Hey I decided to write a Chibiusa and Helios story! As you can tell, it takes place in the winter! So get ready for some winter love! Told in drabbles

Chapter 1: An icy meeting

My name is Helios, a villager. My mother and father use to tell me tales of princesses that stand for each season. My favorite was the Winter Princess, Princess Chibiusa. I always believed that they were real and that one day I could meet one. But now I have to put my fantasies behind and get back to getting some cold water for my grandma. It was chilly outside and I saw snow on the ground. I love the snow and how I could create anything I wanted. I stepped out and watch for a few minutes and then I walked until I reached a field full of snow and stopped to look at the scene.

"So peaceful" I said until my eyes caught on a person sitting on the snowy ground. I walked until I was a few inches from her. Her pink hair was laying spread out on the ground as she didn't seem to move at all.

"Excuse me miss but why are you out here in the cold?" I asked and saw her move just a bit. I waited for her to turn around and she did and looked at me.

"Oh um…I just like to play in the snow" She said with a smile. She wore a pure white dress with a snowflake in the middle of her forehead. She had a white tiara with snowflakes also in it.

"Oh… where are my manners. My name is Helios and yours?" I said.

"Princess Chibiusa of the season of winter, nice to meet you" She said and my eyes widen. She couldn't be, she couldn't be one of them at all.

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