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The arena Master Eon had was huge. There was a scoreboard, seats like a foot ball stadium, and even popcorn machines.

Right now most people were either battling or just sitting down eating.

Cosmo and Spyro were getting to know each other. Cosmo told Spyro about his dad who used to be a portal master before he…passed away.

"Your dad sounds like a pretty cool dude." Spyro said calmly.

"He was the best." Cosmo replied thinking about him, " I remember the time dad took me to Dragon's Peak to reunite with his skylander partner and we would was play until it got so dark that the undead would be awake. And Mom would be mad at him for letting me stay up past my bed time"

"Was your Mom a portal master?" Spyro asked.

"Nah, she was really a wizard from the Empire of Ice, before it became the Empire of Ice." Cosmo explained, "Hehehe I guess that explains where my magic genes come from. Now what about you Spyro? Who are your parents and where do leave?"

Spyro looked down a little, " I never knew who my parents were but, I know people who treated me like family, especially my best pal Sparx the dragonfly and the Elders at the Dragon Temple. And before I became a skylander and moved to skylands, my home was the Summer Forest."

"The Summer Forest?" Cosmo asked confused, "I never heard of that Realm."

Spyro was about to explain to the portal master, until they were interrupted by the voice of female dragon saying, "I'd tell you nice try…but, it wasn't!"

Cosmo and Spyro turned around to see a black dragoness and a portal master of the undead element win a battle.

"That's Cynder." said Spyro, "We should go say hi tothem eh, Cosmo?"

Cosmo wasn't paying attention to Spyro as he was staring at Cynder's portal master. Even though she was associated with the undead element(A/N she looked kind of scary and wicked) she was beautiful in Cosmo's eyes.

Just then Cosmo felt a warm spot on back of his pants and snapped out of his trance, "Ouch, what you do that for?"

"I was trying to tell you we should go say hi to Cynder and her portal master over there but, you too busy going gaga over her." Spyro joked.

"I wasn't going gaga over her…" Cosmo blushed, "I was just admiring her battle strategy."

Spyro rolled his eyes, "Sure you were…"

As Cosmo and Spyro began to walk over to Cynder and her portal master, the two of them heard a scream in the distance.

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