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Chapter 16- Missing You

A week.

A whole week before she could leave the Palace again. Her heart sunk as she laid on her bed. She felt sad and angry at the same time. It wasn't her fault that she went to have fun and stayed with a friend. They were trying to make her life hard. Her mind switch to Helios and how she would miss him. A whole week from her friend will be very hard. It had already been two hours from her friend.

"I'm starting to feel lonely...without Helios here with me" Chibiusa said slowly and softly into her pillows. She stared at the flower that he had given to her. She really wished she had someone to talk to now. Helios would have been a great choice but... he didn't know where she was or if anything was wrong with her.

"This feeling...I miss you my friend" She said laying her head down.

"I already do"

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