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Chapter 44- Family

"Dinner was great. But I'll like to visit my family if that is alright" Helios said walking back to Winter Residence.

"Oh of course you'll want visit them. You been gone I don't know a week and half I think" Chibiusa said opening the large doors with a snowflake on it. The walls soon turned from marble into shiny crystals and the hallway resemble the season of winter. Helios was still amazed that soon he would be living here and maybe his own family!

"You'll take me back right?" Helios asked Chibiusa who return nodded.

"Yep but first we need to get you something new to that alright to you. Just to get cleaned up?" Chibiusa said.

"Sure and then we can tell my family the news. So will they come here or is it just me?" Helios asked and Chibiusa turned away from his face and opened her bedroom door.

"It depends on what father says. He is alright with you being here but probably not your family" She said and they entered the room.

^^ It has been a while since we visited his family right? Well meet them in the next chapter again!