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Chapter 20- Serenity

Serenity knew that it wasn't too cold out for her today so she followed Chibiusa to the outside world. Standing behind so trees, she saw her sister and a young man.

"Helios…" She said softly. She knew that must be him but what could her sister like about him? That made her wondered. Her pink dress clung to her body as a cool wind blew by. She didn't notice that her pink tiara with a flower in the middle shone and that her sister saw it. Closing her blue eyes, she heard her sister's voice.

"Serenity what are you doing here?" Chibiusa asked. Helios stood in the background shocked. Was she another one of the seasons?

"I wanted to follow you. The temperature wasn't that bad so I decided to follow you and see Helios for myself" Serenity said quietly keeping her eyes closed. She leaned her head towards the tree.

"Well follow me. I am sure he would love to meet you" Chibiusa said.

"Okay" Serenity said after listening to the voice of her fellow tree. She opened her eyes and followed her sister towards Helios.

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