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I'm sooo sorry okay so I sit at the computer, equip my 3cm thick glasses and prepare to write. I tell myself "Alright! Today for sure! ... Oh.. 'so-and-so' updated... MUST READ." I read it... then get back to my story.. "Alright so then Shizuo...shizuo... Shizuo what?"

Dad: Hey, let's go to the Beach!

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We get home

Dad: Let's go to Jamaica!

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Dad: good! Alright everyone pack we're leaving tomorrow!

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Okay, not that long but still! I'm so sorry I just haven't gotten around to feeling the vibe to update but TODAY. FOR. SURE. It's 1 am, and everyone knows I get my inspiration when I'm tired. SO- Let us begin~?

Chapter 8! Take-your-waifu-to-work day?

I skipped behind Shizuo and a man with an odd hairstyle

"So, remind me one more time who this girl is?"

"She's a... 'friend' of mine"

You looked at Shizuo with sort of disheartened eyes, puffed your cheeks.

"She seems to disagree."

"Shut up Tom. She's just..."

Shizuo placed his large hand on your head. You smiled.

"Oooohhh I see how it is~"

Tom awkwardly winked at Shizuo

"T-tch, Wh-what do you see? Idiot.."

Shizuo turned around to see you gone.

"Eh? Where'd she go?!"

"I'm right here, Shizu-chan :DD"

You held a crispy croquette steaming fresh. Shizuo paused and stared at you with a -.-" face.

"Where'd you get that?"

You chuckled "That lady is giving them out for free!"

Shizuo smirked and took a big bite out of it "You're such a kid"

You puffed your cheeks "Awww... Shizuo why didn't you just go get your own?"

Tom looked at them nearly sickened by the mushy feelsy vibe.

"Alright, Shizuo do you need to take a day off? You seem pretty busy with you girl frie-"

Shizuo spit some croquette bits at him

"&%$# SHUT UP!"

You tilted your head at them. Shizuo covered his red face and reached into his pocket. He pauses. Looks at you. You looked at him confused.

"Nah, Tom she can tag along today."

"What do you even do, Shizuo?"

You blew some steam off the croquette and took a small bite. Shizuo held his chin and rubbed his jaw in the absence of a cigarette.

"Yeah, what do I do, Tom?"

Tom looked at his watch

"I guess you could say you're my body guard. But I just keep you around because you scare off most of- OKAY OKAY PUT ME DOWN! DX I WAS KIDDING~!"

Shizuo held him up by the collar of his shirt. You giggled. Shizuo looked at you with a slightly red face "What're you laughing at... huh?"

He licks a few crumbs off your face before realizing it. His face explodes red, as did yours.

"Anyway... This is where he is. This guy owes exactly 10k so make sure you get it back, right Shizuo?"

Shizuo nodded and headed up the stairs to a creaky apartment building. You followed blindly, all you could see was Shizuo's back in the thin hallway. He stops, you run into his back.

"Hey, why'd you stop, Shizuo? I almost dropped my croque-"

Shizuo clasped his hand over your eyes.

"Tom, take a look at this.."

Shizuo pushed you back and ushered Tom in. You peeked from behind him. A man had been shot. Right in between his eyes, blood seeped down his face. His eyes rolled back and bloodshot.

Tom scratched the back of his head and sighed.

"Shizuo, check for a safe or something."

Shizuo nods. "Yui stay out of the room. This place is going to be searched soon."

Shizuo kicked open a closet and pushed some shirts out of the way. Tom searched the man's pockets for a wallet. "Tch, barely anything worth while." He tossed the wallet in the corpse's lap.

"I can't find anything." Shizuo slams the closet door shut.

Tom sighed "Whatever, I'll take care of everything, Shizuo you should take Yui home."

"Shizuo, what-"

Shizuo takes your hand and pulls you out of the apartment building.

"Yui we're going back to Shinra's okay? Don't worry. Everything will be fine"

"Shizuo what happened?"

"Are you okay? Your shoulders are shaking, can you walk?"

"Shi...shizuo I'm fi-"

Everything turns black.


You wake up on the couch in Shinra's apartment. It was dark outside, but the light rays of the moon shines into the apartment. You look up, Shizuo was asleep, your head in his lap.


Why is Shizuo here?!

You climb off the couch and look at your cellphone. It's already 3AM.


Flashes of the dead man emanated in your mind.

Was that real?

Was he really dead?

Who killed him?

Why did he have to die?

Why isn't Shizuo scared like me?

Has he seen something like that before?

Has he killed before?

You look at Shizuo and sort of back up.

"Hn... Hm? Yui? You're awake?"

You clatter over the table

"Where are you going? Hey are you okay?!" He grabs your arm.


You cry and clench your head.

"Get away from me! You're all monsters!"

Shinra and Celty burst in from the halls

"What's happening?!"

Celty rushes over to you. You're shaking uncontrollably.


You blinked a few times. "C...celty.."

She brings you into her arms, pets your head.


Shizuo stands.

"Shizuo, I-"

"Shinra, take care of her."

Shizuo runs out the door and slams it shut behind him. Your eyes swell.

"Celty... Celty I.."

She strokes your head. Tears stream down your face.

"I hurt him...Celty I called him a monster!"

You bury your face in Celty's warm embrace, sobbing.

"Yui you were just scared. Shizuo told me what you saw, it's okay to be scared. C'mon, Yui it's okay."

Shinra sits next to you and takes your hand

"I think you should apologize to Shizuo..When you get the chance?"

"...mhm.." You nod and stand.


"Tch...yellow scarves..."

Shizuo brings back a strong fist, slamming it into a man's chest. Three other men come at Shizuo, each holding a knife.


Shizuo grabs one by his shirt and spins him around, tossing him several feet away. He reaches back and grabs onto a lightpost.


A giant whirlwind spun around with the giant post, large gusts panning from the immense force. Just the wind is enough to send all the gangsters flying. Shizuo sighs and shoves his hand in his empty pocket, expecting a pack of smokes.


Shizuo dropped the post and starts walking, kicking a can.


"Oh shit! You shot him!"

"H-heh, yeah I did. C'mon lets get out of here."

Shizuo watched the men run away as blood flowed profusely from his body. Rain began to pour.


Footsteps clatter and skid to their knees. "Shizuo?! Shizuo! SHIZUO!"




Shizuo's eyes flickered. A tear lands on his cheek.


"Shizuo...don't die..."

You knelt over Shizuo.


"! Shizuo!"

You threw your arms around him.

"Shizuo...! Shizuo..."

"Ahh! Y-yui it hurts!"

You release him and take a step back

"S...sorry... sorry I... oh, Shizuo i'm so sorry..."

You rub your eyes, tears flowing.


Shizuo sits up, grunting "A-ahh..fuck what the hell?"

"You were shot, Shizuo. Once in the thigh, the other in the abs. You need to be more careful! I pulled out all the pieces already."
Shinra wipes his bloody hands.

Shizuo looks at you.

"She carried you here. She's been here watching."

Shizuo takes your hand and pulls you into his arms.

"Ahh- Shizuo?!"


Shinra slips out of the living room.

"Shizuo... I'm s-"

"Stop apologizing... I'm not mad...I...I could never be mad at you Yui... Just...Shh.."

Shizuo held onto you tight.


You stayed in his lap for what seemed to be hours, he finally pulls back and looks into your eyes.


You leaned forward, simultaneously with him and pressed your lips against his.


Your eyes shut, neither of you moved for a long time.


You pull back, gasping.

Shizuo pants lightly and kisses your neck, once..then twice..

"Ah.. Shizuo.."

He bites your neck.


He takes your hand and presses his lips against yours once more.


He reels back, panting heavily. A shiny string of saliva connects your tongues.


He looks at you with warm eyes.

"I love you, Yui."

"I...l...love you, too Shizuo.."

You unbutton his vest and look at the bullet wound.

"Hmm.. can you lick it?"

"A-ahh.. s-sure..."

You kneel in front of him and smooth your tongue over his stomach.

"Hnn... Ahh.. it stings... Ah, Yui..Y-your hand..."

Your face turns red when you notice where your hand is.

"Ahh! I'm sorry!"

You turn around, both of your faces were bright red.

"Ahh... Y-yui... Th-thanks.. I think I'll g-go home now..."

"W-wait! You're still hurt Shizuo.."


You walked a few feet behind Shizuo.

You cover your blushing face and thought "How did I end up going to Shizuo's place?! Ahh this isn't good... I hope he has more than one bed... or at least a couch!"

"here it is... Uhh.. hold on let me get my key.."

He clumsily pulls his keys out of his pocket, dropping it.

"Agh.. damnit.."

You both reached down to pick it up, your hands touching.

"Ahh... H-here"

You hand it to him.

"Sorry... I'm probably looking pretty uncool right now.."

He scratched the back of his head.

"Not at all"
You smiled.

He looks at you blankly then frantically turns and unlocks his door.

"There's a guest room and there's 3 bathrooms. You can use the one upstairs. I haven't used it in a while.

And there's-"

Shizuo scrambles to a door and slams it shut.

"U-uhh d-don't go in there..."

A photo slides out from under the door. You pick it up. It was a photo of you. Your ears turn warm.

"Hmm...? What's this?"

Shizuo swipes it from your hand.

"That's.. that's nothing."

He shoved it into his pocket.

"Aww c'mon show me what's in that room, Shizuoooo what is it some kind of nasty po-"

"Gah, no of course not! God... just.. don't go in th-"

"Please Shizuo~ I wanna see~"

"Hey watch out you'll g-gah!"

Both you and Shizuo fell through the door, you landing on top of him in the nearly empty, yet sort of messy bedroom.


"Ohh, is this your room Shizuo?"

"Y-yeah, now get ou-"

"Oh what's this?"

You open a small lockette with a picture of you inside.

"Where'd you get all these pictures of me, Shizuo? .-."

He grabs the lockette out of your hands "Th..that's none of your business."

A small photo album fell off the desk. You pick it up and open it.

"No don't-"

It was filled with a bunch of photo's of you, some while you were sleeping, others while you were in the house."

"Did Shinra give you all these?!"

He snatched it away from you. "Get. Out. Please."

You puffed your cheeks. "You've been in my room before~ That's no fair."

Shizuo sighed and pushed you down the hall "It's late. Go to bed."

"Ehh? What if you need something? D: I can't hear you from all the way down the hall!"

"I'll be fi-"

"No you wont!"

"yes I will just go to b-"


Shizuo stared at you. You gave him little kitty eyes.

"F-fine... I'll bring a futon in.."

"Okay :D"

You helped drag a futon into Shizuo's room while he shoved a few things into his closet.

"You get the bed, okay Shizuo?"

Shizuo nods.



"I didn't bring any pajamas ;~;"

"Wh- Do you really need any? -.-"

"Yeahhh my clothes are dirty!"

"I'll lend you some clothes... god, so noisy.."

He took out a t-shirt and some pants.

"Okay, okay, get out Shizu-chan"

"What? can't you go to the bathr-"

You shove him into the hall and close the door.



You slowly opened the door.

"The pants don't fit ;~;"

"What? those are my smallest pair... uhh... the shirt is long enough right? Just be careful when you're walking around."


You flop down on the futon, the shirt flying up a bit.

"I-idiot I said be careful! I can see your... p..pant..."


You pulled the blanket over yourself. Both of you sighed.

"What a hassle... I really didn't need you to come over, you know."

He sits on the bed and winces.

"Hnn... Agh..."

"Do you want water? Tea or something?"

"Just go to sleep."

"Aren't you gunna change, Shizu-"

"I'll do it tomorrow"



";~; I was just gunna say good night..."


You puffed your cheeks and turned over.

"...Good night, Yui."

You smiled

"Night, Shizuo~"