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Liking Billy was understandable but falling in love with him was a different story. I had feelings for him that went way beyond anything I'd felt for Nick or Eli, or even the both of them combined. I knew he'd once liked me, now if he was in love with me I don't know. But, he didn't like me anymore. He liked Zoe. Don't get me wrong I like Zoe but what I don't like is that she's dating the boy I'm in love with.

I knew why he liked her so much, she was pretty much a girl form of him (hence the reason why I liked her so much). She brought out the old Billy. When he came back from his two month vacation to a juvenile detention center he was different, the reason being he thought I was dating Jeremy and never had any intention of ever liking him in more than a best friend way. They were like two peas in a pod. Only that's what other people thought of us.

There was that time when I'd thought we'd had a 'moment', when he was unzipping my dress. He struggled for a second to undo it and when he'd finally gotten the zipper to the bottem he'd froze. He didn't move his body and didn't move his hands. We'd stared at each other. I'd probably had something stuck in my teeth. Then, I'd thought we had a real moment. I'd had this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. And, that feeling was love. It was then that my love for Billy started to grow. Now, it had grown to a full-size plant. I quickly looked away shyly and he'd let go of the dress.

Ben says this will get better but I don't know, I just really hope he's right. I've been avoiding Billy lately. I haven't had a conversation with him since the play, which was a week ago. Whenever I see him I quickly walk in the other direction before he can see me. For the first couple of days he came by. Ben always makes up an excuse like saying I'm sick or whatever, and he makes sure Billy doesn't come in my room. According to Ben Billy's put up quite a fight. He stopped coming by two days ago and I'm glad. I can't deal with him. I know he's hurting but I'm hurting worse. I stopped counting the number of Billy's calls and texts when I lost count at about a hundred.

Ben says dinner's ready so I better go.

Love, Janey

Author's Note: So, in case you're confused this is a diary sort of thing about Jane's thoughts. I know it's short but it's just a start. Hope you like it!