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Pretty super mega beautiful please?



Alright, alright!

I smile big at Inuyasha and kiss his cheek before dragging him into the costume shop.

The cutest couple outfit is in there and I've been begging Inuyasha for weeks and weeks. I mean, I would look amazing in that outfit!

Now it all makes sense

I give him a look as I search through the stacks for our size.

Our bond is stronger than ever; which is good and bad. Now I can't hide anything from him but then again, he can't hide anything from me either.

I take a hanger and smack him on the arm with it.

"Ow!" He says, frowning. "What the hell was that for?"

"For looking at that whore over there." I say, putting the hanger back. "And because you were so against coming in here even though I begged and begged."

"Blah blah blah…" Inuyasha says, earning another hanger smack. "Ow!"

"Blah blah blah that you butthead." I mumble, pulling out my outfit.

Inuyasha looks at it and whistles over my shoulder. I turn to him.

"You haven't even see me in it yet." I say.

"But I can envision it. Just like you can." He says, smirking. I blush and look away.

Then I pull out his outfit and he looks at it.

"No fucking way." He says.

I sigh; here goes another argument…

"Now here's the moment you've all been waiting for!" Rin says into the mike, smiling as the crowd cheers. She's standing on the stage in her backyard, the lights shining on her during this beautiful Halloween night.

She's dressed as Cinderella, with Sesshomaru as her prince. They look so cute! Ayame and Koga were Little Red Riding hood and the wolf. Sango and Miroku were Sandy and Danny from Grease. Sentenza and Train were their normal FBI selves. Sayuri was a pink and white angel while Ginta was dressed as her devil counterpart. Kiehauna and Hakkaku were dressed as vampires, looking cute in an evil kinda way. Kagami was with 'playing the field' dressed as an Indian in a cute little Pocahontas kinda outfit.

But mine and Inuyasha's outfit as rouge pirates; Inuyasha looked sexy with the black boots, black and yellow tight like pants, white poufy shirt with a brown vest and brown bandana on his head, with holes for his ears to poke out.

I was dressed in a white long sleeve dress that went barely to mid thigh with a black leather overcoat on it from the chest to the bottom. A black pirate on my head and black leather boots up to my knees makes the outfit that much cuter on me.

"Alright, alright." Rin says, trying to calm the crowd down as her blue dress sparkles on the stage. "The majority vote for 3rd place is…Sango and Miroku!" They walk onstage and pose, as we all clap. "2nd place is…Ayame and Koga!" They strut onstage and we all clap. I'm jumping up and down at this point, squeezing Inuyasha's hand in my own. "And last, but certainly not least, for 1st place is…Kagome and Inuyasha!"

I scream and run onstage, pulling Inuyasha along as we stand in the center. Whistles mingle with claps; boy and girls. I wave to people I may or may not know, enjoying this little bit of satisfaction.

You don't even feel bad?

Hey, we look good; who cares if everyone else lost! Losers gonna lose, haters gonna hate, while all them potatoes try and potate.

No more candy for you

I laugh as Inuyasha and I pose for pictures, loving the feeling of his arm around my shoulders.

Were you serious about the no candy thing?

If I were, would you hurt me?


Then no, no I wasn't

I look up at him, smiling, and kiss him. My arms wrap around his neck, his arms around my waist, just enjoying each other's company.

I hear the shutter of a camera button being pressed then see the flash of a camera through my eye lid.

Let them put that in their yearbook

Inuyasha chuckles and I feel it through my own body and I smile, hugging him tight, never wanting to let go—until I realize I can go get my prize.

Nobody was going to touch that giant chocolate cake but me.

Inuyasha walks me to the door and I turn to him and smile. "Thanks for agreeing with me."

"How could I not?" He says, smiling despite himself.

You looked good tonight

I know

I give him a look. What? Did that store whore come back and tell you?

He laughs. What about you? We only won because of the guy votes.

My body is a gift and a curse

More like a pain in my ass

I smack his arm and smirk up at him as I wrap my arms around his neck. He puts his on my sides. That's not what you were thinking about a week ago.

He goes to say something but I kiss him instead. I back away and look up at him.

That was your treat; enjoy it

I go to turn away but then he dips me and I squeal, thinking I'm going to hit the floor

And that was your trick; enjoy it

I go to hit him but end up laughing and pull him back down again for another kiss.

You're impossible…

Impossibly irresistible; I do believe you're right

I roll my eyes but don't say anything; I would like to get up without being dropped on my back.



"Keep your eyes closed."

I sigh, I feel like I've been walking without seeing for a long time. Today's Christmas and Inuyasha said he had a surprise for me. So, here I am around 9 at night, walking through the park that's filled with snow.

Please; you aren't even walking

I smile behind my hands; true. Inuyasha's carrying me on his back. He's such a great boyfriend.

Hell yeah I am

You'd be better if you told me what my surprise is

Then it wouldn't be a surprise

"Ugh!" I moan aloud, laying my head on his back with my hands still covering my eyes that are also closed. "Are we there yet?"


"Are you lying?"


"Are you still lying?"


"So you were lying?"


"Okay, okay… So, want me to start singing? Because I can sing a Taylor Swift song better than Taylor Swift. I can start singing Santa Baby; that's a good song."

"We're here." Inuyasha says.

"Finally!" I cry, ready to jump off.

"Keep the eyes closed." Inuyasha says firmly, swinging me around in front of him.

"Dangit…" I say with a sigh; I was so close.

He puts his hands on my hips from behind and steers me forward a few steps then stops.

"Don't move." He says.

"Wouldn't dream of it…" I reply, hands still covering my closed eyes. I shiver in anticipation more than over the cold air. I'm wearing a sweater, a jacket, and Inuyasha's leather jacket with a scarf and gloves. I think I'm pretty good.

"Alright, open them." He says.

I open my eyes and gasp aloud, my hands flying to my heart and mouth.

Written in the snow are the words, "I LOVE YOU!" with lights all in the trees around us. I look to my right and see Inuyasha standing there with a velvet box in his hands. He opens it and I gasp again, both hands to my mouth that is open in a big O.

Inside is a gold heart that says, 'His Only' with a little pink diamond heart below it. He reaches in his shirt to show me the same one that says, 'Her One' on it with a black diamond heart below it.

"Oh Inuyasha…" I say in a super soft whisper of a voice, hand to my heart. He smiles and takes it out of the box, going behind me to clip it on for me.

I touch it on my neck, liking how perfect it fits. I turn around towards him and kiss him hard. When I back away, I smile.

"You are the best." I say, putting my hand against his cheek.

"It gets better." He says, smiling big. My hand drops.

"How so?"

He claps his hands twice and bright lights pop up in a bright white. I look in the trees and see words written out with the lights. My hand flies to my mouth again.


I turn towards Inuyasha and see him on one knee, on top of a towel, with a blue glow ring in his hand.

"Will you?" He asks. I nod my head yes, not sure if I can say anything. He slips the ring on my left hand ring finger and stands up.

I jump into his arms, which are waiting and open, and wrap my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck and kiss every inch of his face.

I should've done this ages ago

I laugh and kiss him again under the lights in the trees in the cold, cold snow…

"Wait, you do realize we won't be going to prom until our senior year, right?" I ask him, backing away to see his face.

"I know; I just wanted to ask you before one of your groupies did." Inuyasha says, smiling slightly.

"Ditto." I say before kissing him again, letting our combined warmth keep me toasty inside and out.

Beach day during summer!

"Kagome, put on the sunscreen." Inuyasha says to me as he sits beside me on the blanket.

"I did!" I say, sitting up.

"Again." He says, handing me the sunscreen.

Gosh, you're so protective

No sunburn for you

I sigh but smile slightly as I rub in more sunscreen into my legs. My blue bathing suit bikini has shorts for the bottom and has small diamonds along the outer part of the top.

I look around at all our friends, who are laid out on the sand or are playing in the water.

Sango and Miroku are surfing way out in the ocean; Sango in a black and red outfit with Miroku in a black and navy blue outfit. Rin is wearing a purple tankini bathing suit with white plaid all over it. Sesshomaru is wearing a white bathing suit bottom with blue and purple flowers on the sides. They're sitting in chairs on the beach, reading and talking, her legs in his lap as she faces him.

Ayame is wearing a green one piece with almost no back and giant cut-outs on the sides. Koga is wearing brown bottoms. They're running through the water, having fun as they get farther and farther away.

Sayuri is wearing a bright pink bikini top and a bright pink skirt bottom that curls out. Ginta is wearing gray and white plaid shorts. They are in the water, swimming and splashing and looking all cute and stuff. Kiehauna, who's in a white with dark blue polka dots bikini, and Hakkaku, in a black and white striped bathing suit, are nearby, talking and laughing.

Kagami, in a bright yellow bikini, is flirting with the super hot lifeguard, seeming to have a great time.

I look back at Inuyasha and smile at him. He turns to me.


I smile bigger. Nothing…

I sit up and scoot over closer to him, more in front of him actually. His legs go around on either side of me, his chest against my back. I put my head on his shoulder part and he kisses my head, making me smile more if possible.

I like you

I know that

I hit his leg with my hand and he chuckles, making me move slightly. I look out over the waves and breathe in the salty air that is blowing towards us with the wind.

His hand falls onto mine and wraps over it, making my hand look tiny compared to his.

I really do like you

I like you too Kags; you know that

I touch the necklace that he gave me over Christmas. I do know that… I'm sorry.



The salt air is making you all weird

I laugh. I'm always weird

Well yeah but weirder. What's wrong?

Just thinking of next year… We'll always be together, right?

Always and forever babe


Pinky promise

He wraps both of his pinkies around both of mine. I turn my head and kiss his jaw before looking back out at the sea.

I love you Inuyasha…

Inuyasha wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer to him.

I love you Kagome…

I smile and close my eyes, letting the beat of his heart lull me to my safe little happy place; how I always feel in Inuyasha's arms…

Race you to the water

You're on

I jump up, laughing as I run into the waves, Inuyasha hot on my tail. Then he picks me up, his arms around my waist, my back to his chest, and swings me around. I put my arms around his and laugh, still giggling when he puts me down.

I run out and splash him, getting his hair wet. I laugh but stop when he puts water all over me. I look at him and laugh all over again.

Wet dog

Annoying wench

I run at him but he lifts me up easily like I'm his bride and I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, my hands tangling into his hair. I back away and look into his eyes.

"Baka." I say aloud.

"Shut up." He says and kisses me again.

And that's how we are when the sun sets and the stars come out; the waves rolling at our knees, wrapped around each other while the salty air blows our hair around with the salty air, kissing…

Best day ever… I think, smiling while Inuyasha chuckles and hugs me closer. Absolutely perfect…