"Betty? Letter"

"Mmm? Oh. Thank you."

"No problem"

"You know, some people have a delightful custom of simply passing the mail over rather than throwing it..."

"Well, feel free to ask those people to go pick up your mail for you, then. Anything interesting?"

"Mother's latest epistle"


"So it seems"

"Any interesting news?"

"Mostly news of her many friends and acquaintances. And of their dutiful non-divorced daughters, of course."


"Oh, wait...And Spencer..."


" He's to be remarried, Mother says so here. She's from Sarah Lawrence, I believe."



"Did you ask her how Spencer was or...?"

"Of course not. I think that may have been a misguided attempt to make me jealous"

"What will you reply?"

"Nothing. I couldn't think of anything to say...should I?"

"Ask for the poor girls name so we can warn her. Actually, while we're at it, find out Spencer's new address so I can warn him..."

"Of what? Giselle? Warn him of what?...Giselle, you're going to answer me!"

"Calm down, I'm just..."




"...That was extremely unladylike. Miss Abbey would be surprised at you, Miss Warren!"

"Oh, stop it"

"A lady does not jump upon others and wrestle letters out of their hands!"

"Well, I couldn't let you send THAT to Spencer!"

"Why not? He had to hear it sometime..."

"He does NOT need to hear it from you."

"Who else would tell him?"

"If his new wife wants to tell Spencer what an ...let's see... oh, here it is, 'impotent bastard' he is, that is her prerogative. Not yours."

"Oh, please. As if Spencer's mother would allow him to marry anyone with enough balls to do anything of the sort. She's probably gone to a lot of trouble to find the meekest little milksop she can find for her darling boy..."

"Giselle. Promise me you won't send this to Spencer."

"Okay, fine"

"Or any other letter like it"



"...Alright...I'm just furious with him, you know?"

"You may've mentioned it once or twice."


"Thank you"

"For what?"

"For being angry with him. For thinking that I'm worth getting angry over."

"Oh, Betty-"

"I think you're the first, in fact."


"I don't think it ever occurred to Mother to blame Spencer and not me...Was that a pity kiss? You know how I hate pity kisses..."

"Your mother is a bitch. And no...that was just a kiss. No pity, I promise."




"That wasn't a pity kiss either. I promise."

"I believe you..."

"Good. I do hate to be doubted"

"...Thank you. For loving me"