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Chapter 7-Frosty Rose

Helios watched as the snow fell from the clouds. It had been two days since he last saw Chibiusa and he was starting to get lonely. As he watched the surface, he said a blue rose near a neighbors little house.

"I wonder what kind of flower that is?" He asked out loud and he quickly dashed down the hallway of their home and outside. His mother told him to come back but he didn't hear. The rose had frost covered on it and was blue with a violet stem.

"Never seen one like this before" Helios said as he picked or more like pulled it out of the ground.

"I will call it frosty rose and maybe I can give it to Chibiusa!" He said as he shuddered from a cold wind that passed by. He ran back into his house and into his room. He put his flower in a vase and stared outside waiting for his and chibiusa's birthday.

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