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The mechanic sighed as she sat down in Able's office.

Nothing had been the same since the renegade showed up. Her heart felt torn between the renegade and her best friend, Zed.

Zed was both kind and caring, but he often made choices that would lead to disaster. First he'd met Perl, a rogue program who was later arrested for attacking Commander Paige. Then he'd tried to join the squad that was bent on capturing the renegade, another bad mistake that made her both frustrated and confused.

If she was going to get through this she needed advice from a program who was more of a mentor than her employer.

"You wanted to see me Mara," Able said as he leaned in the back of his chair.

"I... I'm not usually one to confess my feelings, but I needed to tell someone," she admitted sheepishly. "I can't tell Beck - he'd likely blurt it out in front of everyone." Beck was another good friend, but keeping secrets was something he couldn't do.

"And what kind of feelings are these?" Able sounded concerned now, and Mara began to fumble with her fingers as she tried not to show the obvious.

"It's not in our programming to love, is it?" She answered a question with a question. When Able raised an eyebrow the situation suddenly became serious. "Okay, there are these two programs that I really like... maybe more than just like. I'm not sure what I should say to them or if I can even get the courage to talk." She suddenly blurted the words out, focusing on what had flustered her heart so much. "One program is hard to even find, let alone talk to. And the other... well he's a bit of a goof most of the time."

"If you're talking about Beck or Zed, I'm sure just confessing your feelings will make things easier for you both." Able looked as though he was amused with what he just said. Mara glared and looked away.

"I can't confess," she admitted. "I just get so nervous when I think about it. It's like the binaries in my programming prevent me from telling them."

"I doubt that's the case," Able laughed. "You're just nervous and that's all. If it makes you feel any better you can keep working alongside them and see if they feel the same towards you."

Mara sighed in defeat when she realized he was right. She hoped that it wouldn't take too long. But confessing her feelings to Able had helped, and she knew that she could wait a little longer. She would return to work as usual, and life on the Grid would go on.

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