing a white t-shirt that says FREE HUGS with a care bear on it, bright blue skinny jeans, and blue and white high tops. Her back pack was bright blue with a few buttons on it and it was sitting on the ground beside her. After my analysis of her she smiles and speaks.

"Hi! You must be new because I haven't seen you around before and you definitely look like an 11th grader. I saw you get out of your car. But not like a stalker because I don't even know your name. I'm Rin Abe, by the way. What's your name?" She says it all in a rush and I'm shocked that such a small girl can say that much, that fast, with that much enthusiasm. I finally open my mouth to speak.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi. I'm new here, an 11th grader, and I hope you're not a stalker. I kinda expected my stalker to be a boy." I smirk a little while she laughs.

"I like you. You have to meet my friends. They'll like you too." She smiles a huge smile at me and I smile back, feeling like I like the friend I just made. Maybe today won't be so bad.

"Sure." Rin smiles at me and looks around.

"There's Sango Kimaru. She's a demon exterminator and I know ya'll be best friends. Miroku Yoshida. He's a good friend but a little handsy, if you know what I mean. He's also a priest. There's also Inuyasha Takahashi. I'll just let you meet him. Other people you wanna know are Koga Sasaki, Ayame Mori, Kagura and Kanna Wantanabe, and last and least, Kikyo Hayashi. They aren't exactly friends, and only some of them are enemies. I would explain more but it seems Sango is coming." She waves at a girl I'm guessing is Sango. I look at her. She has long brown hair pulled into a high ponytail with front bangs pushed to the sides. She's wearing a tight red short sleeved sweater, black skinny kick jeans, and black vans. She walks over and slumps on the bench on Rin's other side. She sighs.

"Ugh, Rin, I don't know how you can be happy on the first day of school." She looks over at me and smiles. "Hi. I'm Sango Kimaru. You must be new."

"Yeah. I'm Kagome Higurashi. I just moved here and am starting 11th grade." I smile back at her.

"I'm an 11th grader too! I'm guessing Rin told you about everyone, friends and enemies. Well, they are all in our grade too. Rin isn't though. She's a 10th grader. But don't worry, me and you will be BFF's, I can already tell." She smiles at me and I smile back. Then Rin interrupts.

"I see Miroku. Better get ready." Rin says, a slight smile on her face.

I look over to see a guy, quite good looking, with short brown hair in a rat tail, a purple shirt with dark jeans and purple vans. He was winking at all the ladies he went by. When he got to us, he looked at me and grabbed my hand, kissing it lightly.

"Why, you are a beauty. You must be new because I know I would recognize you if you weren't. Would you do me the honor of bearing my child?" Miroku could barely get the words out before Sango punched him over the head, making him fall down. Her face was red and I could tell she was pissed. She looks at me and calms down a little bit.

"Ignore him. He may be a priest, but he's a super perv." Sango says, grabbing her bag. Rin and I stand up, grabbing our bags when Rin suddenly looks over my shoulder.

"Uh-oh." Sango says, looking in the same direction as Rin.

I turn around to see what she's looking at. I see a girl who looks kinda like me, but way different. Her dark hair hung straight down her back, her bangs straight on her forehead, her eyes the brown you see in a cow filled with hate and indifference. And her make-up, way too done to look natural. She was wearing a super tight blue shirt that sparkled and showed some of her stomach. Her skirt was above mid thigh and hugged her like her own skin does. Her black pumps looked like they could kill someone. Trailing behind her are 3 girls who look like her posse. One has short black hair in a bun with a feather in it and some beads. She's wearing a tight black dress with black boots and lots of make-up on. Another is short with white hair to her back, a blank face on and is wearing a white dress with white pumps on making her a little taller. The last is a wolf demon with bright red hair in pigtails and a purple flower on a head band in her hair. She's wearing tight yellow jeggings and a loose yet tight black shirt and black sandals. These girls obviously meant business but I was a new me. I smiled and thought about how I could be someone new, someone who doesn't take anyone's bullshit. This is gonna be a fun year.

The 'leader' stopped in front of me and looked me up and down before smirking. Her posse was behind her, looking at my new friends and me.

"Listen, new girl, I'm Kikyo and I own this school. That's my bench. You don't sit in it." The leader, Kikyo, says, expecting me to be scared. I smirk back and put my hand on my hip.

"Listen, Kikyo. Oh, wait; maybe I should say Kik-ho. That outfit looks like it should be worn during your job. I mean, you're a hooker, right? Or maybe you're a stripper." Her mouth turns into an O while her posse gasps. I smirk some more before continueing. "Point is, you may think that you own this school but you don't, obviously. And as for the bench, I didn't see your name on it. And I can sit anywhere I want too. You don't get to control me."

Her mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. I smirk some more and say, "I can almost hear the gears grinding inside your head." That's when she gets mad and her face goes kinda red.

"Listen bitch, I don't know who you think you are but you better back the hell off. You don't know who you're messing with. And trust me, a little slut like you don't wanna mess with me." She practically spits the words out at me. I smile a nice smile.

"It took you that long to come up with that? Wow. Do you even hear what you say or is it more like the buzzing from a pesky mosquito?" I smile big. "By the way, my name is Kagome. Not bitch, slut, or whatever else you come up with. Ka-go-me. If you want, I could write it down for you but I don't really think you could read it." I smile before grabbing my bag and starting to walk past her. She grabs my arm and I look at her. She's practically seething.

"I will make your life a living hell."

"Well, making me look at your face is a great start." I smile big and try to take my arm out of her hold but she just tightens her hold. She smirks at me, and I know something bad is gonna happen.

"Well Kagura, looks like we might have to teach this newbie who's boss." Kikyo turns to look at Kagura who smiles big, it looking like something a shark might do before it attacks its prey. I shiver inwardly but smirk. Kikyo tightens her hold, it starting to really hurt my arm. Then she lets me go and says, "We will continue this later." They walk away while I rub my bruising arm. Rin and Sango rush to my sides, praises and compliments flowing from their mouths.

"Ohmigod! That was so freakin' amazing! I haven't seen anyone stand up to Kikyo like that, especially not a new student. Kagome, you're my hero! I'm gonna go ahead and go guys, see ya'll at lunch!" She skips away to the school.

Sango slips her arm through mine and says, "Kagome that was amazing. Anyone who hates Kikyo that much on the first day is definitely my new best friend. What's your schedule?" I take the schedule from the front pocket on my backpack and hand it to her. She compares it with hers.

*** (Here's Kagome's schedule and the people she has the classes with!)

S-Sango, M-Miroku, K-Koga, A-Ayame, R-Rin, Ki-Kikyo, Kag-Kagura, Kan-Kanna I-Inuyasha

English- S M Ki I

History- S M Ki K I

Chorus- S R A Ki Kag Kan

Lunch- Everyone

Science- Ki K I

Gym- S R A Ki M K I

*** (Back to story!)

Sango smiles big and hands me back my schedule as she says, "Yay! We have almost every class together. So just walk with me." We walk towards the school as the warning bell rings.

We walk in with everyone else, a rush of people swarming in. Sango pulls me into the girl's bathroom and we wait for a minute for it to clear a little. When it has, we go back out and walk upstairs to our English class. As we are walking Sango says, "Kagome, I'm going to get some water. You go ahead and walk to the class." Sango walks to the other end to get some water while I walk the opposite way towards class. I round the little corner to get to class and run into a very hard thing in my way and stumble back.

I look up to see one of the greatest looking guys on the planet. He was wearing a gray t-shirt that looked amazing on him and said Pink Floyd on it along with dark jeans and black vans. He had on a black leather jacket and his silver hair flowed over his shoulders and back. His golden eyes pierced mine. But the best part was the adorable fuzzy puppy ears on the top of his head. I was about to apologize for running into him when he interrupted me.

"Hey, wench! You need to watch where you're going!" His gruff voice took away from his godly appearance. I forgot about that and got mad; no one calls me a wench.

"Excuse me?! You ran into me! I was just walking to my class, minding my own business." He smirked at me which made me madder. I smiled at him and said, "But, I don't argue with idiots because they will just lower me to their level then beat me with experience." I smiled big when he got mad. "Wow, I was surprised you even understood that."

"Listen here you little wench! I'm a half-demon so don't mess with me."

I laughed and smirked. "Should I be scared of your adorable puppy ears or by how high your stupidity level is?" His face got red but before he could say anything Sango came up to my side.

"Oh, Kagome, I see you met Inuyasha Takahashi, our other friend."

I look at the guy I was just insulting. You have got to be kidding me.