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Emma was naked and wrapped in his lover's arms as she was smiling blissfully at Ethan who was already asleep. He was one of the only good thing in her new messed up life. Her agreement with her twin sister forced her to lie constantly, so her relationship with Ethan was refreshing, at least it felt good to be completely honest with someone. It was the first time that she was truly in love. She couldn't belive how lucky she was that her feelings were mutual, Ethan loved her. Her, Emma Becker, the poor kid from the foster care.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard her cell phone vibrating. She stretched out her arm and took it on the bedside table. It was an unknown caller. She got up carefully to not wake him up. She headed for the bathroom, shut the door behind her and finally picked up the phone.

''Allo?... Allo?... Who is it?'' Emma asked as nobody answered.

She heard some moans and people who were breathing heavily. They were clearly having sex. Then she recognized someone groaning Sutton name. There was no doubt about it, she was definitely sure it was Ethan. She could barely hold her phone, it was sickening, she couldn't hang up though, as if she liked to hurt herself she continued to listen.

''I can't do this to Emma!'' She heard Ethan groaned while he was clearly continuing whatever he was doing with her.

''Do you see Emma here?'' She heard Sutton replied as she could easily imagine her trademark smirk.

Emma dropped her phone, she was paralysed, she couldn't move, she couldn't breathe. How it was possible? She loved him, he loved her, at least she thought he did, she trusted him, she even saved herself for him! And now she just had slept with him and she was sure it was the biggest mistake of her life. In a moment of lucidity, she got out of the bathroom and quickly got dressed. She collected all of her stuff and got out of the room as fast as she could, all upset.

When Laurel and Emma came back to Phoenix it was already late in the night. They hadn't said a word in the car. Laurel knew that there was something wrong, she actually had an idea of what it was and thought several times to say something but nothing of what she could say was good enough considering the situation she presumed it was.. She decided to be silent instead.

Arrived in the house Emma went straight to the stairs.

''Sutton!'' Laurel called Emma as she stopped and turned around at the middle of the stairs. ''I'm sorry!'' Laurel finally said.

''Not as much as I am!'' She replied with a sad look on her face before she continued to go up the stairs.

She slammed her room door behind her and burst into tears, leaned on it. She didn't even notice that Thayer was sitting on her bed. She had held her tears all day long.

''Emma?'' Thayer said very concerned as she jumped when she heard her name.

''Jesus Christ! You scared the hell out of me!'' She shouted as she had tears in the eyes.

''I'm sorry. It's just had something to tell you and... Sorry I wasn't thinking...'' He apologized.

''What? She said wiping her tears.

''Nevermind. What's going on Emma?'' He asked before he took her hand in order that she sat down next to him.

''I'm stupid!'' She decreed crying even more.

''No you're not! What happened?''

''I just fell in love.'' She sobbed.

''What's wrong with that?'' He smiled at her.

''He doesn't love me back.'' She responded.

''Why do you think that? Because I can't picturing a guy who doesn't love you back.'' Thayer said as he was looking right into her hazel eyes.

A million thoughts crossed her mind. She wanted to tell him the truth but she was so ashamed. In a weird kind of way, she was blaming herself. Even if it wasn't her fault, she thought that she shouldn't have started with Ethan in the first place. Before she came to Phoenix, he was Sutton's boyfriend, wasn't he?

''Emma?... Please, you're scaring me!'' Thayer said seeing that she was lost in her thoughts.

''I'm not ready to talk about it yet.'' Emma confessed.

''Alright.'' He calmly responded.

''I'm sorry... It's just...'' She wanted to explain herself before he cut her off.

''That's okay. You'll talk to me when you'll be ready. Now we're just gonna stay here and you're gonna cry on my shoulder for as long as need to, okay?'' He said as she nodded. ''Come here!''

He took her in his arms as she completely lost it. She was thankful to have a friend like Thayer. Since she met him, he did nothing but taking care of her. It was one the other reason why she didn't tell him about Sutton and Ethan. She knew that he was madly in love with her since they were kids. It would break his heart and of all the people, Thayer surely didn't deserve that.

The thing was that she didn't know how wrong she was? Even if it wasn't intentionnally, she was the one who was breaking his heart. Because he only had eyes for her. Every day, over and over again she was crashing his heart not wanting him the way he wished and that since the day they met. It was painful but he couldn't walk away. Having her as a friend was better than not having her at all.

Emma cried herself to sleep this night. Thayer was gazing her like he was mesmerized, like she was his whole world. He could have watch her sleep for the eternity.

'God! If only she could see herself through my eyes!' He thought to himself.

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