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"Do you remember anything, kid?" Fury asked. The blonde haired boy looked up from his lap. His big blue eyes stared at him, wide and full of fear. He bit his small lip before opening his mouth.

"I, I do Mister, my name, and such," he said in an adorable Brooklyn accent. He fisted the oversized Harley Davidson shirt in his hands. He was cold, and it was far too cold to be in just a shirt that fit like a dress and a pair of much too big socks.

"Mind telling me what you know?" Fury asked meshing his fingers against him. He leant his chin against them and studied the child's face. He wouldn't look him in the eye.

"My name is Steven Rogers, and I live in Brooklyn, with my mother," he said quietly. Fury had told him he was with the police so it was okay to talk. It wasn't hard to lie to a kid. Steve had heard of very few coloured police though.

"Do you know how old you are?" he asked. Steve thought for a moment before answering.

"6, Mister," he replied. Fury nodded and leant back in his chair. The leather he wore creaked as he did so. Steve shifted nervously in his seat and placed his hands in his lap.

"Your mother is away on business, thought you should know."

"She got fired from her job." Or one of them at least, considering she had 3.

"She's got an even better one now. We have a few people we'd like you to meet," Fury said bluntly. Of course this was a lie, however. Steve believed he was in the 1930's still, and his family and friends were long gone. Steve sat up a little straighter and pressed his back against the cool metal chair. He looked nervous again. He wasn't too friendly at the moment. He looked cold, tired and frightened. He nodded none the less though because even as a child, he was trying to be brave.

"Ok," he said a little above a whisper. Fury picked up the radio on the table and spoke into it.

"Bring them in."

They had been watching on the cameras. Every single avenger was worried and freaking out a little. Even Natasha and she always seemed cool, calm and collected. They didn't have a leader anymore. Tony would have to step up and be the leader for a little while, but no one had enough respect for him to actually listen.

Things were going to be more hectic than ever before.

He walked in first. The other avengers followed in suit and smiled gently at the child who looked a little panicked.

"These are the people you'll be living with," Fury said standing up. They were an odd bunch odd people. They looked completely different from one another and everything about them screamed awkward. "Get to know them well," he said.

"Hi," he said quietly.

Clint waved and Thor smiled widely. Tony strode up to him as he slipped off his jacket and rested it on the kid's shoulders.

"He's shaking. Don't you guys even know how to take care of a kid?" Tony snorted crossing his arms. Steve blinked at the warm leather jacket placed on his small body and hugged it tighter against his shivering form. The Avengers came closer.

"Well, don't be shy, introduce yourself," Fury said rolling his eyes as he left the room. He sounded tired and pressed for time, almost like he never got any. Steve sighed exasperated and looked at them all. He was told this was the police, so he was safe, no one would hurt him. The styles here, where ever 'here' was, were very different. The leather smelt nice, and it was warm. His knuckles turned white as he gripped it closer. The zipper dug into his palm, but he didn't care.

"Tony Stark," the man said holding out a hand. He spoke in between frantic gum chewing, or it could have been tobacco, Steve wasn't sure. He had long fingers too, so Steve guessed he played the piano. He had given Steve his jacket. The child shook his hand trying to give a firm hand shake like Bucky always said you should do.

"I am Thor," the big blonde haired man said proudly. He had a deep warm voice and a wonderful welcoming smile. Steve nodded and pulled his hand away from Tony's.

"Clint Barton, nice to meet ya" another one said. Steve looked at him for a moment before offering a hand to shake. Clint smirked before taking the small cold hand in his own and giving a firm shake. Tony was glad Steve didn't offer a hand to Thor, because the demi-god would probably break his arm off. Unintentionally of course. The demi-god doesn't know his own strength.

"Bruce Banner," the black haired man murmured. He had a slight accent, and was quiet. Steve watched him smile slightly before backing away.

"I'm Natasha Romanov," the red haired women said. Steve nodded. She had short hair, like his mother. She also had very pretty green eyes. She was strict looking though. She shook his hand and Steve blushed since it was a nice firm grip. He hid his hands back in the warm leather of the jacket and stared at them all.

"You'll be living with us for a while," Tony said sitting down at the table. He began to tap his fingers against the metal surface.

"Why?" Steve asked before he could stop himself.

"We'll keep you safe, and watch after you," Natasha said crossing her arms. She looked even stricter with them crossed. Steve reminded himself that this was the police.

"Can I ask why I'm here, and how I got here?" he asked. Tony grinned at the accent and looked around at them all.

"Well no one's yelling at me not to talk so, here it is. Your mom is away on important business ok? We're here to protect you and watch you. Be your guardians or whatever," Tony said waving his hand in the air as he spoke.

"Oh, ok," Steve said shifting in his seat. He looked down at his lap and then up at them.

"Relax kid, we aren't gonna hurt you! Ease up, we would've done so by now if that's what we were planning to do," Clint laughed. Steve blinked and nodded scratching the back of his head.

"There is nothing you should fear, little one. We only wish to comfort you," Thor explained.

"The doctor checked you already right?" Natasha asked cutting them short.

"Yes. They gave me shots, I don't like shots," he pouted. Tony laughed at the kids face. He was, without a doubt, an adorable child. Steve had wondered why he had woken up in a hospital room, but didn't question it too much due to frequent visits. The nurses and doctor's however dressed differently, and everything look strange. He assumed he had passed out from an Asthma attack. It's happened before.

"Well who likes those? I certainly don't," Thor said mimicking Steve's pout. Clint snorted and soon everyone was chuckling. Everyone knew that the god had a few bad experiences with them.

"So, kid, you wanna leave? I'm sure we can," Tony asked. Steve was bobbing his head up and down as soon as he heard the word leave.

"Yea," he said sliding out of the chair. He walked over to Thor and bent his head back to look at him. "You're very tall," Steve pointed out. Thor laughed and bent downwards to ruffle the dirty blonde hair on his head. Steve shrunk with the weight of his hand but grinned a toothy grin. The child began to shrug off the leather coat to give back to the brunette but Tony stopped him.

"You need it more than I do kid. Want a lift?" Tony asked. Steve stared up at him with a dubious expression. "Well, took too long," Tony continued. He put his hands under Steve's arm pits and lifted him up. The kid gasped in alarm and wrapped and arm around Tony's neck.

"It's the least I can do."

Steve wasn't sure what he meant by that, but the man's face looked pained.

"Tony quit being an idiot and get down here! It's gonna be filled with-" Steve's orders were cut off.

"Sorry Cap but this is going to work and it's going to save us a lot of time!" Tony replied back into the com. He flew over to one of the power boxes and clicked open his helmet. He began to rewire the wires.

The building they were in was old and barely holding together. It was an ancient boat house by the water. The bottom level was currently flooded with salty water because Hulk was playing too hard.

"You're an idiot. Get your ass down here and help out instead of trying to play hero!" Clint snapped. Tony was bleeding heavily from his head already from when he had his helmet open briefly at one point during the mission. Well it had been a mission until Loki popped up. He wasn't going to let anybody else get hurt. Things were starting to get blurry. He was going to point out 'hero' is exactly what they were, but he restrained himself thankfully.

He let out a string of curses as he heard gun fire close by and the familiar clink of it hitting a shield.

"Everybody stop moving!" Tony shouted over the com.

"Tony what-"

Captain America was cut off as the lights went out.

"This is your brilliant idea?! You're really stupid sometimes!" Natasha barked. There were a few startling sounds of what was guessed to be bones snapping before she clicked off momentarily. Well, that was a bit creepy.

"Thanks, I get that a lot!" Tony grinned, his face plate falling back down. "JARVIS, night vision," Tony told his AI. A whirl sounded and he could see again. Not very well, but good enough. They all heard a loud crumble and an ear ringing crash.

"Hulk can't see! Hulk smash!"

Well they all knew what Banner was doing and where he was at.

"Sorry big guy! If these guys can't see, then we have the advantage," Tony snorted.

"Fools," Loki's voice sounded. He was amused, watching the show from somewhere in the boat house amused. He was just pissed off about the whole trying to take over the world thing not going well. Tony was hit in the thigh with some alien's gun that stared at him in disgust. He shoved it off and growled in annoyance. Apparently the aliens had built in heat detectors in their fucking eyes, which was just great.

He asked JARVIS to keep a look out on certain Avengers.

"I cannot seem to see anything either friend Tony," Thor informed after a minute. He was looking for Loki, and pummeling anything that got in his way.

"Yea, where've ya been buddy?" Tony asked firing at one of Loki's lackeys. "Most of us can see in the dark!" Tony pointed blasting two things down as he took off into the air. He was shot down however and was flung into a wall. There was a dry laugh.

"Really, you can see in the dark?" Cap asked with a snort watching him get up. They were a few feet away from one another.

"Oh shit my concussion is really bad, especially if Captain America is getting snarky with me."

"When did you get hit?" Steve exclaimed.

Tony felt his cheeks heat up. Steve was always worrying over him. It was kind of comforting that not only Pepper and Rhodey genuinely cared about him. Mission. Right, this was not the time to be thinking about a very doting super soldier.

"A while back Capsicle! Don't worry about it!" Tony said blasting another guy sky high. Shrug it off and forget about it. It was one of his life's mottos.

"Watch out Iron Ass, you've got a few heading downwards at you," Clint said before clicking off again. Tony grumbled but turned around and was thrown into the wall. He, to say the least, did not see that coming.

Then he saw it.

The eerie blue glow of Loki's hand was visible despite the dust swirling in the air. Tony struggled to keep a good eye on the unnatural blue glow and the enemies attacking him currently at the same time.

Tony Stark was excellent at multitasking, but this was a bit too much.

He saw the blue hand jerk forward as something shot out of it and he wasn't able to move momentarily due to some aliens making things quite difficult.

Tony never played football in high school, mainly because he skipped high school and went straight to college. This meant he never played on a sports team, and at the moment he was glad. He wasn't a sports type of guy anyway. He was glad he didn't play them however, because Steve Rogers just tackled him to the ground like he was running down the field with a ball.

In horror, Tony turned to see Captain America sprawled out on the floor next to him, after being hit with whatever the hell Loki just shot him with.

"You create too many complications, Tony Stark, but I believe this is a most compromising problem for you all and better than I could have possibly anticipated," Loki snorted. With a blink of an eye, the blue glow went out and Loki disappeared with a whoosh of air.

"Shit… Steve!" Tony said scrambling to his side.

"Cap!" Clint called slinging down from some unknown spot (most likely the ceiling). Hulk was still on a rampage as was Thor, now only more angered. Clint pressed two fingers to their captain's neck, looking very solemn. Their captain was down, and he was not moving. He was pale and his eyes, grey and glazed over, were still open, staring blankly past his teammates who were bent over in question. "His heart beat is erratic," Clint murmured.

"Well shit."

There was a loud clap, and anything any of them had been fighting disappeared out of thin air.

That's when Tony barked orders at JARVIS telling him to check Rogers' vitals and keep him posted.

Tony shook his head and began to walk them out of the room. It's like they purposely kept these places at like hypothermia temperatures for the fun of it. You know, just to torture their agents (The Avengers but mostly Tony and Steve) for being there. Tony's skin covered in goose bumps quickly. Steve pushed his head into the crook between the billionaires' neck and shoulder and let out a shuddering breath.

"Any colder and I'll have icicles hanging from my nose," Clint muttered and Steve huffed out a laugh. Natasha raised an eyebrow and her pink lips quirked up at the corners.

"Please! These mild temperatures are warm compared to the winters in Asgard!" Thor bellowed. Bruce chuckled at that, he didn't get cold too often.

"Steve," Natasha said placing a hand on his arm. Steve looked across as her in question, hand tightening on Tony's shirt at his neck. "We're going to warn you now. Some things you see are going to be different than what you're used to, and might be scary," she said quietly. The other men in the room nodded.

"But don't worry, none of it will hurt you, that's why we are here anyways," Clint pointed out crossing his arms. Steve, who looked a little more frightened, nodded, trying to subside his fear.

"Ever been on an air plane?" Tony asked excitedly, trying to get the blonde to smile. Steve shook his head.

"I've never been in a car, let alone out of Brooklyn."

There was silence at that. Tony cleared his throat.

"Well it'll be fun! My friend is bringing some clothes for you to change into and something you can do during the ride," he explained shifting him on his hip. Steve nodded looking around at them again. He could trust them, couldn't he?

"Come on," Bruce called leading them out sliding doors. Steve wondered, only briefly, about how they did that, but was too shocked when his eyes spotted water.

A whole lot of water to be exact.

"We're on a boat?" he exclaimed looking around at the people walking by doing their jobs. There were machines everywhere and planes, too. They were planes, right? They looked different, more sleek and new.

"Indeed, little one. One of the biggest you'll ever be on," Thor chuckled.

"That big one over there is the one we're getting on," Clint said pointing to the monstrous sized plane. Steve's eyes widened and noticed on the side it was labeled Stark, he couldn't pronounce the other word, but it started with the letter I.

"It's yours," Steve said looking up at Tony.

"Yep, all mine. In fact a lot of the stuff you see here I made, or invented," he bragged.

"So you're really smart?" Steve asked as they began heading over to the plane. The stairs were down, waiting for them to board. There was a blonde standing at the top of them, in a suit, though she was very pretty.

"The smartest," he smirked.

"Shut up Tony," Natasha said rolling her eyes, "He just likes to think he is, but Bruce is very smart too," she explained. Steve nodded glancing over at the brunette and smiled. He gave a small smile in return. Tony led the way up the steps of the plane.

"Pep, meet Steve, Steve this is Pepper," Tony said pointing at the lady.

"Hello Steve," Pepper greeted with a friendly wave. She looked a little shell shocked, but friendly all the same. Pepper was an odd name, Steve thought, but it sounded nice. Fitting.

"Nice to meet you miss," he replied licking his chapped lips. It was freezing out.

They all filed into the plane, Clint arguing with Thor over who got to watch what channel on the TV. Tony handed Steve to Pepper who smiled in glee, but swatted at the billionaires arm when he said something like 'Take him. I don't do kids.' She had always wanted kids, but never had the time.

"I've got clothes for you, hopefully they fit. You're small," Pepper chuckled heading into the bathroom with him. Steve frowned at being called small, but he was, he knew he was. The bathroom was minor, but better than his bathroom at home. Everything shined and worked.

Once the blonde was dressed in a pair of drooping jeans and a t-shirt, Pepper helped him put on a dark blue sweat shirt that zipped up the front. She fixed his hair with her fingers and sighed happily.

"There, all dressed," she grinned adjusting the bunched up hood on his jacket.

"Thank you, Pepper," he said softly. She noticed he was frowning and placed a hand on his bony shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

He looked up and blushed and looked away and said, "It's just, well, how long is my mother going to be gone?"

Pepper grimaced and pulled him warm for a hug. Steve really hoped that didn't mean she wasn't coming back. He's gotten too many of those hugs as it is. He placed his small cold hands on her shoulders in acknowledgement.

"She'll be gone for quite a while, honey," Pepper said pulling back to give a comforting smile, but her eyes are red, "But in the meantime, you'll have fun with us," she smiled rubbing the small of his back.

Steve thought for a moment before nodding and an eye crinkling grin lit up on his face.

"Okay, Pepper," he said, nodding in acceptance. They walk back out hand in hand and Tony rolled his eyes.

"Crap, I think I just sold Pepper over to the devil."

Devil being a pair of innocent blue eyes.

"Funny," Natasha snapped picking Steve up and placing him at the table. "There's colouring books, puzzles and regular books," she explained pointing. Steve went for the crayons and began to colour in pictures of Iron Man. He was fascinated by him, a hero? A hero in a metal suit that saved people with a group called the Avengers.

The only heroes he knew of were the soldiers in the wars.

But, things were different here, and he supposed he would have to adjust.

"What are you colouring?" Bruce asked sitting down across from him. Steve glanced up and then back down at his drawing.

"Iron Man, and the Hulk," he said colouring in the Hulks green eyes. He was actually shading, which Bruce found amusing. Most kids couldn't even stay in between the lines.

"That's cool, do you like the super heroes in there?" he asked tapping the top of the comic book. Steve noticed the man's fingers had short nails.

"I do," he grinned placing the green crayon down. He picked up the yellow on to colour in the mask on Iron Man's face.

"Even the Hulk?" Tony asked leaning against Bruce, "He's kinda scary, no?" Tony had been talking to Clint, or more like arguing, about the quality of the jet. Clint had been busting his balls saying it still wasn't the best plane he had ever been.

Steve read over the little info caption beside the Hulk and shook his head as he finished up reading.

"No, he's not. He's just," Steve paused as he finished the glow of the arc reactor, "Misunderstood."

Bruce's lips twitched into a smile, and glanced up at Tony who had a strange look on his face.

Oh boy was this kid something else.








Authors Notes: So, how'd I do? I thought the idea of this story was cute, and it's been attempted before, but never really what I thought it'd be. So I decided, hey why don't I give it a try? You know, add in the things that you want to see, and hopefully I did well? All types of feedback are welcomed, but don't just bash me if you don't like something, be logical and don't yell at me, yeah?

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