"Women's Appreciation"

It's been stressful these past of couple of days. She and Jim have still been discussing their present situation late into the night, and that was almost every night. She was starting to feel overwhelmed and depressed. She knows Pam does have feelings for her boyfriend, Jim; she wasn't too worried about that, until she asked Jim if he still had feelings for Pam, and he said yes.

Her mind was racing and her heart was breaking. She didn't get angry or upset with him, instead she let it be. I guess she wasn't so surprised. She knew deep down inside that there was a possibility that Jim still being in love with Pam. But she pushed those thoughts away, thinking maybe, if Jim stuck with her until the end, then maybe he could forget about Pam and realize that she was the one for him.

She was terribly in love with him. She wanted to be with him, night and day. Hell, she even moved to Scranton for him.

She really does believe that he is the one.

It was yet another bland Monday morning at the office. Her co-workers were gossiping to each other while Micheal wasn't in yet.

She walked over to Jim's desk. "Hey," she said. "Hey, what's up?" replied Jim, smiling. Ah! His smile made her whole body tingle, she loved his smile and his dorky facial expressions. They made her fall head-over-heels. "So, I was thinking that maybe you and I should have dinner tonight. There's this new restaurant that opened up downtown called "Lo Zingaro." It means "The Gypsy" in Italian. So it's an Italian restaurant, " she said. "Italian," he said reluctantly. "Well, if you don't like Italian we can go somewhere else," she replied. "No," said Jim, a little too fast. "Italian sounds great," he finished, "at 8?" "Yeah, at 8."

"I think I just got flashed?" said someone near the receptionist's desk. The office went quiet and everybody looked up. It was Phyllis.

"What? Really?" said Pam. "In the parking lot," replied Phyllis.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Pam.

Karen couldn't believe it. Was there some sick maniac out there flashing women in Scranton? If so, she didn't want to be alone when she left work. She'll ask Jim later if he can walk her to her car.

Out of nowhere, Dwight get ups and runs toward the entrance and towards outside. "MOVE!" he yelled, pushing Phyllis as he ran. A part of her wanted to laugh at Dwight and how badly he wanted to be a police officer, but then she remembered the current situation and held herself together. Pam got up from her desk and walked over to comfort Phyllis.

Oh, how Karen hated Pam! She suddenly felt angry and jealous.

"Okay, I'll call the real police," said Jim. Karen wanted to laugh again, thinking about Dwight, and yet again she remembered Phyllis. "What happened? What can I do to help?" asked Andy. God, he was always butting in. He was always so annoying, but Karen enjoyed his company from time to time. When no one answered Andy, he just said, "I'll check the web."

"Ok, the police are on it," said Jim, "They've already had three calls."

Pam asked Phyllis, "Can you tell us what happened?" "Well," said Phyllis, "I was walking to the building and this man asked me for directions. And he was holding a map and when I walked over, he had "it" out...on the map." After while, everyone went back to their desks to gossip about what just happened while "Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration" took Phyllis for a walk, hoping to calm her over, when Michael came in. "What's happening?" he asked. "Oh, some guy just exposed himself to Phyllis in the parking lot," replied Pam. A look of shock swept over Michael, "Really? Is she okay?" he asked. "Yeah," replied Pam, reassuringly.

"Phyllis, you say?" he asked again, a stupid smirk forming on his face. Oh no, thought Karen. Why does he have to laugh now? She looked over to her co-workers and she could see the disbelief that was spreading on their faces. All of them were so shocked to see how lightly Michael was taking this. "What is so funny?" asked Angela, in an ice-cold voice. Shivers went Karen's spine. Angela could be down-right cruel and sometimes that could be a good thing, like now.

"I mean, did he even see Pam?" asked Micheal, "or Karen from behind?" Karen looked at her idiotic boss with widened eyes. She suddenly became self-conscious. Did she have a fat ass or no ass at all? Why was Micheal looking at her from behind? She felt violated too. God, he such an ass, she thought. "I guess not," Kevin said. Karen just wanted to slap Kevin right there and then, but remembered her manners in the workplace. Plus, Kevin was slow. It would be like hitting a mentally challenged or a person with a disability. That would look bad on her.

Micheal continued laughing, well, not really laughing. It was more like wheezing. "Well, I mean it's funny when you think about," he said. "No, it's not" said Jim. She looked over and saw how serious Jim was. She really admired her boyfriend and appreciated how he wasn't such a dog like all the other guys she dated. She wanted to kiss him.

Karen could hear that Pam was arguing with Micheal, when all of sudden Micheal turned around. And when he turned around again, he had his had in pants and his index finger was sticking out of his fly, resembling his penis.

He is such a child, she thought.

Karen was walking towards the conference room where Phyllis was trying to describe the pervert who flashed her to Pam, so she could sketch a possible suspect. She entered the conference room with several pieces of paper in her hand. They were guidelines or rules Dwight had set up for the female employees of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch. "Women will be sent home if they were makeup or wear heels exceeding 1/4 inch. Females are not allowed to speak to strangers unless given written authorization by Dwight Schrute. This is ridiculous." she said. And speaking of the devil, Dwight walks in.

"Attention," said Dwight, "I'm removing all bananas from the kitchen." And then walked out. He was so random at times. Karen walked out of the conference room, angry, and confronted Dwight about his rules. "It's insulting," she said, her anger boiling to the surface. Pam walked up to her side (why does she have to be standing next to her?) and continued reading from Dwight's set of rules, "Sleeves down to the wrists, buttoned-up collars, and muted colors."

Finally, Micheal intervened. "Okay, you know what Dwight? We are not the terrorists. Why don't you just take these women, put them in a burlap sack, and hit them with a stick? Because that is what you are doing."

Minutes later, all the women of the workplace along with Micheal hopped into Meredith's van and drove down to The Steamtown Mall.