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When Emma opened her eyes the next morning, they were still sore because of crying, even after a good night's sleep. She turned her head to see if Thayer was still here, but apparently he was gone. It took her a few minutes to remember what happened last night. She didn't want to cry again but the tears came in her eyes anyway. Emma wasn't very lucky. She was the cursed twin, the one who was stuck in a life which sucks. Her sister had everything that she didn't even dare to dream and yet Sutton didn't appreciate it. She had the perfect family, good friends, amazing boyfriend (well, not so amazing), a wardrobe that would make Victoria Beckam pale with envy, popularity... She was a princess while Emma was just Cinderella without her fairy godmother. Somebody knocked on her room door, she wiped her tears away and arranged her messy hair.

''You can come in!'' She said with a trembling voice, trying to pull herself together.

''The breakfast of champions!'' Thayer said as he was helding a tray after he came in her room.

''It's really nice of you but I'm not really hungry.''

''I'm sure you're not, but you're gonna eat all the same.'' He gently commanded her. ''Thayer...'' She said with a pouty face.

''Enough with this face. It's not gonna work anyway.'' He lied to her as he was smiling at her, because he knew that if she continued to be this cute, he couldn't help to give her whatever she asked to him.

''At least, drink your orange juice.'' Thayer insisted. He's not going to give up on that one.

''Okay daddy!'' She mocked him as she was giving a hint of a smile.

''At least I've made you smile. Let's see if I can make you laugh.'' He said before he put down the tray on the bedside table.

''What are you doing?'' Emma asked as she was seeing him approaching her dangerously. ''I just want to know something.'' He calmly said, then he jumped on her and tickled what he assumed to be her tender spots.

''Oh my god!... Please... Just stop already... Thayer!'' She begged him while she was laughing out loud.

''I don't think I can do that!'' He said before he tickled her even more.

Actually he'd continue all day long if it meant that he wouldn't have to see her cry anymore. But he knew that she had to go to school eventually so he stopped and let her breathe. He walked to the hifi system and plugged a USB key on it. He tried to find a catchy song, but nothing suited until he hit upon ''Hello'' by Martin Solveig and Dragonette. He turned the volume up and opened the shutters widely.

''Alright drink your orange juice, take a shower, put some clothes on and meet me in the lounge. I'm gonna bring you at school. It's going to be a good day!''

''But I've already told to Kristin that I didn't feel good.'' Emma complained.

''Look! I don't know what the hell Ethan has done or say, but I presumed Sutton has something to do with it, if you don't go to school, she'll think she'll have won.'' He tried to convince her.

''She already have Thayer.''

''Maybe, or maybe not, you don't know that actually. But still, don't let them have the satisfaction to see that you're upset. Just go! Don't spoil your time!''

''I can't face Ethan now.'' She confessed.

''And that's okay, you don't have to already. You can avoid him and stay with Mads if you want.'' He reassured her as she nodded. ''It's gonna be okay.'' He said before he kissed her forehead and left the room so she could get ready.

Thayer had barely parked the car that Ethan saw them from afar and walked towards them.

''Fuck! I can't do this.'' Emma swore.

''Go! I handle it.''

''Oh! I almost forgot. What did you want to say to me last night?''

''Well, my dad is engaged to Rebecca and they throw an engagement party tonight!'' He said quickly.

''What? When did this happen? This is crazy!'' She said in disbelief.

''We'll talk about it later. I see you at the engagement party, now go!''

They both get out of the car. Emma made a dash for Mads who was making signs for her to come. Ethan was about to follow her until Thayer got in his way.

''Dude! I have to talk to her.'' Ethan said.

''I'm afraid it's not possible, at least not today.''

''It's insane! I don't even know why she's mad at me!''

''Sincerely it's not like I care but my guess it's that about Sutton. It's always about her.''

''I knew it! I knew that the first chance you'd get, you'd try to sabotage us. I think you want to be with her but news flash : I am her boyfriend!'' Ethan accused Thayer.

''I don't know it seems that you're not her favorite persone lately and I think you're doing a pretty damn good job yourself and I don't give a shit about you or what you think. But I care about her, I just want her to be happy and for now you need to stay the freak away from her, got it?'' Thayer spoke louder.

''Or what?''

''Trust me, you don't want to find out.'' He threatened him before he went back to his car and left.

Emma and Mads were having lunch. She was so relieved that Mads knew the whole story with her taking Sutton's place and that she didn't freak out. It was so hard to lie to her, Emma considered her as a friend now.

''So you here the news, don't you? I really don't know what to think.'' Mads broke the silence.

''Yeah Thayer told me, it's very sudden.''

''Since you bring the subject... I know that Thayer stayed at your place for the night, you two are very close lately...'' Mads started to say.

''Your brother is just a friend, you don't have to worry about it.'' Emma cut her off.

''Okay. But for the record, if it had to change, I wouldn't mind.''

''Thanks. But it won't.'' She firmly replied.

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