Two days later we are all sitting on couches and chairs bored out of our mind. "I got it."Crayton yells. "We have to go to Paradise."he adds. "Why?"Four and Six ask in unison. "Well there is a underground base there with information that we need. So we will be there for a month...ish trying to find it. Four,Five, and Six will have to change their hair style."he says. "Okay."I say. "Lets go."I say. We find a barber shop and Six goes first and decides to go blond. When she is done Four goes and dies his hair tan . He gets done and I go. "What do you want today?"the guy asks me. "Coloured dark brown."I reply. "How do I look?"I ask. "Cool."they both say in unison. We had been gone about two hours. We decide to walk in with baseball caps on our heads. "Lets see."Nine says. "Wait. Lets have some fun and guess."Marina says. "The rules are you have to get all of then right to win bragging rights."Nine says. "Okay I'll guess that Six went red head, Four black, and Five the same."Nine answered. I started laughing at the picture of Daniel and Jane that way. They just gave me a lethal glare. "So that was wrong?"he asked. "Oh yeah." I said. The rest of them guessed and got Daniel and Jane right but not me. "Okay guys take off the hats."Marina said. We all took them off and I said, "How do we look?". "Great now go pack."Crayton said.

We make it to Paradise the next day, and decide to stay at the old place Four stayed in before. "This place is a dump."I say. "Okay it should take about a month or two to get all of the info we need."Crayton explains. "But in the mean time try to get used to this town like tomorrow I am going to force you to go to the Fall bash."he added. "Oh and while you are there try not to talk to anyone and don't attract any attention to yourselves. Okay?"he said. We all grumbled a 'yeah'.

The next morning we all were forced to have our clothes chosen. I was in a plain white tee with a blue open button up over it, and tan cargo shorts. I walked out of my room and saw the others. Not suprisingly Daniel and James were wearing the same thing except Nine wore green and Daniel in red. The girls wore jeans with plain tees. Six had black, Seven white, and Eight pink. "Are we ready to go yet?"I asked. "Almost just one more thing Five and Seven you are taking care of Three year old Ella."Crayton said. "Now can we leave?"I asked again. "Yes."Nina said. "Wait take these with you."Crayton said handing me a basball and bat. I picked up Ella and put her on my hip and said to the rest of the Garde telepathicaly 'This I'll be fun.'