Declaimer: I don't own warriors. FreakyTiger and I own the characters of the parody.


Leader: Mudstar- really smelly tom with mud all over him and a sleepy face and blue eyes.

Deputy: Flatface- brown tom with a face that looks that he hit with a window and big amber eyes.

Medicine Cat: Bandagetail- white she-cat with her tail covered by a bandage and a lot of broken bones because she is stupid. She has silver eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Eggsmell- green like she-cat with an egg breath and big platinium eyes.


Ballonhead- with tom with a really, really, REALLY big head and alien like grey eyes. He has orange fur.

Pinksoda- pink tom with an embarrased face and yellow eyes.( his mother wanted a she-cat)

Candyflight- multicolored she-cat with blue neon eyes and a acute voice that sounds as if she ate helio.

Redtrash- red tom that everyone thinks is trash with black eyes.

Sillyband- stupid she-cat with an elastic personality and crazy multicolor eyes.

Frogsong- brown she-cat that believes that can sing but she sounds as a dying frog. She has blue eyes.

Crazyparty- crazy, really crazy tom with an ability to make a gathering crazy, he has brown spotted fur and white eyes.

Bouncecat- white tom that jumps really high. He has amber eyes and he never thinks of anything.

Donkeynoice- black tom that talks as a drunk donkey. He has green eyes and a really long, fluffy tail.

Bignose- silver she-cat with a potato nose and almost no eyes.

Bulldogface- grey tom with an angry face and sparkling violet eyes.

Silverring- black and silver she-cat with lots, lots, really LOTS of silver rings on her. She has yellow eyes and a crazy smile.


Wordpaw- little brown and white she-cat with a really dirty vocabulary.

Mewpaw- cream tom that only says mew and he has red eyes.

Kittypaw- ex kittypet tom with aqua eyes and really, REALLY long ears.

Diepaw- white she-cat that everyone wants death with PALE silver eyes. She looks like a ghost.

Snakepaw- scaly she-cat with green scales and snake like eyes.

Mustachpaw- black tom with a white mustach that don`t let him see. His eye color is unknown.

Kisspaw- ginger she-cat that wants to kiss everyone with crazy purple eyes and blue lipstick.

I-hate-thispaw- silver tom with a bad name, sparkling neon purple eyes and an ability to hate everything.


Naipolish- neon she-cat with sparkling blue eyes. Kits: I-didn`t- want-this-to-happenkit and Die-stupidkit.

Purpledance- purple she-cat with a silver tatoo. Kits: I-don`t- have-good-nameskit, Attackkit and I-am-bored-of-namingkit.

Glassestail- stupid big she-cat with a giant belly, yellow fur and two black circles on her eyes that looks like glasses. Kits: Playing-with-the-obviouskit, Hummmmmmkit, Tatookit and I-am-hungry-COOKIEkit.

Clockstorm- black and white she-cat with a voice that sounds as a clock. She has sparkling silver eyes. Kits: I-want-chocolatekit, The-moon-is-shinykit, I-hate-this-kitskit, Running-is-the-best-thingkit and Why-did-I-wanted-to-be-in-this-Clankit.


Fatold- FAT tom with ginger pelt and no tail.

The-sun-is-falling-claw- flame-colored she-cat that always scream that the sun is falling.

Shinypelt- brilliant she-cat that you need to have glasses to see her.

Broken-claw-aaaaaapool- violet she-cat with a crazy look on her amber eyes and a broken teeth. (her mother broke a claw when she was born)


Mudpelt padded to the candy-looking-shiny-rock at Highstones. He was there to receive the lives of a leader.

"What's supposed to happen? A ghost will appear?!"- he said loudly so all the cave would hear him.

Suddendly, a rock fell from the cave's roof and hit Mudpelt's head. He fell unconscious on the Moonstone.

In dreams...

"Where am I? Why is everything so shiny?!"-asked Mudpelt screaming.

Something cought his attention. Shiny cats were emerging from the trees. A ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes approached Mudpelt.

"Stupidclaw!"- said Mudpelt recognizing his sister.

"Whit this live, I give you weirdness. Use it well to a become the stupidnest leader your Clan ever had."

A black tom approached him and Mudpelt recognized him as Weirdcandy, the first medicine cat of StupidClan.

"With this live, I give you candies. Use it well to have the wrong priorities."

A silver she-cat padded to him.

"I'm Stupidstar, the first leader of StupidClan. With this life, I give you cakes. Use it well so you can have a life with no purpose."

A neon green tom approached next. He was Flyingpancake, his father.

"With this live, I give you a bazooka. Use it well so you can send flying the cats that threat your clan."

The next one was a tortoiseshell she-cat with a dappled coat.

"Who are you?"- asked Mudpelt

"I'm Spottedleaf medicine cat of ThunderClan and I was obliged to come here. With this live, I give you boredom. Use it well so you can be as bored as me."

A big, pink she-cat approached next.

"I'm Sodajump, first queen of StupidClan. With this live, I give you a hat. Use it well so you can attract an stupid she-cat that wants to be your mate."

An small, neon yellow tom walked to him.

"I'm Randomclaw, a random cat from your clan. With this live, I give you catmint. Use it well so you will be seen like if you are drunk always."

A random cat approached him.

"I'm the random and not important cat. I escaped from another story and came here. With this live, I give you an empty mind. Use it well so you can't calculate what is 2+2."

Finally, a brown tabby she-cat approached him.

"You came here Bad-namedstar?"- asked Mudpelt.

"Yes, now: With this live I give you bad names. Use it well so you can nyour your warriors badly."-said Bad-namedstar

"Mudstar, Mudstar!"- cheered StarClan.

Mudstar woke up in the cave.

"I liked this hat!"- he as aid looking at his reflection.

He padded to the entrance but he didn't saw the hole in the entrance so he fell and ended in... Wonderland!

The End