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Chapter 39- Decision

"Can we come in? I will like to meet this...human for myself" Windlock said pushing the door aside and moving his daughter out of the way. Chibiusa put her hand on the wall to keep from falling. Windlock's eyes glaze around the room until he found Helios's staring at him. Windlock was pleased that his great daughter Chibiusa had fallen for a mere human but...something was different about this one. As though he wasn't those cruel mean and evil souls that he thought humans were. His soul was pure and cheerful.

"Father, please I beg of you, do not hurt him!" Chibiusa pleaded. Chione looked at her daughter. She knew Windlock did not like humans at all and to bring one into the Seasonal Palace was showing dishonor and was disrespectful. Did she not know tha pleading might not work out?

"Honey, what are you going to do? This decision-" Chione was cut off as Windlock walked up to a pale faced Helios. Helios eyes slowly widen as he step closer. What was going to happen now? This was something very important decision indeed. Chibiusa felt her father's power hold her in place when she tried to get to Helios.

"You, human" He said putting a hand on Helios, "I have no regrets to you being with my daughter but if you try to hurt her I will kill you mortal. Are we clear?" He said and a gasped from both women were heard.

Well Windlock was okay with it but Chione is still a problem but you know what. She is going to have to deal with it :P