Book One

The Men who look down on the World


One hundred and twenty five Earth years ago there was a great silence in the universe. All life on a planet was extinguished in great explosion. A glorious civilization was over in the blink of an eye and the whole population of that planet, roughly two billion were dead just as suddenly. The planet Krypton, one of the most advanced worlds in the galaxy was gone, a victim of it's own arrogance. A large portion of their population could have been saved if they only listened to the one man who knew what was going to happen. If only they had listened to Jor El.

For all it's advancements Krypton was an isolated planet. They had the capability for space travel but all space programs and colonies were long since disbanded and the whole population had been on it's surface for decades. The people of Krypton saw themselves as the greatest race in the cosmos and contact with other space traveling races never went well. Kryptonians believed they were superior to all other races. For that reason they stopped leaving their planet and set up defenses to destroy all non Kryptonian ships. Krypton was a race of men and woman who looked down on all other life.

What the people of Krypton did not know was that their planet was a time bomb waiting to explode. Their planet's core composed of multiple radioactive and unstable compounds, and a reaction that has been slowly building for over millions of years was reaching a critical point. For the longest time the chemicals were balanced and the planet was safe but then came the wars. Krypton had about a hundred years of nearly endless war called the Age of Chaos. While the Age of Chaos ended over five hundred years ago waste from these wars slowly seeped into the core and upset the balance.

The additional radiation from wars long past started to shake the planet foundation. As a result the planet of Krypton started to suffer from environmental disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, volcanoes and more that grew worse over time. After a while these things were ignored by the people of Krypton as natural occurrences. Because of the general population's high regard of their superiority they believed their great civilization would never end. A few scientists out of curiosity tried to figure out the cause of the disturbances though only one came up with a prophecy of doom. That was Jor El of the Science Council.

Jor El had gone to farther lengths then other scientists. Most of them found what they wanted to see for the benefit of their people, Jor El wanted to know the absolute truth and he found it. He discovered not only that Krypton becoming more unstable by the day but realized his people only had weeks before the inevitable destruction. Jor El thought of only one way to save his people and brought the plan up to the other members of the council. To temporarily transfer entire population of Krypton into the Phantom Zone while one trusted man travels to a new world and release his people on their new home.

Jor El's plan was ridiculed, the idea of sending the whole planet's population into a zone used for the world's worst criminals was ridiculous. And to rely on one person? What if that person did not make it to another world? Besides Jor El's findings were not conclusive in the eyes of the council. There were too many variables he might have gotten wrong. No one wanted to believe the planet was going to be destroyed and Jor El was removed from office. He was no longer seen fit to be a member of the ruling council of Krypton.

Jor El's life, what little time was left of it anyway was ruined. His reputation was shattered, even his peers and closest friends no longer talked to him. Only his wife supported him, believed in him and trusted his judgment. Jor El worked tirelessly to create a shuttle for his wife and new born child. He knew he could not create one large enough for all three of them, and someone needed to launch the shuttle. While he was working on the shuttle the environmental disturbances of Krypton increased, the quakes grew worse and more violent, the tidal waves took whole coastal cities, and new volcanoes were appearing out of no where. Krypton was running out of time, and Jor El knew that the end had came.

When he was about to sent off the shuttle the final quake hit, the planet killer. He asked for his wife Lara to enter the shuttle but she refused, she put their child Kal El into the shuttle and then stood by her husband as he sent the shuttle off into space. Their new born son, and a depository of Kryptonian history flew away from the planet as a great green explosion rocked the core and in a flash of light Krypton was gone. One of the greatest civilizations in the universe was snuffed out due to their own ignorance, the sole survivor a baby who may never know where he came from.

The small shuttle was headed to a populated planet. Jor El had discovered a planet on a distant star with lifeforms that look almost identical to Kryptonians. A planet called Earth the third planet of a star called Sol, a primitive planet by Kryptonian technological standards, and one rotating a yellow sun. It is known that Kryptonians, when they absorb the radiation of a yellow sun, gain great powers, their strength, speed, agility, and durability are increased hundreds of times over. Also they gain other powers like super vision and icy breath. Jor El chose Earth for his son because there he can make a great impact. There he can rule if he wanted to, and make Earth a great world that rivaled Krypton at it's peak.

As the ship passed though the explosion of the planet Krypton some of the fragments of the planet, glowing radioactive rocks, traveled along with the ship. This is do to the magnetic ion engine powering the ship on it's flight to Earth.

The infant's ship traveled on a path that was least likely to be spotted by a technologically advanced planet or a space travel capable race. So the flight was for the most part was uneventful but there was one unexpected visitor. The ship's path took it close to the planet Colu, an advanced but isolated world. Once a planet that valued knowledge a recent change in government sent the old emperor, or his digitized memory anyway into space the moment he died. Emperor Vril Dox was replaced by the Computer Tyrants as Colu's ruling body. The digitized memory of Vril Dox was rotating the planet in an endless orbit when the magnetic field of Kal El's ship drew the probe to it, connecting the young baby's fate with that of the Emperor of knowledge.

With Vril Dox's digital mind in tow and surrounded by thousands of fragments of the dead planet Krypton the star ship carrying the young Kal El headed to Earth with no other distractions. The ship closed in on the rotating planet and started it's decent into the atmosphere above the North American continent. The fragments of Krypton green and glowing started raining down all over country but focused primarily above the state of Kansas where the spacecraft is heading toward at a phenomenal speed.

Lionel Luthor is a simple farmer who lives on a farm about five miles out side of the small town of Smallville Kansas. He is smart but lacks ambition. He he went to college for an engineering degree but his dream ended when he had to take over the family farm. He could have let the Luthor farm land die with his father but he could not do that. It is his legacy and that is enough for him.

It is a warm summer day in July 1987 and Lionel is in the farm on his John Deer tractor. He is grumbling, pissed off that his son Alex once again decided not to do his chores and is instead working in his laboratory in the attic. "The farm dies with me." Lionel mumbles to himself. Alex is smart and probably has a great life ahead of him but Lionel wishes his son would get some color on his skin, or make friends. Lionel looks toward the house and sees a flash of a blue light from the half closed window of the attic and shakes his head. "Sigh."

He then sees his daughter Lena waving at him from the window of her bedroom on the second floor and he smiles. His beloved daughter Lena, two years younger then her ten year old brother Alex but she is very sick. Much of what Lionel does is for his daughter, her treatments at the hospital, her medication, her private nurse. He would do anything for Lena.

Lena moves away from the window and Lionel continues working on the fields, he does not bother looking up in the sky. The sky never really interests him. If he were to look up today he would see a bunch of green flashes in the sky but soon he will hear what is going on.

As Lionel comes close to the road at the end of his field he sees a truck pass by. He knows that truck and the people in it. They are the Kents his closest neighbors, they lived three miles down the country road. They are traveling away from Smallville and Martha has a baby in her hands. Their child is finally coming home. He remembers Johnathan telling him they had a boy named Clark. Lionel thinks that after he is done with the farm work he will head over to the Kent's place, maybe if Lena is up to it she can come to. She seems healthy this morning.

Then as Lionel is thinking of the Kents and their new born son he hears a loud crack and twists his head toward the road. The Kent's car is on fire and it's driving like crazy. "The hell?" Lionel stops the tractor and stands up in it, he hears more loud thundering sounds and watches as green shards of light rain down all over the place. "It's raining fire." Lionel yells as he watches the chaos.

There is a loud scream from the Kent truck as it drives out of the road and into the open field just past the Luthor Farm. Lionel jumps off his tracker and is about to check on them when he sees a larger meteor, this one blue, green, and yellow with an odd egg shape to it falls from the sky toward the Kents. He watches in shock, unable to move as the large egg shaped meteor crashes into the Kent's truck and there is an explosion and fire flies up into the air fifteen feet from the Kent's ruined truck.

Lionel does not look to see if the rain of green fire has ended, he does not run for safety, no he runs toward his friend's truck, "John? Martha?" He yells barely hearing his own voice over the sound of his heart beating in his chest. The fires around the truck are just about gone when he reaches it, he yells for his friend again but as he sees the damage he realizes no one could have survived that. The truck is a burned out husk, there are no remains that Lionel could see, "This is bad." he punches the ground, mad that he can't even see anything resembling human remains. "They were good people God, GOOD PEOPLE." he yells into the sky.

Lionel's eyes then look at the green, blue and yellow egg shaped meteor, as he looks at it he realizes it is no meteor, "What the hell is that?" He wipes his eyes and walks closer to the object. "This is a spaceship." He says in amazement as he walks closer to it. He forgot about his dead friends for a minute and touches the side of the ship. He touches a blue and gold insignia that looks slightly similar to an S, "It's cold." He says surprised that indeed the object is cool to the touch when it should be hot.

Lionel then steps back as a red light flashes on the side of the ship and a hatch opens up. The hatch opens upward and gray smoke obscures Lionel's view. As the smoke clears Lionel is completely shocked at what he sees. He sees what looks like a perfectly normal and healthy human baby, sleeping peacefully. The baby shifts slightly and giggles as it moves. "This?" Lionel can't think of a word to say. He is speechless. He grabs the baby and holds it in his hand. "I have to figure out what I'm going to do with you. You did kill the Kents but I don't think you can be blamed for that now can you?" The baby being a baby does not respond. The baby is male, and weighs maybe eight, pounds, and has a full head of black hair, it looks to be about a week or two old, the same age the Kent's child Clark would be. As Lionel rocks the baby it opens it's eyes and moves one of it's fat baby arms to try to block the sun, Lionel seeing the clear blue eyes sees the unearthly beauty of the boy, "I think I'm going to keep you but how?"

Lionel looks at the wreck of the Kent's truck and then at the spacecraft, "Well you look like you could be Johnathan and Martha's child, god rest their souls." The farmer says to the baby who giggles and reaches for Lionel's face but can't reach it. "But we have to do something about that craft. This place will be crawling with reporters soon enough, can't have them see that."

Lionel walks over to his tractor, sets the baby down gently and starts the vehicle. He moves his tractor toward the ship, then gets out and hooks the towing cable to the craft. He had it installed due to trouble with his old car. He was glad he never took it off. He then dragged the craft into his field, luckily due to the alien material the ship is much lighter then it looks. After setting the craft into his field he realizes that anyone with half a brain could figure out what he did. "Yeah that's not going to work." Parking the tractor he looks at the baby who is very peaceful and quite and seems to have drifted back to sleep and then gets out.

Lionel covers up his tractor tracks, he kicks around the dirt, breaks more weeds and grass so it does not look like there is just one path and makes it seem like if something was taken away it was not by a tractor but a group of people carrying it. When he felt confident with his work he returns to the tractor. He moves the craft further into his field, looking at the boy who has stolen his attention. He has an idea, "You're the Kent's Son, you were thrown out of the truck and landed safely." He says to the child who responds by giggling in its sleep.

Lionel parks his tractor near the barn and then gets out, holding the baby in his hands he looks at his house. Only now does he see that it's on fire, "No." There is large hole in the roof near Alex's lab in the attic, there is green smoke pouring out of the hole. "Alex?" He runs to the house, "Lena, Alex?" He yells, "No this can't be happening not my children? Please god."

As he gets close to the door he sees Lena standing on the porch. Weak Lena whose allergies and frail bones keep her in bed most of the time managed to get out of bed and walk outside. Lionel smiles and runs to his daughter. He sets Clark, that's who he thinks of the baby as, Clark Kent, on the swing and then hugs Lena, "Lena, I'm so glad your okay." He huge his daughter tighter, and cries for her, "You did well." he then realizes Alex is not outside. "Alex?"

"Daddy, Lex is still inside." Lex is what Lena calls Alex, she is the only one he lets call him Lex.

"WHAT?" Lionel opens the front door then looks at his daughter, "Lena, since you seem to be handling it well, take Clark here and go to the truck. It's unlocked and you will be safe there. I will find Alex."

Lena nods, she then picks up the baby and turns to her father, she looks at her father with distant eyes, the eyes she has before she normally faints, but she seems strong right now, "You will find Lex but you might not want to daddy, he might be hard to look at."

He looked at his daughter for a second with a dumbfounded expression, she has said stuff like this before and he never took them seriously. Lena turns away and runs to the truck so Lionel walks into the burning house. The first floor is not on fire but smoke is covering the place and he can smell the burning wood and even hear the fire and he gets closer to the stairs to the second floor, "Alex?" Lionel calls out.

There is a loud cough from someone breathing in smoke and a hacking sound, "Dad?" The voice is weak.

Lionel climbs the stairs and reaches the the entrance to the attic, the fire is surrounding him, there are strange green flames and smoke in the attic as the red flames are flying around him. His viability is impaired greatly as he grabs for the attic ladder and climbs, "Alex, I'm going to save you. I'm coming."

As he climbs it he can here his son's voice get louder, it is a mix of coughing, calling for help and asking for his mother, "Get mom for me." Alex screams.

He sees his son down on the floor of the attic, he seems badly burned and is still covered with flame. His red hair is charred black. Lionel grabs his son and drags him out of the attic. When he steps down on the second floor he throws his son over his shoulder, "You will be okay Alex. I swear it."

"I want my mommy." Lex says his words slurred voice, clearly Alex's mind has taken him to a safer earlier time and does not realize his mother is dead.

"Don't talk Alex, save your strength." Lionel says as he makes his way out of the house, "Your going to make it. We are all going to make it. Lionel runs to his truck where Lena is sitting in the front seat with the baby in her hands. Lionel opens the back up and places Alex down, he gets a good look at son's body for the first time, his hair has fallen off and half of his face is badly burned and black. Also he is completely covered with thin film of green dust. He has to look away from his son, his face is hard to look at like Lena said. Lionel looks away, "You will live son."

Lionel gets into the drivers seat of the car and looks at his daughter. His precious and weak Lena is being really strong and he was never more proud of her, "Thank you for your help." He says as he starts the car.

"You said he's Clark Kent?" Lena says looking at the baby. "Daddy? Where are the Kents?"

He does not look at his daughter as he drives, to Smallville's hospital, he can't answer that question. He lost two of his best friends and he is afraid that his son is next. The son who resents and maybe even hates his father. Lionel does not let that stop him.

Lionel rushed over to Smallville's small hospital but the place was packed. There were cars all over the place, half the town must be there. There are police officers all over the place, cop cars with their lights on, people talking to the officers, "I guess it was not an isolated incident." Lionel mumbles to himself talking about what happened to his farm. He pulls up to the parking lot and is stopped by an officer who looks at him, "I have an emergency sir." Lionel says with a hurried voice.

"Half of Smallville has an emergency Mr..." The cop racks his brain trying to find a name to go with this face as he knows the man and the truck, "Mr. Luthor."

Lionel rows down the window to the back seat, "Well this one is an priority emergency. My son needs medical attention now."

The cop looks in and has to cover the disgusted expression on his face, "Holy." The cop looks away and turns on his radio, "This is officer Marlon, we have a level one emergency, a kid with burns all over his body and seems to be in critical, worst case form the meteor storm yet, worst living case anyway." He talks for a while longer, "Yes it's Lionel Luthor's son, Alexander Luthor. Okay thanks." He listens to his response and then looks at Lionel, "Head to the emergency room entrance. Sorry for the hassle."

"No problem." Lionel drives off not having time to think about what's going on. Clearly lots of people have been injured or died and the town of Smallville just is not equip for such an incident. There are no big cities for miles and the other towns are equally small and won't be much help. The state police already seem to be helping the county sheriff department and the local officers.

Lionel pulls into emergency parking lot and when he gets out he lifts his son and runs to the emergency entrance, "Lena find a seat at the waiting area and watch Clark. I will join you when I know Alex is safe."

Lena wants to tell her father she wanted to go with him but she has Clark to watch so she heads toward the main entrance to the ER waiting room while her father and Alex head to the Emergency entrance. There a couple nurses are waiting for Lionel and Alex with a gurney, clearly they have been told about his condition but not in detail. "Mr. Luthor set your son down." One of the nurses says trying to not look directly at Alex.

Lionel sets his son down looking at the nurses, "Do I need to be there?" He said softly.

The nurse nods her head as the male nurse starts to pull Alex who is now laying down unconscious on the gurney into the hospital. Lionel follows behind them into the halls of the hospital, the Smallville hospital is very small and normally empty yet everyone is ether closed with do not disturb signs or the rooms being open and filled with two or three patients. There are people outside or rooms in rolled up beds waiting for their turn. Lionel closes his eyes and walks silently, "This is horrible."

"There was that meteor storm this morning Mr. Luthor, not that I need to tell you that, you were clearly caught up in it." The female nurse said walking next to him.

"I know. I lost my house, and some good friends." The Kents, their truck he needs to report it, "I need to speak to a cop, after I know my son is being taken care of."

"Well there are plenty of cops in the hospital Mr. Luthor." A strong male voice calls from a few feet away. It is a young doctor with blond hair and green eyes, "Hello I'm Dr. Tourp, Nathaniel Tourp. I will be taking care of your son." Tourp shakes Lionel's hand quickly and then looks at Alex. "Wow they were not lying. Those are radiation burns, horrible radiation burns. The worst I have seen today for sure." He is speaking to himself more then anyone else.

Lionel's eyes open wide, "Wait what radiation burns?"

Tourp does not answer him, "I have to do some tests on the kid now. Yes, I can't waste time." He grabs the gurney and only then responds to Mr. Luthor, "I will explain later when you need to know. Now you want to speak to a cop, right? I believe you can find someone in the waiting room. Now leave us."

Lionel is annoyed by the doctor yet realizes the man is probably rushing to get a lot of work done. Though Dr. Tourp seems like he has not done much work today, unlike many he could choose his cases even in this crisis. "Whatever." Lionel heads to the waiting room and sees his daughter sitting with the infant Clark, the alien baby. What does he play in all of this. "Hi honey, how are you holding up?" he asks Lena.

"I feel fine." Normally even a small amount of activity will wipe Lena out, she has very little energy and weak underdeveloped muscles and bone strength, yet she is quite active right now. Almost a miracle in the middle of a crisis.

He hugs his daughter and kisses her on the cheek, "You are a brave girl."

"How is Lex?" She says softly.

"Alex is doing fine." He lies not knowing the fate of his son at all. He looks down at Clark who is smiling and laughing, "Let me take him for a second I have something I need to do. Why don't you get something to drink." He hands his daughter a couple bucks for the machine.

Lena runs off to get a drink while smiling and Lionel looks for a police officer, he spots a cop that he knows, one of his drinking buddies James Hung, "Hey Hung I need to talk."

Hung is talking to a few people and turns his head and sees Lionel. Hung has a stern face which softens slightly when he sees his friend, "Hey Lionel don't tell me you got caught in the storm." He looks at the child in his hand, "That's not your kid is it?" He gives a forced laugh.

Lionel shakes his head, "It's the Kents' kid." He then closes his eyes trying to speak but no words form.

"Oh the Kents?" Hung shakes his head. "That makes fifteen people killed in the storm so far." He mumbles under his breath.

"Yeah it happened in front of my farm. They were driving home with Clark when a meteor destroyed their truck. They were killed instantly, their son luckily was blown safely out of the car." It is painful to talk about and the next part is even worse. "That was not all. My house was hit and.." he chokes up unable to say the next part.

"No, not Lena and Alex?" Hung has to sit and take out a note pad, he has to report all incidents from the meteor storm because soon the whole incident needs to be accounted for.

"Lena's fine, better then I have seen her actually." Lionel says wiping a tear, he sees his daughter getting a can of pop from the nearest machine. "Alex, well Alex is still alive anyway. The storm hit my house near his lab in the attic. He was badly burned, the doctor said something about radiation burns but that makes no sense."

Hung's face goes pale, "You don't know?"

"What do I need to know?" Lionel clearly seems to be out of the loop.

"No you wouldn't. It's been released that the meteors are composed of some radioactive material. An unknown material at that. There have been various cases of radiation burns and poisoning but most cases are not that bad. Only people who came in direct contact of the space rocks seem to be exposed."

"Oh I see." Lionel knows his son was exposed. Alex was covered with green dust when he pulled him out of the dust. He looks away from his old friend as Lena returns with a pop.

"Hi Mr. Hung." Lena says cheerfully. She hands her father a can of Pepsi, "Daddy I figured you might be thirsty too."

"Thanks." Lionel says and grabs the can of pop from his daughter.

Lionel says good bye to his friend and walks with his daughter down to an empty seat. There really is nothing he can do but watch and wait. People came in and out of the emergency room, patients are brought in and out and the activity was busy and loud for most of the day. Lionel read some magazines, got up once with Lena to get some food from the cafeteria, fed Clark and changed his diaper at one point (with the help of a kind mother of a six month old girl) Lionel just waited for the doctor or a nurse to talk to him, to know anything about Alex's condition. Was his son okay? Is he going to make it?

While Lionel is eating a dry chicken salad sandwich, which was probably made two days ago, an older black gentleman in a police uniform sits down next to him and puts his hand on his shoulder, "How are you holding up Mr. Luthor? Hung told me what happened to you. I meant to see you sooner but I have been doing the rounds talking to everyone who was affected by this disaster. Smallville never faced such a incident before, such a media frenzy, we have reporters all the way from Gotham, Metropolis and Star City wanting a scoop. I would say your lucky you only told your story to Hung."

Lionel looks at his watch, it's three fourteen in the afternoon and then looks up into the chief of police's eyes. Doug Parker has been chief of police in Smallville for sixteen years and it's no surprise that he has never dealt with an incident on this level before. Nothing happens in Smallville. "I have had other things on my mind. I don't wish to retell the Kent story, not to the press."

"You're going to have to." He reaches down and lays a hand on the sleeping Clark who is in Lena's hands, Lena is also sleeping. "The Kent's truck has been found as has the damage from your house. The Kents they are confirmed to be dead even their son."

"Well he's not."

"Clearly." Parker says in his slow understanding tone. "Also the press is searching for you, they want to know what happened to your family. Your house is half burned down but it's clear you escaped, your truck is gone. The press wants to know what your story."

"So where are they?" Lionel says clearly irritated.

"We are keeping the press out of the hospital, even the local press. We don't want to upset the victims of the incident. They will be allowed in here in a couple of days but by then some reporters will find a way in. Anyway what's your plan for the Kent kid?"

Lionel thinks about it for a few seconds, he knows nothing about this child who is clearly not human. Lionel does not know what will happen if it goes into a orphanage or becomes a ward of the state. He already knows more about the kid then anyone else, this is his responsibility. "Well I'm thinking I might adopt him, after all this mess is over that is. From what I understand the Kents have no living family and I don't want to leave the child alone."

"Taking care of three kids by yourself? Is that wise." He then looks at Lena, "You already have Lena's special needs do deal with, and who knows what will happen with Alex. Not to mention your house, really is that wise?"

"The place is completely insured as are the kids. I'm not worried. I have bad luck right now. However I'm thinking about breaking out some of my old inventions and trying again. Maybe put that college degree to good use." Lionel is a brilliant engineer and an amateur inventor but gave it up when he inhabited the farm, though he tinkers from time to time.

Parker looks at Lionel like he's nuts, the man is clearly worn out, and needs some sleep. He does not know exactly what he is talking about. "You need to rest and think about what your saying Lionel. Clearly you're stressed out and worried."

"Yeah your right." Lionel washes down the dry sandwich with his third can of cola and looks at the TV, "I think our conversation is over."

Doug Parker nods and leaves Lionel alone. Lionel is wishing for two things right now, a beer which he can't have since he has to stay at the hospital and he wants to know how is son is doing. He is feeling horrible because he can't have ether. Finishing his sandwich he throws the wrapper away. Lionel then closes his eyes, yeah maybe it is best if he rests for a few hours.

Lionel does not know how long he was asleep when he he is woken up, someone taps him on his shoulder while calling his name, "Mr. Luthor." It is an irritated voice of someone who would rather not be dealing with human interaction. It is Dr. Nathaniel Tourp. The hansom young doctor only took this case because of it's severity otherwise he would be researching the effects of the radiation on the environment. He is a radiation specialist and meteor astronomer from Metropolis's STAR labs who came to Smallville to study the meteor shower that was passing though. He expected some would hit in the area but thought most of the rocks would pass by Earth harmlessly. He did not expect the level of chaos that occurred.

Lionel looks up at the doctor and rubs his eyes. The doctor has an irritated look on his face, "Sorry I was tired."

"Not my problem Mr. Luthor. Come with me."

Lionel stands up and looks at his daughter, "Lena stay here." He then catches up to Dr. Tourp who has already moved on. "Is it Alex, is he okay?"

"Yes it's your son." The doctor does not look back and answers coldly. "Now is he okay? He will live yes but will it be much of a life? I wonder."

Lionel looks confused the doctor is not giving him a real answer. "What do you mean? What's wrong with my son?"

The doctor does not answer at least not right away he leads Lionel to a small room at the end of the hall and opens the door. The room is nearly pitch black with the windows covered with heavy curtains to keep out the sun's light. There is a dim red light in front of the bed and it is the main light source of the room as the overhead lights are off. There is the light of the medical equipment but that's it. "I really can't give you an answer." Is there sadness in the doctor's voice? Lionel can't tell.

"Why not." He looks at his son who is laying in bed, even though the room is dark and he can't clearly see his son's face it looks wrong. There are horrible burns covering three fourths of his face and most of his body is bandaged. "What is with the lack of light."

"Solar radiation and ultraviolet hurts your son. It is a side effect of the horrible radiation burns he received from exposure to the meteors. The sun will kill him and florescent lights hurt him. I have never seen anything like this before. Of course it's a new type of radiation of extraterrestrial origin that's to be expected. Still no one else was affected like this." His mind is wondering off away from Alex and Lionel. He seems more interested in radiation then he does in helping Lionel's son.

Lionel puts his hand on Alex's head, tears form from his face and drip onto his son's head, "Alex I know I don't say it often enough but I love you." His son does not hear him so he turns away, "What do you know about this?"

"Not much," the doctor says plainly, "I can tell you even less. Your son is not the worst case of radiation poisoning seen today and not even the worst living, if the Braveman boy lives that is. I really don't know." He mutters that last part as Lionel is not suppose to hear it.

"Will my son be able to return home?"

"It's possible. Not for a few weeks anyway. There are tests to run. I have to see if there is a way to reverse the radiation's effects but I don't think so. I think the sun will be deadly to your son for the rest of his life. To bad for him." Tourp's off putting attitude and detached mannerisms make the man very easy to hate and he is pushing Lionel to the limits. Lionel is doing everything he can to control himself and not snap at the doctor. "Now I should show you just what your son looks like. I warn you it's not a pretty sight." He motions for the nurse to turn on the rooms lights.

"Won't that hurt him?" Lionel asks.

"Not if we are quick about it."

The lights turn on and Lionel is taken back by his son's appearance. His skin has a gray tone to it, as if most of the color has drained out of him and his face and body are covered with nasty looking burns that are just beginning to scar over. The burns are a mix of black and red with splashes of a glowing green. "That is the meteor rock radiation we could not remove all of it from your son. His blood is contaminated by it and probably always will be."

Lionel does not respond, he holds his hand up to his mouth to hide his sickened reaction. He looks down at his son who is still sleeping, his eyes are moving rapidly and seem to be in REM sleep. His eyelids are a dark gray almost black color like he has permanent bags under his eyes. Lionel has to look away and then the lights are turned off. He looks at Dr. Tourp, "Can I have a few minutes alone with him."

"Sure but in five minutes I need you to leave. I need to run more tests on your son." The doctor and the two nurses leave.

He looks at his son again, in the darkness with only that strange red light over his son Lionel can pretend that Alex is normal or at least that his injuries are not that bad. "Please don't die on me Alex. I know you blame me for the death of your mother, that was not my fault. I know you hate how I treat you, that is my fault. I gave up my inventions, my love of science for the farm and I guess I regretted it. I guess I envied how much smarter you are then me and I tried to pull you away from your work. As a result you hate me. I'm Sorry Alex forgive me." His son does not respond.

Lionel gets up to leave, "Alex I love you, I always will." As he walks away he hears a mumble from his son and turns around. The mumble is repeated and he walks up to Alex, "Yes son? Yes Alex I'm here."

"Call me Lex, call me Lex, call me Lex never Alex always Lex." He repeats. Lionel does not know if it is his son's mind working automaticly or if Alex means it.

Lionel speaks softly as he walks out of the room, "You got it Lex."

The Smallville Sentinel 6 21 87

The Smallville Meteor Crisis by Hector Ross

Three days ago a freak meteor storm rained down in southern Kansas near the town of Smallville. It was one of the worst meteor showers to impact Earth in recorded history and the biggest crisis to hit Smallville in the town's entire history. Smallville is a quite farm town that is far from any large city, and has no real tourist attractions. It is a simple community with a small hospital, an independent school system, a small police and fire department and some mom and pop stores. Oh we have the occasional big name gas station and fast food place here or there but for the most part it is a town stuck in the past and we like it that way.

So the meteor shower, called the Rains of Krypton by meteor astrological expert Nathaniel Tourp has shook our town to it's very foundation. Hundreds were injured by the barrage of rocks falling from the sky, the total number reaching one hundred and thirty with thirty four deaths. Nothing like this has ever been seen before in Smallville.

Nathaniel Tourp a meteor astronomer from metropolis's STAR Labs, had been studying the movement of the meteor shower for months, and knew it would pass by Earth near the Smallville area but he and others in his field believed the meteor shower would harmlessly pass by our planet with only a few impacts. "It was a huge miscalculation on our part." Tourp states, "We at STAR Labs knew of the shower and knew it would be coming very close to Earth's atmosphere, we should have taken the necessary precautions." Tourp seemed emotionally unattached and unconcerned when he was being interviewed.

When asked why he named the event the 'Rains of Krypton' Tourp responded, "We have been studying a newly discovered Star called Rao and one of the planets we designated as Krypton was there in earlier images of the solar system. In latter viewings of the star Krypton was gone, replaced with a new asteroid belt. It is our belief that Krypton somehow exploded and the resulting meteor swarm are the remains of the planet, as the trajectory of the meteors places it's starting location roughly where Krypton once stood." Of course Tourp reminds us that he does not know that for certain and that is just what STAR Lab's data and his personal theory suggests.

Now the meteorites are radioactive but according to Tourp the radiation is not deadly or even that harmful to humans. Of the thirty four deaths only five of them are due to radiation poisoning and that was due to interaction with existing medical conditions. Most of the cases of radiation poisoning by the substance called "kryptonite" or meteorite from Krypton are survivable with complications for the rest of the person's life. Still that is very high exposure to the stuff and a normal piece of Kryptonite's radiation is too miniscule to effect a full grown human or even a little kid.

Deaths from the Meteor shower include officer Dale Respine (34), Fire chief Baxter Evans (42) Lenard Lang (26), Martha and Johnathan Kent (26 and 28), and Gloria Braveman (31). The Kent's new born son Clark survived miraculously being thrown from the Kents' truck as it was hit by a meteorite and exploded. Clark landed safely in some hay and was brought to the hospital by Lionel Luthor. Gloria Braveman and her husband Frank were driving to the hospital when their car was hit and Gloria went into labor. She died giving birth to her son Kenny on the side of the road. Kenny is perfectly healthy and doing fine.

Smallville will eventually recover from the meteor storm and most people in Smallville will return to their normal lives. However this could be a sign of change for Smallville as a sleepy town. When the tragedy fades into memory the event itself will probably make our sleepy town remembered in the history books. It's not what the people of Smallville want to be remembered for.

The Daily Planet 9 12 91

Luthor Tech comes to Metropolis, by Perry White

On the first of September Luthor Technologies opened doors to it's new head quarters in downtown Metropolis. Luthor Technologies is the company that has taken the world by storm. Their first computer was introduced sixteen months ago at the Star City Technology Expo. That computer was the Luthor Exodus 1 whose BRNC or "Brainiac" processor was four times more powerful then the current computers on the market.

Luthor Technologies was founded by Lionel Luthor two years ago. Lionel is a farmer from the rural town of Smallville best known for the meteor shower of 87. Lionel was at the time a failed inventor who recently attempted to return to the game. He used the money given to him by the state as compensation for the destruction of his farm to fund his company and make his prototype Exodus 1. Which he introduced at the SCT Expo and blew people and potential investors away with his computer's power.

The Exodus 1 hit shelves on May 90 and shattered expectations. The computer was far more affordable then Microsonic or Orange Corp's cheapest computers while being much more powerful. Somehow Luthor managed to develop a powerful computer processor for a fraction of the cost. The Exodus 1 quickly became the computer for the average person, for schools, and even for businesses. The stock of Luthor Technologies skyrocketed and still is raising though the roof.

The move of Luthor Tech's main office from downtown Smallville to Metropolis, is a huge deal. All the major cities from New York, to LA, to Gotham were bidding for Luthor's new headquarters to be located in their city. Every major city in America wanted the potential jobs that such a move would make. Oh and the Smallville office is not closing and most jobs are being kept but they need more space and Metropolis's Galaxy tower offers much more space for the corporate office.

Memo of Professor Finn Potter, 5 13 94

The Luthor girl continues to take a turn for the worst. I am not a medical doctor but Lionel Luthor came to me with his daughter because I am the leading expert in my limited field, ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. Though I admit before I met Lena Luthor I was only an expert on the theories of psychic abilities having never seen concrete evidence of their existence. With Lena there is no denying it. She is a psychic and it is destroying her.

According to her father, Lena was always a weak girl. Her frail body could never hold her brilliant mind and her kind but fragile heart. Her bones were brittle and her muscles were weak, she was confined to her bed on bad days and on good days could play in her room. She always exhibited some signs of psychic abilities that were minor at best. They came in flashes of things that were about to happen or she would know what someone was thinking. Lionel use to see these flashes as coincidences and it was not until a certain incident that he started to realize just how special his daughter was.

Her powers started to grow after the Smallville meteor shower. Now cosmic radiation is not my specialty I don't want to be another nut like Dr. Tourp but there might very well be a connection between the two. Also her body seemed to recover immediately after the storm, a miraculous recovery if there ever was one. Her body still seems normal now it is her mind that seems to be at war with itself.

My simplest explanation is that her powers are too much for her to control. They are evolving but her mind is not. The stronger her abilities become the more space they take up in her brain. This leaves less room her memories, for her voluntary and involuntary actions, and dare I say for Lena herself. It makes no logical or scientific sense what so ever and yet it is happening.

Lena slips in and out of consciousness these days. Sometimes she is coherent and herself for days while other times she talks gibberish and nonsense, sometimes it does not even sound like an Earth based language she is speaking. There are moments when she loses control of her body and draws things she does know know, writes things in an alien language and wonders off searching for something. Lena does not know what her body is looking for, her body seems to be on autopilot during these moments. Lena is working with me to find out what is going on with her. Lionel is paying me handsomely to try to save her and Alex is asking to help. Alex scares me, I think he knows know about what's going on with Lena then I do. Maybe I should take Alex up on his offer and let him help his sister.

The Metropolis Star 3 5 97

The Golden Son of Night, by Jerry Shuster

Everyone around the world has been wondering what Lex Luthor's first move would be since Lionel Luthor gave his son a position of power in Luthor Technologies six months ago. Stock holders and investors were watching and waiting for the kid's first move to see if it would send the computer juggernaut to new heights or if Lex would destroy the company in a blaze of glorious incompetence. The general public are watching and waiting to see the next Luthor Tech product they will need to run out to buy. Now that the day has came Lex Luthor's decisions for the company have been one word, unexpected. If this is a good or bad thing the jury is still out.

The twenty year old Alexander Luthor holds a masters degree in engineering, a bachelors in computer science, and a doctorate in medicine. Lex Luthor is not the most sociable character, he is rarely seen and prefers to be in the dark. This is because of his medical condition. Lex Luthor suffers from an extreme case of radiation poisoning he received when he ten years old. He was caught in the horrific Smallville meteor storm. Three fourth of his body is covered in scars, his skin is pale while and his eyes are permanently bloodshot. Also the sun is deadly to him, he's a vampire only one that does not suck blood.

Lex announced several new products at the Gotham City Computer Convention including the new Brainiac 2.0 processor the first update of the original processor which up to that point had stayed top notch for seven years which is amazing for a computer processor. Also introduced the first Luthor technologies operating system, Gaea, for their computers showing that they are now truly competing against Microsonic and Orange, a move Lionel was hesitant to make.

Lex's next move was a shocking one, in his first press conformance he announced that Luthor Corp was now a military contractor. They would be updating the US Armies computer systems using Luthor Technologies new operating system. Also that Luthor Corp was expanding yet again this time for military weapons. Lionel was strongly against making weapons even for our government but clearly he has given Lex free reign over the companies choices as Lionel moves on to other directions.

In addition Lex has also started up Luthor Medical, which has extensive study in the field of radiation. He has hired Nathaniel Tourp an ex STAR Labs scientist made famous for the Smallville meteor shower and made infamous for his questionable theories on radiation and super powers. One might question Lex hiring a disgraced scientist like Tourp but you have to remember Tourp saved Lex's life and may feel he owes the scientist a second chance. Is this a sign that Lex is human? Probably not.

What other directions is Lionel Luthor moving toward? Luthor Media. Lionel Luthor has announced that he is the owner of the Metropolis Monarchs baseball team and there are rumors that he is planning on buying the Sharks. Also Luthor Media started their own TV station WLBS, of course Galaxy Broadcasting will not take that move with out a fight.

There is also the Lena Luthor Foundation that Lionel has started, named after his daughter Lena who's mental state keeps deteriorating and she keeps jumping in and out of consciousness. It is rumored that's why Lex started Luthor Medical but if that's the case why aren't father and son working together on this? Well Lex and Lionel don't really get along Lionel respects his son but the feeling does not seem to be mutual.

The Legacy Press 4 13 04

End of an era by Chloe Sullivan

Kansas Pretentious Legacy High School has had an amazing four years. Our school, which has always been one of the top schools for sports and academics, has been undefeated in nearly every field for four years straight. It is all thanks to Kent Luthor and Kenneth Braveman of Smallville who have dominated every sport, baseball, football, basketball, cross country, track and field, tennis. They have also lead the school to quiz bowl, spelling bees, and debate competitions. You name it and those two went to state and dominated ether as a team or as rivals.

Two amazing athletes from the same small town? How does that happen? Does the hard work of being a farm boy make you a great athlete? Well nether Kent Luthor or Ken Braveman are farm boys. Kent is the son of billionaire Lionel Luthor, and could be seen as a pampered rich boy but Kent believes in hard work and being an all around nice guy. People would love him if he was a jerk but that is not the kind of person Kent Luthor is.

Kenny Braveman is Kent Luthor's opposite. Kenny prideful and a showoff where Kent is humble and respectful. Kenny's family is poor and Ken is the recipient of the the Smallville Meteor Recovery Scholarship that the Kansas government started after the incident to help the people and families effected by the meteor shower. Kenny flaunts his skills and what he has, as he believes he earned it. He seems to think he is better then everyone else. There is also Braveman's medical conduction, where for three days a month Kenny has to go to a hospital for special treatments due to radiation poisoning suffered during his birth. It is one thing he had to rise up against and push past.

Their different attitudes aside these two students were a perfect team. They moved together flawlessly like one body. It is their great chemistry and teamwork that gave Legacy four great years. And now that time is over. Kent Star athlete and straight A student is going on to Metropolis University where he plans to get his degree in creative writing and business. Once again it's not something he needs but something he wants. Braveman is also graduating with honors and plans on going to Harvard law to become a lawyer. Every one at Legacy wishes them the best of luck.

The Daily Planet 6 25 12

And the world did not stop. By Lois Lane.

Recently people have been talking about the declining health and eventual death of Lionel Luthor as if our world would stop when he passed on. Have we became so reliant on the billionaire for such a thing to happen? I wish I was exaggerating but look at the news, look at the Daily Star, or the Gotham Times, look at any major news paper in the past few weeks that is not the Planet. You will see how they talk about Lionel as a great man and how his death marks a horrible time for man kind. I wish I was exaggerating I really wish I was.

Well guess what people Lionel Luthor passed on Saturday and the world did not end. The stock market did not crumble on Monday, earthquakes did not destroy mankind. The Mayans were wrong and the death of Lionel Luthor does not mean the end of the world. The world does not need Lionel Luthor to survive and the sooner people come to realize that the better.

Don't get me wrong the inventions Luthor Technologies, Luthor Auto, Luthor Medical and other branches of the Luthor empire had achieved a lot of great things. They created the first affordable and effective electric car which helped lower gas prices. The Exodus computers, the E Pods, E Phones, and like devices helped bring our world into the new digital era. Then there was the first safe anti viral medication for HIV and the revolutionary new cancer treatment. I do not deny that Lionel Luthor did a lot for the betterment of mankind. The man was a humanitarian whose fights against hunger and disease were well known. But he was not the second coming and not a savior he was just a man.

He was a man, one with his share of dark secrets but the Daily Planet is not a tabloid rag so I won't get into those. Anyway I think people's fear is less the passing of Lionel and more what that means for Luthor Corp, in particular Lex Luthor's role in the company. People simply don't trust Lex. Lex took the corporation in directions that Lionel never went, such as weapons for the military and police. Lex seems to be a man obsessed with the unknown. No one wants him in control of Luthor Technologies or Luthor Medical. Though people need to realize that Lex has been in charge of Luthor Technologies for nearly ten years now and the man rose in power quickly after starting to work for his father's company.

Lex is a master businessman, a brilliant scientist, a cold calculated man who will do anything needed to stay at the top. Lots of people respect him and more people fear him. While he is to thank for many of the improvements and different directions Luthor corp has gone people are worried what he will do when and if he takes over completely.

Most people hope that Kent Luthor takes over the Luthor Corp empire. Kent, Lionel's youngest child is everything Lex is not. He is outgoing and friendly, well liked and good looking. He has a aura of trustworthiness to him and he is too humble to be a rich boy. Kent is smart himself with a degree in management, creative writing, and journalism. While people want him to take over Luthor Corp as a whole it's pretty much a given that he will gain control of Luthor Media and that the company will probably be split down the middle between the two boys.

No one knows what will happen and no one will know for a few weeks. The will of Lionel Luthor will probably be read in secrecy to his children. Lionel might have started his company, might have started this legacy but it is his heirs that will show us which direction we are heading. Luthor Corp is a world super power no denying that and in the wrong hands that can be a terrible thing.