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Chapter 9- Winter Festival

Helios's mother Hikari was holding some ribbons while Cho sat down sewing a kimono for her granddaughter for the festival. Helios was just coming back in from his meet with Chibiusa when he remembered the winter festival.

"Helios, I am getting worried about you going out in the cold almost every day. Is there something happening that I need to know about?" His mother said as she laid the ribbons down and started cutting them.

"No, it is just winter is the time of snow and I love to play in it" He said as he went to his grandmother's side.

"Well if that is all then you don't mind helping for the festival? Your sister is in charge and we want to help her" Hikari said as Helios nodded as he slowly went to the table.

"Helios boy we need to do the decorations. You don't mind do you ya?" Cho said as Helios shook his head no. He went to the room full of decorations as he thought about the festival. He was going to ask Chibiusa to come he thought.

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