Secret Obsession.

By Annabelle Rose 22

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Don't sue.

Summary: Short story. His father knows he enjoys this. Harry/Albus Severus. Incest! Mature themes

Rated M( Mature audiences only!) This story has incest, slash!(Male/Male), and explicit sexual content. If you find that disturbing, don't read!

Author notes: My first short story about this pairing. Don't be upset because it's not as long as expected. Hope you like it and if you have any ideas about this pairing, let me know in reviews! Please Note: Albus is not a little boy. He's eighteen in this fic.

Updated: 29th of May 2013: I fixed some minor errors in the story. So anyone who is a beta reader please review carefully to make sure that I didn't miss anything.


It's always been like this. Days when his Father is in need. Days when Albus knew his Mother couldn't fulfill the need. It was a secret obsession of his. Albus knew when he found out a year ago in his Father's secret diary in the attic he had a secret Homosexual relationship with his male best friend... his Uncle. The time when Albus discovered that he was gay. The time his father caught him one day in his room in masturbating to those dirty gay magazines. The same day that his Father gave into the forbidden temptation. Passionately kissing him on the lips, taking a firm hold his own flesh and blood's hard member for the first time.

And there Albus was.

At Night, with his Father was in the dark wooden forest not far from his home. While his Brother, Sister and Mother are fast asleep in their beds, he is here with him his Father and secret lover; his hands and feet tied up against a tree, Fucking him hard and rough against the hard bark. Passionate cries of love-making fall from his mouth as well as grunts from his Father as he repeatedly hits his prostate. Albus can feel a strong hand reach around his swollen cock. With one stroke, he cries out. Walls contracting around his Father's cock as he announced his orgasm. Thick ropes of semen fall on the dirty ground. His father followed shortly after.

''Do you enjoy this?'' His father asked, wrapping his arms around his waist.

Albus wraps his head around his father's question. He sometimes wonder, why does he do this? Why didn't He stop this when it first got started? Albus told his Father in the beginning that he felt uncomfortable about this. That this was wrong. And if they ever get caught, they might as well be digging their own graves. But the smirk that he feels from his Father's lips against his skin, his Father know damn well that is a lie.

His father knows... he fucking loves it.