Chapter 1

"The Saga Continues"

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The Day After Thanksgiving, Late November, 2065

With all of their parents out fighting the crowds on Black Friday as part of a family tradition, Grandpa Cody and Grandma Bailey found themselves once again babysitting all of their grandchildren that day. Fortunately for them, one of the perks of both of them being retired was that they already had their Christmas shopping done. In fact, they had been done with their shopping for months. Well, most of it anyways. What they hadn't bought yet they had the product numbers written down and would purchase on-line on Cyber Monday. Plus, with both of them now seventy-two years of age, they didn't feel like they were in the optimum physical shape to battle the throngs at the local mall anymore.

But that didn't matter to them as they looked at it as an early Christmas present to get to spend even more time with their beloved grandchildren. Unfortunately for them though, winter had come early to the Boston area, and the weather outside was snowy with bitterly cold winds. So, with everyone having to stay inside where the heat would keep them warm, Cody and Bailey wondered how the two of them were going to keep their numerous grandchildren occupied for several hours. Lunch would have been a big problem too, but they decided to exercise their grandparental rights to spoil their grandchildren and ordered pizza for everyone. But once everyone had eaten, they were growing restless again.

Bailey smiled at them all. "How about we break into teams and play some board games together?"

Little Kaylee rolled her eyes. "Uh uh, Grandma. You and Grandpa get so competitive that none of us ever win. All of my friends' grandparents let them win occasionally. Plus, I'm only ten years old. I don't know enough words yet to play Scrabble good enough yet..."

"Well enough yet, Sweetheart, but you will in a few years." She paused. "So, if board games are out, how about we all try to find a movie to watch?"

Tommy shook his head and grinned. "I have a better idea, Grandma. Back on your wedding anniversary, Grandpa said he had more stories about you when you were younger to share with us. How about you two tell us more of those?"

Bailey turned to Cody to see his reaction, but she soon discovered that he had fallen asleep with one of their cats in his lap. She shook her head and nudged him awake. "Cody, wake up!"

Startled, his eyelids fluttered before he began looking around in confusion. "Huh? What? Who? What happened?"

She gave him a look. "Nice try falling asleep and leaving me to watch all of our grandchildren by myself..."

Cody gave her a sheepish grin. "Well, I wasn't planning on doing that, but I guess I just got comfortable."

"Uh huh. Anyways, the kids want us to tell them more stories."

He shrugged. "I guess we can do that. I mean, that wouldn't require me to get up." He paused as he tried to think. "Now, where did we leave off the last time?"

Tommy grinned. "You left off right after you and Grandma got married in Hawaii..."

"Ahh, yes. I remember that now. Let me see..." Cody stopped to think. "Well, after we got married, we all left Hawaii and headed back to Boston. As I said before, we put off our honeymoon for a few weeks. So, once we got back here, we spent the next few weeks finishing up working, moving everything over to our new townhouse and writing thank you notes for all of our wedding gifts."

Bailey shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Maybe that's all you did, but I had more than that to do! I had to get my name legally changed to Bailey Martin along with all that came along with that. Which means getting a new driver's license, a new social security card, new debit and credit cards and a whole bunch of other things..."

He smiled at her. "Well, to be fair, I had to get a new debit and credit cards too as we then now had joint accounts."

She gave him another look. "Yeah because that's the same thing..."

Cody laughed. "Anyways, we eventually did get everything done. We got ourselves settled into our new home and actually got everything unpacked before we had to pack up again to go on our belated honeymoon."

Roni spoke up. "So, did you guys actually go back to Paris like you said you were going to do?"

Bailey nodded. "We sure did..." She paused and smiled. "And it was just like we said. We were able to build new wonderful memories of that city together to record over our previous not so good ones..."

"Did you two still have dinner on the Eiffel Tower one night?"

Bailey smiled even wider. "Yeah, we did. Your Grandpa set it all up once again..." She elbowed him. "And to prove to him that he didn't need to practice it, it turned out to be one of the best nights of our lives. It was oh so romantic. We even danced under the stars as the same accordion player as before serenaded us..." She paused. "What was his name again?"

Cody paused to think but shook his head. "I can't remember now, Bails. If you would have asked me a few minutes ago, I could have told you. Anyways, when he saw it was us that he had been hired for, he gave us a very skeptical look and almost turned around and left. But we quickly assured him that things would go much better that time, and it did..."

"You can say that again..."

Roni smiled and teased her grandparents. "So, how much of Paris did you guys actually get to see. I was your honeymoon afterall..."

Both Bailey's and Cody's eyes went wide in surprise. He turned and whispered to her. "Okay, kids these days are watching way too much TV!"

"You can say that again too!" She shook her head. "Lets just say we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Paris. And we did wait in line so we could get into the Louvre."

Cody laughed. "I didn't think that line was ever going to end. And for the longest time, we were standing near this mime that was driving your Grandma crazy. I think she wanted to wring his neck..."

Bailey laughed too. "Well, he was being annoying!"

"Remember what I told you though?"

She paused and sighed. "Yeah, I do. You said a mime was a terrible thing to waste..."

Upon hearing that, all of their grandchildren began groaning. "Granpa! Please tell me you didn't!"

"What? I thought it was funny!"

Roni shook her head. "Well, it is nice to know Grandpa's weird sense of humor wasn't something that developed recently..."

Bailey laughed. "Oh, trust me, its been like ever since I met him. And if you want to hear something that's really funny, he's gotten a lot better over the years. You should have heard some of the jokes he cracked back when we were back on the boat..."

Tommy shook his head this time. "Uh uh! I can't believe that! There's no way possible Grandpa's jokes could have been worse than the ones he tells us!"

"Believe it because its true. I used to fake a giggle just to make him feel better."

Kaylee spoke up. "So do we, Grandma!"

Cody sighed. "I'm right here in the room with you! I can hear everything you're saying!"

Bailey patted his arm. "We know, Sweetie..." She turned back to their grandchildren. "But its like I told him years ago – when he doesn't try so hard, your Grandpa can actually be funny."

He sighed again. "Thanks, Bails..."

"Oh, quit your bellyaching. You know we all love you for so much more than that. If I want to hear a funny joke, I can go to a comedy club. But when we want to feel absolutely loved and adored and special, we know you are the person to go to."

"Well, that's good I suppose."

She kissed him. "Its very good..."

The grandchildren groaned again. "More story!"

Bailey laughed. "Okay, okay. Back to the story. Well, we were only in Paris for a few days before we headed off for fun in the sun in Majorca off the coast of Spain."

"What did you two do there?"

Cody smiled. "We enjoyed ourselves and took it as easy as possible..." He laughed. "When it was time for us to come home, I tried to convince your Grandma that we should just stay there forever."

"And he was this close to doing just that. But I knew we had to return back to the real world. Besides, when we got back, we only had a few days before medical school started. And as fun and interesting as our four years at Yale were, we had no idea that those next four years at Harvard were going to rival them..."

"Yeah, Grandma? What happened then?"

Logan International Airport, Wednesday, August 12, 2015

About four o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, twelve days after they had left Boston for their honeymoon, Cody and Bailey found themselves de-boarding their plane and entering the international terminal at Logan International Airport. And while it was only four o'clock local time, their bodies were still on Central European Time which made it feel like ten o'clock to them. Unfortunately for them though, as they were soon to find out, their day back in Boston was just getting started. With their carry-on bags slung over their shoulders, they made their way through the terminal and on to their baggage claim area. And there waiting on them with a big smile on her face was Carey. Cody and Bailey didn't see her at first, but neither one of them could mistake the feeling of an arm circling around both of their shoulders.

"You're back!"

Both whirled around to see Carey standing there and smiled. "Hey, Mom. Yeah, we're finally back."

Carey was still grinning though. "Well, I can see you both have gotten some sun. I admit I'm jealous of both of your tans..."

Bailey laughed. "Well, for the last week, we've pretty much spent all of our days out on the beach and enjoying the crystal blue Mediterranean. We had a blast."

"Good. I'm glad you did. But even though you're married now, I still have no desire to know how you spent your evenings..."

Cody shook his head. "Nor do we have any desire to tell you about them. All I know is that I'm wiped out from traveling all day, and I'm looking forward to heading home and calling it a day."

Carey winced. "Well, I wouldn't blame you if you did, but you can't..."

"Why not?"

"Because Zack wanted me to remind you that you two have to be there for a volleyball game tonight. Supposedly, you guys are in the finals of your league tournament tonight."

That surprised both of the newlyweds. "We are? How is that possible? Our team sucked!"

Bailey nodded. "Its true. We finished 7th out of 8 teams, and the team that ended worse than us got wiped out by a summer flu outbreak causing them to forfeit the rest of the season. The week before we left, we were supposed to play the 2nd seed, but they had to forfeit when half their team got stuck in traffic and didn't make it on time. But there is no way we should have won a game last week!"

Carey shrugged. "Well, you did. From what I've been told, London had to actually end up playing for you guys. And Maddie told me she remembered some trick she used while they were both on the volleyball team in school to motivate her. Judging by the score of 21-7, 21-12, I think it worked."

Bailey turned to Cody in surprise. "How is that possible? I thought Zack had to step in or London was going to flunk PE on the boat?"

"He did..." He shrugged himself. "But I guess it doesn't really matter." He checked his watch. "Looks like we have about three hours to get back home, unpack and then on to the club."

"I guess so..." She sighed. "And I was so looking forward to doing nothing once we got back."

Carey laughed. "You just got back from a vacation..." She paused. "Oh...wait. Nevermind. You were on your honeymoon, so I doubt you two actually took it easy. Anyways, you still have a couple of weeks before school starts back to rest up."

Cody shook his head. "Unfortunately, we don't. We begin on Monday. Harvard Medical School got rid of their usual three day orientation, and instead, we have a two week Introduction to the Profession class. It'll be eight to five all next week and through Thursday of the following week. Then we'll have a three day weekend before classes begin in earnest."

"Oh..." She shrugged. "Well, I guess that will stop Zack from complaining any more about you two never having a class before nine o'clock."

"Yeah, and it will be the same way when our real classes begin too."

Bailey sighed again. "And there is the other thing we found out about that he won't like, but I think it bothers us more than it will him..."

"What's that?"

"Our first two years, our pre-clinical years, all of our grades will either be satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Even if we do totally outstanding work, the best we'll do is get a letter of excellence put into our permanent files..."

Carey just looked at the both of them. "And you're complaining about that?"

"Of course we are, Mom! We busted our humps at Yale to keep our 4.0s all the way through. Now, we'll still bust our humps and more than likely get the same grade as someone who passes by the skin of their teeth..."

She sighed. "Silly me. I briefly forgot who I was talking to for a minute. Anyways, speaking of orientations and beginning school, when will your sister be arriving in Boston to begin Harvard herself, Bailey?"

"Amy will get here two weeks from yesterday. She wants a couple of days to get used to being in Boston, and then on that Friday, we're going out shopping to get her what she'll need for school. With all of the scholarship money she's gotten from various sources, she's going to invest in a few things like a new laptop and printer. Plus, she wants to buy some clothes that are more...urban than rural. And then, at some point, she wants us to help her figure out what classes to take her first semester. Word's gotten out that we're pretty good at that."

"I guess I can't blame her for that." Carey smiled. "Well, fortunately for her, she'll have you both to help her out and find what the proper attire for an Ivy League school is."

Cody laughed. "Well, she'll have Bailey. While they'll be out shopping that morning, I'll be taking Albert to the veterinarian."

She frowned. "Wait a minute...who's Albert?"

Bailey smiled. "He's the cat from my parents' farm who will be taking Porker's place in living with us next year. We weren't sure what to name him at first, but we watched the Back to the Future trilogy on our flight to Europe. Doc Brown named his dog Einstein, and we kind of liked the idea of naming our pet after a famous scientist. So, we decided to call him Albert, but I'll probably end up calling him Albie. Anyways, my parents say he's much more a house cat than a farm cat, so Cody is going to take him to the vet London uses for Ivana to get him neutered and a microchip implanted..." She paused. "I'm still debating on whether or not to get him de-clawed or not. Normally, I'd be totally against it, but since he won't be going outside any, I think it might be to his and our furniture's benefit to have it done."

"Ahhh..." Carey paused and laughed again. "Cody, I hope you realize that cat is probably going to hate you for a little while. He'll see you as the person who took away his...well, I guess for cats it would be his 'Tomhood' away from him. So, don't be surprised."

He sighed. "Oh, I know. But, before we left, we watched several episodes of My Cat From Hell, and I think I have a few ideas how to lessen it some." He paused and smiled. "I must say, Mom...I'm pleasantly surprised to see you taking becoming a grandmother so well. Essentially, you will be Al's grandma..."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh please. I handled it with Bubba, so this shouldn't be any different. Besides, a pet is a lot different than a baby. The only thing I'm wondering though is how Bailey talked you into being the one to take him to the vet..."

Cody shrugged. "I lost rock, paper, scissors. It would seem after being together for seven years that she's learned my tendency of initially going with paper..."

Carey laughed. "Looks like it..."

"By the way, we want to have a cook out at our place as kind of an official housewarming/getting reading to start back to school get together that Friday night. Can you make it?"

"Sure, I'll be there. Besides, I want to meet my new...grandson."

Just then, the baggage claim belt began moving. "Stay right here, Mom, and we'll go grab our bags."

And with that, Cody and Bailey headed off to get their luggage. Fortunately for them, their bags were among the first to come out. So, as they we're lifting them off, Bailey whispered to Cody.

"Why did you tell my Mom we did rock, paper, scissors. I don't remember us doing that."

He grinned and winked at her. "Did you want me to tell her the real way you convinced me to do it?"

She paused before shaking her head. "Nope. Good call on that one..."

The Sports Bar near the Tipton, about 6:30 that evening

After Carey had dropped them off at their new townhouse, Cody and Bailey had a little over an hour to begin unpacking from their honeymoon before they had to head back out. Realizing how tired they really were, they decided to put off doing laundry until the next day and opted instead to try to get a nap in to refresh themselves. Unfortunately, that was not to be as both were just about to drift off to sleep when the alarm they set went off. Sighing, they changed into to their uniforms and headed off to the sports bar where their game were held. And when they arrived, everyone else was sitting around a picnic table outside enjoying a cold beverage. And upon seeing them, everyone else began applauding.

"Well, two actually did show up tonight. I actually made a bet with Maya that you two would skip out on us. Thanks, Bro...Sis...once again, you've made me lose a bet..."

Cody smirked at him. "We try our best, Zack. But as for the game tonight, don't expect much from either one of us..."

"Broseph, I never expect much from you when it comes to a sport of any kind..."

Bailey shook her head. "Well, don't expect much from me either. Cody and I have spent the last ten hours flying a third of the way around the world, and our bodies think it should be after midnight right now."

Zack rolled his eyes. "Oh please! Even if that's so, I seriously doubt you two were ever asleep by twelve thirty any night of your honeymoon. Sure, you might have been in bed, but I'm willing to bet..."

Maya cut him off. "What Zack's trying to say is welcome back, and we completely understand that you two might be a little exhausted."

Bailey laughed. "Thanks. Besides, we heard with London playing, you guys didn't even need us..."

London shook her head. "Yeah, well that was a one time thing! I broke a nail last week and have retired again!" She paused. "Anyways, did you two have fun on your honeymoon?"

Cody smiled. "We sure did. Your father's private villa was more than we could have ever imagined. We had a blast."

"I imagine you did especially with the private cove. Its good to see neither of you has pasty skin any longer. In fact, I'm willing to bet that if we checked, we'd probably find neither one of you has any tan lines..."

Zack grimaced. "Lets not. I'd rather not lose my lunch before we play." He paused and smirked at them. "But, while you two were in Paris, run into smarmy french guys this time?"

Bailey paused. "Actually, we did. Fortunately, he didn't seem to recognize us, so we were able to avoid him. But it looks like he was up to his old tricks except it seems the past several years haven't been very kind to him..."

Cody nodded. "Our theory is an over fondness of fattening French pastries and cheese..." He paused and laughed. "In fact, we joked to each other that he might not be able to fit through the Champs Elysees now..."

Bailey laughed too. "And then we began joking about what the Mona Lisa was smirking about. Cody thought that it was because..."

Zack cut her off. "I'm going to go ahead and stop you right now. Odds are its one of those things that only the two of you would find funny..."

"Well, we did think it was funny!"

"I'm sure you did...And considering the things you two find humorous, I'm glad I stopped you when I did..."

Maddie shook her head and laughed herself. "Anyways, its good to have you two back in Boston again. But I'm guessing you two are preparing yourselves to getting back into school mode again. What do you have? A couple of weeks before you start back?"

"Try a couple of days. Our orientation class starts on Monday morning at eight AM sharp."

Zack laughed. "Finally! You two don't get a perk when it comes to school. My orientation doesn't begin back until two weeks from Monday."

Maya smirked at him. "And some of us don't have orientation at all and won't begin classes until the following Tuesday after Labor Day..."

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah...rub it in why don't you..."

Bailey laughed. "Speaking of school starting back, Amy is coming to Boston in a couple of weeks and she will move into her dorm on the Saturday before classes begin. Cody and I are going to have a housewarming/end of summer cookout at our place that Friday night, and all of you are cordially invited."

"Free food? We'll be there!"

Cody sighed. "Who didn't see that coming? Besides, it'll give everyone a chance to meet the newest member of our little family, Albert – our cat."

Zack couldn't help himself. "You're lucky you're a married man now, Broseph. A single guy with a cat would cause people to wonder."

"Get your mind out of the gutter. Besides, more households nowadays have cats than dogs. Anyway, that Friday, I'm taking him to the vet to get neutered, so I hope everyone will understand if he's a little...grouchy that evening."

Maddie nodded. "Understood. I remember how angry Scamp was with me after I did that same thing to him. But, I had to. After his...dalliance with Ivana, I kind of had to. London practically made me..."

"Dalliance?" London glared at her. "He defiled my little princess! You're lucky I didn't have Daddy take him out!"

Bailey shook her head. "Anyways, that afternoon, I'm taking Amy shopping. She wants some clothes to help her fit in better around Boston and around campus. So, I'm going to take her to the outlet malls outside of town."

London turned her attention to her. "And she asked you?" She shook her head. "For the sake of that girl's social life, I'm going with you! No offense, Bailey, but one of you around Boston is enough!"


"Hey, I admit you've gotten better. Your choice of wedding dress was proof of that. But, Bailey, your style still sucks. Fortunately, you've got Cody who doesn't care what you wear, but your sister doesn't have that same luxury!"

Maddie shook her head again. "Anyways, changing the subject, are you two looking forward to having classes with your soon to be famous classmate?"

Cody and Bailey looked at her in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

"That's right. It didn't make the news until the day after you two left for your honeymoon. Seems America's sweetheart from the London Olympic games will be beginning medical school with you. You remember her, the one who tore up her knee but was still able to win a gold medal anyways? Well, she's announced that her knee hadn't healed enough for her to try to compete again in Rio next summer, so she's retiring to go to medical school."

"Huh...We didn't know that. But odds are we'll barely see her if at all. There will be close to a hundred and fifty in our class, and they are breaking us up into two different sections. Odds are, we'll be in different sections and hardly ever come in contact with her."

Cody nodded. "Besides, a gold medal isn't all that impressive. I mean, Bailey and I have our own gold medals."

"You do? Where was I when you two get those?"

"From the Mathlympics before we started college. We beat the Albanians and won gold medals."

Zack rolled his eyes. "Yeah, like those are the same as a real Olympic gold medal..."

"Just because we earned ours with our brains rather than our bodies shouldn't make them any less valuable."

He wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulder. "Codester, of course it does. The only time people care if you do something with your minds is if you kick butt on Jeopardy like that Ken Jennings guy or if you discover the cure to some disease and win a Nobel Prize. And lets face it're never going to do either of those things..."

To be Continued...

AN: Yes, I'm finally beginning the sequel. First things first - don't expect this to be posted on any kind of schedule. I'll post a chapter when I have time to do one whenever that will be. Now, if people are wondering about the name because it sounds funny, I tend to agree. But Harvard's campus is known as the Yard. So, with a vast majority of the main characters attending that university in one form or another, I went with it. Finally, the episodes will probably be a little shorter than in SLOC. Sorry about that, but I just don't have the time to write as much as I did. I will say though I will be bringing some topics to this story that I haven't tackled before. So, if I offend anyone when I do, I apologize in advance.