I must have gotten only a couple of hours of sleep, since I was up at 5:30 in the morning. I was ready to start looking for Addie and her friends again. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy for them, being outside all night. I walked downstairs and found that Ty was pulling on a raincoat. "Morning." I said, walking over by him.

"Hey. Don't tell me you want to get started already." He said, looking at me. I crossed my arms over my chest and smirked. I think he knew the answer to that already. "Nevermind, I'd take that as a yes." He said, smiling.

"Is ken up?" I asked.

"Yeah he's taking care of the horses for us. He said that he'll use the truck, since you seem to think that Addie and her friends are probably near the abandoned town, he's going to have to use the long way." He said.

I nodded and grabbed my raincoat. "Okay, well then lets not waste anymore time." I said. I pulled on my boots and walked out of the house. No breakfast for us this morning. It was only drizzling out, which was bad, but we still had to be careful once we're riding horses. I wasn't going to risk getting myself or Mysterious injured when it's wet out.

I jogged to the barn and saw that Ken had the horses saddled and ready to go. "Hey, you managed to get Mysterious saddled." I said, walking over to the tall stallion.

"Wasn't easy. I may have bribed him." Ken said. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Mysterious was a tricky horse, he had a huge trust issue with just about everyone expect me, I led the stallion out of the barn and mounted up, Mysterious instantly perked up, prancing beneath me. Wet or dry I really don't think he cares. I looked over to find Ty mounting up onto his horse Midknight. "You two be careful especially around the creek. We got a lot of rain so far." Ken said.

I nodded. "We'll be careful." I said, clicking to Mysterious, he moved into an easy walk. Ty followed.


I looked around the sheriff's building. I was trying to find a hint. "Is it still raining out?" I asked, looking at Ben. He's been watching for Black Fire, but the ghost hasn't made another appearance since it started raining. I highly doubted that he'd make an appearance during the day time. But guess Ben wasn't giving up hope.

"Yeah it's still raining." He responded, walking away from the window. I don't know how he managed to see anything through the aged window, it was really dusty.

"What time is it?" Zach asked, he was sitting at the sheriff's desk. I'm surprised the chair didn't give in to his weight.

"Little after five thirty. Why?" Geena asked.

I sighed, and continued to look around. "Kaela and Ty will probably start looking for us again. But it might take some time since it's wet out." I said. I got down on my hands and knees, feeling for a trapped door or something.

"You think their coming by horseback?" Zach asked.

Geena looked at him. "How else are they suppose to get here? I'm sure there might be a road that leads to this town, but it probably takes a longer route." She said.

I was barely paying attention, because I felt something under my left hand. It felt like a handle. "Hey! Geena your cell phone." I said, grabbing hold of the handle and pulling up. It didn't open right away, since it was rusty. I tugged a little harder, and then it gave way.

"Maybe you should stop snooping. I'm sure Ty and Kaela will be here soon." Zach said.

Ben laughed. "We're not snooping, we're looking for clues. There's a difference." He said. Zach was the only one who didn't want to see what was in the secret volt. I wanted to see if there is anything about the stallion, I wanted to know the truth. I didn't believe the story about Black Fire getting killed during the war. A horse has a natural instinct to flee away from danger, why would Black Fire run through the middle of a battle field. That doesn't make any sense.

Zach sighed. "Whatever." He said. I pulled out a journal, or something like that. I skimmed it, hoping for some kind of clue.

"Hey guys, I think I found something." I said, skimming one of the last entrys. "Listen to this; The black Stallion had somehow managed to escape from the corral, by jumping the fence. It looks like he smashed through the top board. Father Mel claimed that the black stallion belonged to the devil, though he is seen as the pride of the land by the indians. The stallion escaped, but only to end up getting shot by father mel himself. He had that the horse was going to keep bringing us hell." I said. I honestly didn't know if I could finish reading the entry.

Geena took it from me. "Why Father Mel shot the stallion is truly a mystery, he just kept saying that he was the devil's horse because of how black he was. But because of what Father Mel did, we're heading to war with the indians. They aren't happy to learn that 'Black Fire' to dead. I've seen him in the wild, he was doing his job which is protect his herd. He belonged in the wild. Black Fire's body was dragged behind the school house, I don't know if their going to bury him or not. I have a feeling that I won't be around to find out, I think I won't make it through this war." She said, looking up at me. Ben took the journal from her and started skimming.

"There you go, you have your answer. Black Fire was shot because someone thought that he was the devil's horse." Zach said. I glared at him.

"I don't think he was ever buried." Ben said.


I trotted Mysterious towards the creek, and eased him up. The water was deeper then last time, and the last time we crossed this part of the creek Mysterious ended up falling in the water after spooking over something. "Easy Boy." I said, leaning back in the saddle as Mysterious walked down the small hill, his hindquarters ended up sliding beneath him. I was relieved when he regained his balance as he walked through the creek. I rubbed his neck, it was soaked from the rain.

"Is he okay?" Ty asked. I heard a splash meaning Midknight tried to jump the creek, but ended up making it only halfway.

I looked over my shoulder. "Yeah he's fine." I said. Mysterious trotted onto the bank, and I immediately whoaed him. The abandoned town stood over a mile away now.

"You okay?" Ty asked, riding up next to me.

I nodded. "Why wouldn't I be?" I asked, clicking to Mysterious. The stallion moved into an easy trot, and then a canter. He threw up his head, wanting to go faster but I kept his reins tight. I didn't want him getting injured, I wasn't sure if Mysterious was going to get close enough to the town. I just hoped that he would.

I slowed Mysterious as we got closer to the town, and looked around I saw no sign of Addie or her friends. "Mikaela are you sure their here? My uncle has like seven hundred acres of land, they could be anywhere." Ty said.

I looked at him. "I'm sure their here. Addie!" I said. Mysterious threw his head up and darted to the left when we heard some noise. Seconds later Addie and her friends came running out of a building that used to be the sheriff's office.

"Oh thank god." Addie said, I could tell that she was limping. Ty jumped off Midknight, but I was trying to get a Mysterious under control.

"What happen?" Ty asked, he held onto Midknight's reins.

"Umm...Ben wanted to get a closer look at the town. We had choosen to come the way you showed us, well Saphire and Black Lightning both spooked. I came off and sprained my ankle. Ben fell off and might have broken his arm. Jake, Zach and Geena forgot to hang on to the horses they were riding so when we heard another noise, the rest took off." Addie said.

I jumped off Mysterious. "That's how you ended up in the town?" I asked. Addie just nodded.

"Uncle Ken is on his way, he's driving the truck." Ty said. I nodded and glanced around the town uneasily. Addie limped over by me and handed me some kind of diary. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows.

"I think this tells the truth to what happen to Black Fire." She said.

"Black Fire?" I asked.

Geena looked at me. "Black Fire is the name of the stallion that haunts this town, and we think we might know why. We saw him last night, before the rain hit." She said.

I was interested. "So why do you think he's haunting the town?" I asked, putting the journal in my saddlebag. I handed Addie a couple of energy bars, since they probably haven't ate for a few hours now.

"We'll tell you once we get back to the ranch house." She said. I spotted Ken's truck coming from the other end of the forest. I pointed to let Addie and her friends know that he was coming.

I swung back onto Mysterious, only to have the stallion instantly start acting up. "We'll met you back at the ranch." I said, turning Mysterious around and waiting for Ty to get back on midknight. Mysterious was acting like something was severly spooking him, he was uneasy. I looked at Ty. "Come on, before Mysterious becomes more uneasy." I said, clicking to the stallion. His behavior around this town baffles me almost everytime.